Chapter 1162 Kidnapping

Chapter 1162 Kidnapping

“I’ll come here right away, aren’t you in the last hospital? You tell the hospital people to leave your mother alone, and I will help him pay for the medical bills. Don’t worry! I’ll come right away and don’t be afraid.”

Xiao I forgot to listen to her crying, her heart softened into warm water. After hearing the fact that she lied to him before she honestly explained it, I felt that this matter was definitely hidden. I just picked up the computer and rushed outside the school door without even thinking about it. , There are still a few hours before the afternoon test, there is no time to go back and forth.

When he went to the hospital, the whole hospital was surprisingly quiet. There was no noise in the background sound of the phone. It looked like an empty hospital. He was a little strange, and he went up the stairs uncomfortably to go to the ward on the second floor.

But halfway through the top, he whispered inwardly. He turned around and was thinking about running. It might be too late. The moment he turned around, he was hit hard from the back of the head, and he fainted when he turned his eyes.

The man in the black suit walked out of the dark and looked at Xiao Wang who was lying on the ground condescendingly and said coldly, “Your parents are really stupid. Do you think the bodyguard they arranged is the best bodyguard in the world? It falls on me. His hand is like an ant, it squeezed it to death with a slight squeeze!”

“Including you, cherish your last few hours in the world. You will dedicate your life for me to travel to Ghost Doctor Valley, But rest assured that I will give you a little compensation, that is, to bury you in a feng shui treasure place after you die. It is a pity that you are still young and have no descendants, otherwise you can protect them.”

Chi Siang raised his eyes and laughed. When he got up, his face was gloomy after he laughed, pointing to Xiao Wang on the ground and instructing, “Drag him away.”

“Yes.” Lin Fan stepped forward and dragged Xiao Wang, and left him directly on his shoulders.

Just when several people were about to leave, a small figure rushed out of the ward, and Zhao Xiaoying rushed to Chi Siang’s feet and hugged his legs.

“Uncle, didn’t you say that as long as I trick him into coming here? You said you won’t hurt him, but why did you stun him just now? He is a good guy. He thought my mother would come here because of an accident. Don’t hurt him, okay? He

treats me very well.” Zhao Xiaoying’s immature face is full of fear and regret. Although Chi Siang just said that she didn’t understand a lot, she understood. He said Xiao Wang would die!

This shows that they want to harm him, but Xiao Wang is such a good person and treats her very well. Just now I have been comforting her on the phone, saying that he will come soon, so that she will not be afraid, he has enough money. , Will definitely treat her mother.

How can such a good person die? And if he dies, isn’t she the one who caused it, she lied to him!

He suddenly regretted it. His mother’s condition was indeed very serious, but if he killed such a good person to save his mother, it wouldn’t work!

Mother has always taught her to do things that do not violate her conscience and absolutely can not harm people, but now instead of listening, she has harmed such a good person.

Chi Siang looked down at Zhao Xiaoying who was holding his leg, and slowly squatted down, “Don’t you want to treat your mother? Now your mother has been transferred by me to the best hospital in the city, which is better than this hospital. Much, it’s a private aristocratic hospital with nanny care every day.

You can also go back to school right away . The money I gave your mother is enough to cure her illness and enable you to live the rest of your life without any worries. You can do other things. Don’t worry about it anymore.”

“I want to treat my mother, of course I do! But my mother said that we can’t harm people. I thought you just wanted to see her. I didn’t expect you to kill him. You can’t kill his uncle, he He’s only ten years old. You can’t hurt him.”

Zhao Xiaoying beggingly hugged Chi Siang’s hands and began to sway. Tears were already on her face. When Si Ang came to the hospital, he saw her at a glance among so many children and asked her if she would like to help. If she helped, she could save her mother.

She almost agreed without even thinking about it. Afterwards, Chi Siang told her to ask her to find a little boy. The little boy was his relative, and the two had not seen each other for a long time.

As long as she brings the little boy to the hospital, her mother will be saved. Such a simple matter is much simpler than if they whispered to their relatives. Of course she was willing, but she never thought it would kill anyone.

“Whether you can harm him or not is not something you are qualified to say, you just stay here, and someone will send you to your mother later! You just stayed by yourself and wanted to see him for the last time. Tsk tsk The children nowadays are really precocious.”

Chi Siang pushed Zhao Xiaoying away, pushed her to the ground, and left the hospital in strides. Zhao Xiaoying followed him for two steps, but he could only watch him get in the car helplessly, afraid and anxious. He burst into tears, “What to do? I killed him, woooo…” When

Xiao Wang woke up, he felt a pain in the back of his head. He was dizzy in front of him, and he closed his eyes and opened his eyes several times. Only then can you restore your eyesight and see the environment in front of you clearly.

This is an unfamiliar environment, a closed room, and the only small window that can transmit light comes out in the corner, which can only show a little light.

He didn’t know how many hours he had been fainted, let alone whether it was day or night, but his mouth was not sealed, and he was able to make a sound and immediately yelled, “Come here! Who are you? Dare to tie me! Do you know who I am? Are you doing it for money? If it is money, contact my grandpa and dad, you will definitely not be missed.”

“Da, da, da…” As his voice fell, the sound of leather shoes came from outside the room, step by step towards the room he was in, Xiao Wang’s heart began to tense, no matter how mature he was, he was only a ten-year-old. Child, has never experienced such a thing as kidnapping.

“Bang!” There was a loud noise, and the door was kicked open from the outside. Xiao Wang looked at the door, and he couldn’t see the appearance of the person in the dark.

“Money? It’s really Bo Qing’ang’s son. Do you really think that money can make a devil? Tell you! Lord, I never put money in my eyes. What I want is your life.”

Chi Siang walked to Xiao Wang’s face and squeezed his chin fiercely, “I feel annoyed when I see your face. You and Bo Qingang really look alike. You look like a dead person. You are dead. It’s not far away, so let’s say any last words as soon as possible, and I will satisfy you with my compassion.”