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Chapter 003 Stay By My Side

On the luxurious European-style bed, the exposed skin of the woman was bruised and purple, and her eyes slowly opened as her curly and thick eyelashes quivered a few times.

“Hi…” After moving for a while, she realized that her whole body seemed to fall apart. The memory struck, and she suddenly sat up from the bed.

The silk was slid down, she looked at the traces on her bare skin, everything yesterday was not a dream!

And that mysterious man had long since disappeared, and Xia Chu dragged his about to fall apart and walked to the bathroom.

Under the water curtain, her mind was full of everything that happened last night, and her fingers were deeply embedded in her palm.

Although she was the eldest of the Xia family, her mother died very early, and her father married another stepmother. The stepmother also brought two children, a boy and a girl.

At that time, she was too young to understand. Later, when she grew up, she realized that her father had cheated before her mother died. Since she became sensible, she has alienated her.

Although she hated those people in her heart, she never thought of hurting them. Yesterday was her eighteenth birthday. As usual, she would get 20% of the company’s shares after the coming-of-age ceremony.

Maybe it was just to prevent her from getting the shares, the stepmother set up a scheme to make her ruin and not get the shares.

The matter between Nan Ruoqiu and Sheng Zhengxiu was even more thunderous, and Xia Chu looked at the bloodstain on the palm of her hand.

Her eyes suddenly became gloomy, since the whole world betrayed her, from now on, she won’t want anyone!

She will not let go of the people who have harmed her today. She will return everything she suffered to them intact!

Put on a clean short skirt, but it can’t hide the traces of her arm and neck. Is that man a dog?

This room is very unfamiliar. She was vague about what happened last night, and she didn’t know where he took him.

When the door was opened, a maid stood outside and asked respectfully: “Miss, are you hungry?”

At the beginning of Xia, I looked at this huge villa, which should be about the same size as the Xiajia Castle, but the interior decoration is very new. It should be a new house in recent years.

“Miss, dinner is ready, let’s go down and eat first.”

“Can you give me a tablet?”

“Miss, please wait a moment.” Soon the maid brought a tablet and handed it to her.

Early Xia hurriedly opened the news network, her fingers trembling slightly, what if the photo of her embarrassed yesterday was exposed?

Who knows that the huge banner that greets the eye is a nude photo of Xia Ruirui with mosaics, her expression is blurred, and more than one man is pressed on her body.

The banner headline is that the rich daughter’s indecent photos are exposed, and the behavior is licentious!

However, the man turned things around in one night. At the beginning of Xia Xia put down the tablet, the maid came over with the phone.

“Miss, sir’s call.”

Until now, Xia Chu didn’t know his identity, “Hey.” Her voice was still a little hoarse.

“See the news?” The man’s low voice came.

“Yeah.” Xia Chu thought of everything he did last night, the reward is not small!

“Stay by my side, I will regain everything for you.” The man seemed to understand her desire for revenge.

Xia Chu’s low-hanging eyes flickered, and after a moment of silence, he replied, “Okay, but I want to go back to Xia’s house first.”

“Yes.” Although the man has only two words, there is obviously a hint of joy in his tone.

After the meal, she was sent back to Xia’s house in early summer. It was all dark outside, and she actually slept for a day.

She had already made a decision in the car, and even though the man helped her, she also got paid. Stay with him, as a lover?

She sneered coldly. She wanted to personally report this grudge, but she understood that her mother had taken her mother’s place a long time ago, because she deliberately alienated her father and didn’t like her.

It happened that her father was soft-headed, and everything in the Xia family was in the hands of the stepmother. It was not easy for him to get revenge.

If she failed this time, she would probably find another chance to deal with herself. Her current strength was too weak.

“Dad, I want to go to university abroad.” This is the only way she can think of. She needs time to grow up.

Xia Tang didn’t care about her daughter, and because Xia Ruirui’s scandal happened, he was upset and agreed.

Early Xia walked in a hurry and didn’t tell anyone, seeing her cell phone full of Sheng Zhengxiu’s text messages and missed calls, she only found it ironic.

Pulling out the card and throwing it into the trash can, no one came to see her off the day she left. She went through the security check alone.

At the moment when she turned her head, she saw a desperate man chasing after him. She looked at him, raised the corners of her mouth lightly, and then decisively left.

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