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Chapter 004 I’m Back

American Wall Street.

A variety of magnificent and magnificent skyscrapers rise from the ground in this golden inch of earth.

The sunlight fell on the glass building, revealing an icy light.

One person pushed open the door of the apartment and came in with a large stack of documents, just in time to hear the sound of water coming from the bathroom.

The bathroom door opened, and an enchanting figure came out, slender legs looming in the bathrobe.

“Come here.” The woman glanced at the person who came, and didn’t care to fiddle with her long hair.

He sank into the soft sofa comfortably, and his slender fingers gracefully picked up the awake red wine. The red nails were the same color as the liquid in the wine glass.

The man just glanced at her, with a sound of evil in his heart, he quickly moved his eyes away and dared not look any more.

The woman had only finished bathing, there was still a slight blush on her cheeks, the neckline of the bathrobe she was wearing was wide open, and a gully loomed on her chest, which was extremely alluring.

“Monster, these need your signature.” The man threw down the documents in his hand.

“No hurry.” The woman didn’t seem to be interested, playing with the iPad in her hand boringly.

The exquisite rim of the glass was close to the vivid red lips, and he drank a sip of red wine gracefully while raising his neck.

The webpage she clicked on was the hottest news website in China. With a click of an enchanting finger, a video popped up.

In the video, the handsome face is reflected in her pupils, and a female reporter is interviewing a person.

The female reporter smiled like a flower, “Seeing that Mr. Sheng looks so good, I think the happy event is approaching, right?”

With a decent smile on the man’s expression, the gentleman said, “Yes, next month’s fifteenth is my engagement party with Ruoqiu. Please come to the media to show your face.”

“Mr. Sheng, you are so polite. You and Miss Nan are well-known immortal couples in the circle, you…”

The female reporter’s voice gradually drifted, her red lips drank the red wine, and a slight astringency appeared in her mouth.

“Chu, are you okay?” The person on the side looked at Xia Chu nervously, that person was always a wound on her heart.

At the beginning of Xia, he drank all the wine in the glass and smiled enchantingly: “Xiao Yang, how can I have anything to do? Make arrangements for me and return to China tonight.”

“Okay.” Xiao Yang knows that everything can be discussed, but this one cannot. She has worked hard for the past three years for today.

“Mr. Xia, I was ready three months ago. Do I need to inform the Xia family when I go back this time?” He also said seriously.

“Notify them what to do? Continue to assassinate me? Shit… this time I will go back as an exchange student.”


Xia Chu stood up, reduced the charm on his face, and said solemnly: “Xiao Yang, the company will be handed over to you. You know this is my three-year business result. I don’t worry about it to anyone, only you… …”

It is rare to hear that Xia Chu speaks in this tone, and Xiao Yang’s expression is rarely serious, “I know, you can rest assured to do what you want, there is me here.”

“Thank you.” She thanked softly.

That night, she embarked on the plane returning to China, and when she returned to this familiar land, a hot wind blew on her face.

The corner of Xia Chu’s mouth evoked an enchanting smile, “Hey, I’m back.”

A person was waiting at the VIP passage of the airport, “Mr. Xia, I am Xiao Mo who is here to pick you up.”

Early Xia took off her sunglasses and said, “Let’s go.” Compared to three years ago, she was completely reborn.

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