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Chapter 006 Make a Big News

Watching him slowly walking in his direction, Xia Chu hid behind the potted plants aside.

Sheng Zhengxiu pressed the elevator straight down, and did not come out until the elevator door closed in early summer.

Seeing that the number stopped directly on the 28th floor, the 28th floor is his exclusive rest suite, it seems that he does not plan to go home today.

A plan came up spontaneously, it is better to take him to try the knife first.

Sheng Zhengxiu has always been accustomed to keeping privacy, and the entire floor is not monitored.

At the beginning of Xia Xia directly climbed up the stairs, there was no monitoring in the stairs, she was too familiar with everything here.

I just noticed that his expression was a little blurred, and he was drunk at first glance.

Every time he was drunk, he would rest in the hotel. Early Xia took out a card from the card holder. I wonder if this door has been changed.

She tried, and the door opened with a slight noise! He hasn’t changed the door in the past three years, and still retains everything.

Xia Chu looked at the card in her hand, but she didn’t sigh in her heart, she pushed the door directly into it.

Sure enough, he was still the same as before. After being drunk, he became unconscious, and lay down on the big bed without even pulling his tie.

If she had seen him like this before, she would only take care of him intimately, and now she has only one thing to do.

He quickly took off Sheng Zhengxiu’s clothes and saw his sturdy upper body. The scene that he sweated profusely on Nan Ruoqiu three years ago appeared again.

Xia Chu’s eyes turned cold, “Chu’er!” Sheng Zhengxiu suddenly took her hand, frightening Xia Chu’s body.

She turned her head cautiously and found that he hadn’t awakened, and a sneer appeared at the corner of her mouth.

Why are you thinking of her with yourself, and thinking of yourself when you are with her now?

Sheng Zhengxiu, I want you to be ruined! She pulled her clothes away and lay with him.

The white sheets covered the two of them, only the skin on the chest was exposed, and Xia Chu put down her hair.

The little bird was lying in the man’s arms, her face covered with scattered long hair.

After posing for several pictures, he turned and left without a trace of nostalgia. When he left, he did not close the door, deliberately creating a false impression.

Xia Chu thought she would act irrationally when she saw him again, but the facts proved that she was so calm that she felt scared.

Maybe the hatred for them has reached a point that she can’t even imagine.

After doing all this, she had such a slight excitement. Was it the same as her now when Nan Ruoqiu was playing tricks behind her back?

She changed her mobile phone, lowered her voice and said, “Is it Fengying Entertainment?”

“Yes.” The opposite is obviously yawning.

“I have a big news in my hand that I want to contribute.”

“Whose news?” Hearing about the contribution, the opposite immediately came to his spirits.

“Sheng Zhengxiu.” She said word by word.

As soon as the other party heard the name doze and completely woke up, now who in City A didn’t know that he was about to get engaged, and his fiancee was still the actress Nan Ruoqiu.

If there is news about him now, it will definitely make headlines as soon as it breaks out.

“Miss, your last name? Can we meet to discuss it if it is convenient?”

She hung up the phone after talking to the editor-in-chief.

How boring would be if such good news were first known by others? Early Xia sent the photos anonymously to Nan Ruoqiu’s parents’ mobile phones.

Back then, she felt how kind the two people were. The Nan family was also a chaebol family, but who knew that these two people were also involved.

Later, she specifically asked people to investigate the truth of the year. The Nan family took a fancy to Sheng Zhengxiu’s family background, and Nan Ruoqiu had long been fond of Sheng Zhengxiu. That incident was designed by the Nan family and the Xia family.

Only myself, a fool, is kept in the dark by everyone!

Since you want to play, let’s have a good time.

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