What is a perfect human?

# What is a perfect human?

…. All of us who hope for salvation Both sought different ways For liberation

The goal is to achieve what is called the “truth”. When we reach the truth We were free from suffering at that time.

Achieving the truth is the attainment of mental exaltation. The exaltation of mind will indicate perfect humanity.

Imperfect humans cannot achieve mental exaltation if “ego” still exists.

Ego is an attachment to something. Until it is the self with that feeling (understood to be true)

“I am a good person … I am smarter … I know better … I am right … You are wrong … Do not insult me … I am weak … I am disappointed … I am sad … I am sad … I … I … I … I … etc.” These feelings Is the human being (ego)

It seems impossible for this human being.

Can achieve the spiritual truth without being exalted

But when That we do not allow the mind to be under the control of the ego Both in yourself and in others Train your mind firmly and earnestly against the power of the ego and transcend the ego.

Then we will achieve the spiritual exaltation that humans can attain And then we can find the perfect human being within ourselves.

Source by Jaruwan Anaphikkhu