21 ideas from Dharma side

1. Each year …

Make life “better”

Because each day …

Our lives are “shorter”

2. The “stay current”

Not to “stop doing” on important matters

But it is to “stop suffering” with unimportant matters

3. All “negative” emotions will hurt us.

Before always harming others …

All kinds of “positive” emotions will bless us.

Before always blessing other people as well …

4. criticize other people every day … Low heart every day

Research yourself every day … The heart is higher every day.

5. If no one is making you angry

… You will not know where your mental level is.

If no one is causing you suffering

… You never know what you need to improve.

6. Regardless of how “outside” we are with the people

But “inside” we are always alone.

Find ways to “love yourself”

Because nobody in this world will be with you

Consistently equal to “yourself”

7. Mental training and self-development

May not make us “Forever free from suffering”

But it will make us “Longer suffering, less”

8. The best “cure” karma

Is to correct “ideas” “words”

And their own “actions”

9. Small good deeds that can be done for a long time

Finally, may create a “miracle” for life.

10. How fast “go”

It’s only fast …

How fast is the “release”?

Was only happy soon

11. Remember that all “suffering” and “pain”

Didn’t pass into our lives … To give the “curse”

But it passes into our lives … To give the “teachings”

12. The first step of living like a “person who wakes up”

Is to stop messing about “other people”

Then turned back to analyze the “self” mind

13. All suffering in life Not caused by

“What other people think about you”

But it was caused by

“What do you think What other people think about you ”

14. Must thank people for doing “bad”

Which helps to be a “good” example

What “shouldn’t do”

15. Regardless of how serious suffering

The solution was never far.

Going beyond our own “heart” …

16. Hate him, “We suffer”

Kindness to him, “I am happy.”

17. As a person can practice walking until he is good

Then can train the heart to the happiness …

18. “Death” is normal.

But living life with value

It’s a “miracle” story.

19. Please observe carefully …

That what causes us suffering

Most often each day

Not the “behavior” of others

But is our own “idea”

20. Do not condone angry, unworthy people.

Do not push yourself in the past.

Destiny, we do not let anyone write to draw.

Don’t use words like a knife to cut your mind.

(Plus one more!)

21. If you think you have value because you have “money” When the money runs out You all have value. If you consider yourself valuable because of “good looks”

Whenever you get older, you don’t look good. You all have value.

But as long as you know that you are precious because you are a “good person”

As long as you are good, you can be “valuable”.

Forever …

– Sindhu Senkhachanabut Mountain –