Chapter 1 Rebirth

Valkyrie calendar year 2216.

The highest land of Tianwu Continent-Wuyu.

The black wind roared frantically, the sky was torn apart huge wounds, hideous and terrifying, swallowing and flashing black void cracks, like an indefatigable wild beast, swallowing everything it can swallow.

This is one of the seven forbidden places in Tianwu Continent, located in Death Canyon in Wuyu.

In Death Canyon, the terrifying void storm rages all year round and never stops. It has swallowed the lives of thousands of powerful people for tens of thousands of years. It is like a meat grinder, strangling all the lives that enter it.

It is inaccessible here, and even the most confident strong will not come here. The mighty void storm is enough to easily tear a nine-day martial emperor strong into pieces.

“Why? Shangguan Xi’er, Feng Shaoyu, why are you betraying me?”

Qin Chen was stained with blood, standing on the cliff in front of Death Canyon, looking angrily at the man and woman in front of him, his eyes were full of endless resentment and anger, a heart, and pain like a knife.

Qin Chen.

A generation of legends in the Tianwu Continent, the 9th-rank emperor-level alchemist, the 8th-level imperial bloodline master, and the 8th-level martial emperor.

He has been an orphan since he was a child.

But he broke this shackle alive. Starting from the bloodline master, he changed his fate against the sky. With the power of the bloodline, he climbed to the top and walked out an unprecedented path and became the first person in the ages.

At the age of twenty-six, Qin Chen drove through the Tianzhen Mountain alone, walked through a nine-tier nine-tier formation in 49 days, and became the only formation mage who passed the Tianzhen Mountain for a thousand years.

At the age of twenty-eight, he broke through the nine-rank medicine refining master, and served as the honorary elder of the mainland pharmacist palace.

Thirty years old, with the knowledge of the eighth-order bloodline emperor, even the top ten bloodline emperors of the bloodline tower, without any failure, famous for the mainland.

Become the supreme legend of the mainland!

He has a beauty named Shangguan Xier, who is known as a beauty in mainland China.

Over the past ten years, life and death have been together, and Qin Chen has done everything he can to make Shangguan Xier’s cultivation base advance by leaps and bounds, becoming the nine-day martial emperor, and a great story on the mainland.

He has a brother named Feng Shaoyu.

Over the past ten years, Qin Chen has done everything he can to help him build the Xuanyuan Empire, which is famous on the mainland.

But when he helped Hongyan and his confidant both stand on the top of the mainland, they both betrayed him together.

That day.

In his sleep, Shangguan Xi’er slammed down the killer and pierced Qin Chen’s body with the imperial soldier he refined.

At the same time, Feng Shaoyu, who had already ambushed by the side, broke into his palace directly and made a strong shot.

Two great masters of the Nine Heavens Martial Emperor, who hit him an eighth-order martial emperor with pain, caught Qin Chen off guard and was seriously injured. He broke out of the palace all the way and fled for three days and three nights.

But in the end, they were hunted down to Death Canyon by two people.

at this time.

Qin Chen was exhausted long ago, and his meridians were all broken, dying, and there was no more power to fight.

But he didn’t understand why these two people, whom he regarded as closest to him, would join hands to betray him.


Shangguan Xi’er, who looked beautiful and looked like a fairy in the painting, faced Qin Chen’s unwilling inquiry, and smiled and nestled in Feng Shaoyu’s arms, while Feng Shaoyu’s big hand touched Shangguan Xi’er directly. Waist.

Qin Chen’s eyes widened, his face was unbelievable, and his heart was shocked, and he spouted a mouthful of blood, hissing: “You two unexpectedly…”

Shangguan Xier laughed mockingly, looked at Qin Chen sadly, and sneered: “Before I knew you, I was in love with Shaoyu. The reason I was with you was just to take advantage of you.”

“Do you think I really like you? Hahaha, wrong…” Shangguan Xier looked at Qin Chen bitterly: “Every time I am with you, I feel sick. If it weren’t for you to give me and Feather brings benefits, so I don’t bother to talk with you.”

“In the past ten years, your every move has been in my plan with Shaoyu.”

“In the past few years, you have been obsessed with cultivation and medicine, and you have often closed the door. You have given me many opportunities to get along with Shaoyu.”

“We have long agreed that when we become Emperor Wutian of the Nine Heavens, it will be the day you die.”

“Finally, with your help, I became the Emperor Wutian of the Nine Heavens, and Shaoyu established the Xuanyuan Empire.”

“We can finally be together in a fair manner.”

“That’s why!”

Shangguan Xi’er laughed, the laughter was full of wanton arrogance, resentment and indifference, so different from the gentle and virtuous Shangguan Xi’er Qin Chen knew.

Qin Chen’s face was like ashes.

For ten years, this woman had deliberately deliberately tried to get close to him.

It’s ridiculous to myself, but I don’t realize it, I only know what I have done sincerely.

Unexpectedly, the red sleeves and incense of the past ten years turned out to be just a scam.

Qin Chen’s heart is like a thousand arrows piercing through it.

More, it is hate!

That familiar face is so unfamiliar at this moment, even that beautiful face has become’ugly’.

“‘Good brother’, now you know why.” Feng Shaoyu raised her mouth and smiled treacherously. “In order to achieve this goal, I endured for ten years and gave my woman my hand to you. Whenever I look at you and She is lingering together, and I swear that when the time is right, you will be killed and you will lose everything, and your wealth, status, and women are all mine.”

“Fortunately, it’s all over.”

Feng Shaoyu’s eyes were full of undisguised naked murderous intent. He stared at the storage bracelet on Qin Chen’s right wrist, showing greed, and said with a triumphant smile: “Don’t worry, after you die, everything about you , I will accept it, especially the things you get in God’s Forbidden Land, and your woman!”

Feng Shaoyu smiled evilly, and his slender hand directly stroked Shangguan Xi’er’s plump buttocks. The men and women giggled in front of Qin Chen.

Qin Chen smiled sadly with cold eyes.

The two people whom he regarded as close relatives had been lying to him, using his retreat and practicing time to devour everything about him, but he was ridiculously unaware of it.

This ended up like this.

Qin Chen smiled.

He laughed at this pair of dogs and men, despicable and shameless.

Also laugh at yourself, stupid idiot.

With a smile, two lines of blood and tears fell from the corner of his eyes.

He stood up slowly, eyes full of hatred, staring at the two in front of him fiercely.


He hates that if there is a chance, he will definitely kill the other party.


There is no chance.

Qin Chen looked at the violent void crack behind him, jumped in the frightened eyes of the pair of dog men and women, and was swallowed instantly by the endless void crack.

Before he died, Qin Chen had cold eyes and a sneer at the corners of his mouth.

Want something from him, next life!

The wind howled and the void shattered.

On the cliff, only the furious roars of Feng Shaoyu and Shangguan Xi’er echoed for a long time.

Tianwu Continent, Daqi State, Dingwu Prince’s Mansion.

“Shangguan Xi’er, Feng Shaoyu, you guys and dogs, I hate it!”

A young man suddenly awakened from the gilt bed, and sat up angrily. His anger was wide, his eyes looked like cold stars, and a cloud of unforgettable hatred burst out from it, and he was dripping with cold sweat.

On the bed, the young man clenched his hands tightly, letting his nails go deep into his palms, and there was pain in his heart, but he didn’t even notice it.

It was a long time before he came back to his senses, staring blankly at the antique bed and eaves in front of him, staring blankly.

What’s the matter, isn’t he already dead?

A strong pain suddenly came from Qin Chen’s mind, so that he roared in pain.

Accompanied by the pain is a new memory.

“I was born again?”

Immediately, Qin Chen opened his eyes suddenly, and after understanding what had happened, even if he was the top powerhouse on the continent, he had an unbelievable look at this moment.

in memory.

Today, it is 2516 in the Martial God calendar, and three hundred years have passed since his death in his previous life.

Three hundred years, the vicissitudes of life, the situation has changed.

The former Xuanyuan Empire, under Feng Shaoyu’s expansion, became the first dynasty in the mainland.

And the former Shangguan Xier established the Misty Palace, the first name is the Empress Lingbo, who is admired by hundreds of millions of people.

Relying on the magical pill that Qin Chen left behind, the two of them have become the supreme existence in the mainland. They are so powerful that they stomped and stomped the whole continent.

But Qin Chen was reborn in the small remote country of the mainland.

“God made me live again, Shangguan Xi’er, Feng Shaoyu, you are waiting, I Qin Chen is back, your nightmare is coming, one day, I Qin Chen will personally set foot on the Martial Domain and get everything back. !”

Qin Chen clenched his fists and swears to heaven in this simple and rich room!

That strong killing intent turned into an invisible whirlwind over this room, which lasted for a long time.


With a sudden creak, the door of the room opened, and a beautiful woman in a clean robe and a hosta anxiously walked in. Seeing Qin Chen who was awakened on the bed, a trace of joy suddenly appeared in her anxious eyes. color.

“Great, Chen’er, you finally woke up, my mother is worried about it.”

With tears on the beautiful woman’s long eyelashes, she hugged Qin Chen and cried loudly, but in her cry, there was a sense of joy. The warm embrace wrapped Qin Chen and made him wake up. He was full of hatred in his heart, but a hint of warmth rose inexplicably.

The beautiful woman’s name is Qin Yuechi, the daughter of King Dingwu of the Great Qi State, and the mother of Qin Chen.

The original owner of this body was actually called Qin Chen, because he fought with people at the Star Academy in the royal capital, and he fell into the martial arts platform, smashed his head, and fell into a coma for three days and three nights.

In the end, the body was accidentally taken over by Qin Chen’s soul three hundred years ago, and he possessed the second life.

“Chen’er, you have been in a coma for three days and three nights. You scared your mother to death. From now on, your mother will never allow you to act so recklessly anymore. Hear no, if you are gone, how can you let your mother live alone? .”

The beautiful woman stroked Qin Chen’s thin cheeks, her beautiful eyes showed earnest concern.

Qin Chen looked at the beautiful woman, and an unprecedented touch appeared in his soul.

Qin Chen in the previous life was just an orphan. He didn’t expect that God would give him a mother when he relived him for the rest of his life.

In the original memory of this body, his mother, Qin Yuechi, treated him extremely well, and it could be described as meticulous, and the relationship between mother and child was very harmonious.

After Qin Chen was reborn, his soul merged with the soul of the original body, and he naturally possessed all the emotions that the body originally had.

Seeing the worried and crying beautiful woman in front of him, Qin Chen felt excited in his heart and blurted out: “Mother, my child will never be reckless in the future, and my mother will worry about it.”

After saying this, Qin Chen felt as if he had put a stone down in his heart, and his soul was relaxed, and the trace of bondage that had been left behind had also completely disappeared.

Qin Chen knew that this was the original Qin Chen’s consciousness, and after knowing his thoughts, it completely dissipated.

From now on, there is only one consciousness left in this body, that is, Qin Chen.

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