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Chapter 005 The Revenge Plan Begins

Back in City A, Xia Chu’s heart is already very different from before.

The eighteen-year-old changed her entire life trajectory, but the man who originally wanted to propose to her got together with her girlfriend.

Her family set up a trick to take her shares and frame her.

And the man under the guise of helping her was even less kind.

Everyone is full of bad water, but I have been in the United States for years, and it has already become darker than them.

The Xia family can’t go back yet, her soft-eared father has become accustomed to Xiao San’s ears.

In these years in the United States, she didn’t pay her a cent, and wanted her to fend for herself.

Knowing that she was not dead, the man bought a lot of people who wanted to get rid of Xia Chu, but fortunately she escaped the hunt again and again because of her fate.

Xiao Mo drove the Maybach and prepared to go to a nearby hotel.

“Mr. Xia, there is something wrong with the house arranged by Mr. Xiao, so I have wronged you to stay in the hotel for a few days.

What kind of house do you like, I’ll re-arrange it, and you can let me know what Xia always orders. “

“Well, I like the sea. Let’s find a real estate near the sea. By the way, are you going to the Holiday Inn?”

Although she has not returned for three years, she is still familiar with the road. The only five-star hotel on this road is Holiday.

Xiao Mo nodded, “Yes, the Holiday Inn is close to the sea, and Mr. Xiao specifically ordered it.”

“No, send me Shenghao Hotel.” Early Xia’s eyes were faint, and the incident had already passed.

“But Mr. Xiao said that he must not go to this hotel.” Xiao Mo still remembered Xiao Yang’s warning, and he must not let her go.

Unexpectedly, Xia Chu mentioned it by herself. Sheng Hao was Sheng Zhengxiu’s site, and Xiao Yang kindly asked her not to see things hurt.

But she was too underestimated, and when she came back this time, she was going to make those people who were three years ago pay a tragic price!

Today, she is invincible, so why not be afraid of a Sheng Zhengxiu, who liked him back then was just the pure love of a little girl.

Haven’t seen him for three years, I wonder if he still remembers himself? Ah……

“I said go to Shenghao.” She emphasized it again, clearly smiling and saying this, how it fell in Xiao Mo’s ears is so gloomy.

“Okay.” Xiao Mo had to turn the front of the car.

In the lobby, Xiao Mo was checking in for her. She was wearing a black dress and her hair was only loosely tied behind her head.

The long white legs overlapped, and the white and elegant neck was exposed between the nods. The unique temperament she just caught the eyes of several people who came and went just casually sitting there.

“Miss, it’s okay.” Xiao Mo handed her a room card, remembering her instructions, not to call her President Xia outside, she was originally from a wealthy family, and she was very expensive.

She got up neatly, took the room key, and walked towards the elevator. She just walked to the elevator door, and she saw that someone was coming in through the front door.

The oncoming person wore a well-tailored, dark suit, and his jade-like face was a few more mature than three years ago, and it was still so dazzling and eye-catching.

Sheng Zhengxiu, I didn’t expect that the first person I met when I came back turned out to be you. Xia Chu saw that his eyes were a little loose, and she knew him for so many years, of course she knew that he was drunk.

If she thought she would cry and ran to ask him why he was so to her back then, that would be a big mistake.

“Xiao Mo, you can go, and pick me up here at seven tomorrow.” She urged Xiao Mo to leave.

“Well, Miss, call me if something is going on.” Xiao Mo has left before finishing her words.

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