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Chapter 1 Divorce

Chapter One Divorce “Let’s sign it.”

The divorce agreement was thrown on the quilt in front of Gu Jinxi, and Ji Liufeng pulled off his tie a little irritably, and his previously gentle eyes were also full of chill.

“Is it so impatient?” Enduring the deep pain in his heart, Gu Jinxi didn’t even dare to look at Monsoon’s eyes, afraid to see a trace of disgust in it.

“I said, I will always take care of you, as long as you be your Madam Ji obediently, but you shouldn’t do it to Yiyi.” Thinking of what Gu Jinxi did to Qiao Yiyi, Ji Liufeng couldn’t help but bring a trace of hostility in his eyes.

Hands…Of course Gu Jinxi remembered. She still remembered the smile on the corner of the woman’s mouth and the triumph in her eyes when the woman fell down.

And, when the monsoon wind appeared at the end, I was so angry that I slapped myself.

The quilt slipped off, and there was a picture of wrinkles between pale and thin fingers. Looking at the middle-aged man in the photo, Gu Jinxi finally cried.

Three days ago, all news reports in City A were almost swept away, without exception, they were reporting the death of Gu Xiong, the president of the Gu Group.

Today is the day of his funeral.

Gu Jinxi grew up under the protection of Gu Xiong and suddenly lost his most important relatives. If it weren’t for the monsoon’s husband, and the Ji family’s in-law’s support behind him, Gu Jinxi would face this incident again and again. There is no courage.

But she didn’t expect that Ji Liufeng actually said divorce at this time…Perhaps, she should have guessed it since that day when she overthrew Qiao Yiyi in anger and was caught by him?

The two grew up together, childhood sweethearts. Gu Jinxi has always liked this little brother who has been protecting her since childhood, and thought he loved himself.

But it wasn’t until after the two got married that they accidentally ran into him with Qiao Yiyi, and Gu Jinxi clearly understood who Jiliufeng loved.

Looking at Gu Jinxi like this, Ji Liufeng couldn’t help but apologize. But thinking of Qiao Yiyi, the hesitation in his eyes turned to firmness.

He couldn’t do it, let his beloved woman take his child away alone, but Gu Jinxi couldn’t tolerate their mother and child.

“I know, you want Dad to go with peace of mind. As long as you sign this divorce agreement, I will accompany you to send Dad the final journey.” The big hand fell on Gu Jinxi’s shoulder, and he wanted to comfort her, but The words made Gu Jinxi feel like falling into the ice cellar.

Gu Jinxi laughed, tears were still falling, but she laughed madly, “Monsoon wind… are you threatening me?”

Monsoon wind was silent, if he could, he naturally didn’t want to threaten her with such a thing.

Looking at the divorce agreement in front of him, Gu Jinxi smiled and said, “Actually, I should have thought of that woman with such a means, how could she be willing to follow you without a name?”

Her thin lips tightened, and the monsoon wind’s hand hanging on one side tightened suddenly. Although there was discomfort under her eyes, she was concerned about Gu Jinxi’s current situation, “In this case, I don’t want to hear it a second time…”

Deeply glanced at the monsoon wind beside him, strange, really strange.

No wonder, he has been reluctant to touch himself all the time, only saying that it is because of his bad body. But no matter how bad her body is, she won’t be able to withstand a couple’s affairs.

There are some things, only by seeing clearly can we find out the bloody truth inside.

Pulling the quilt away, Gu Jinxi stepped barefoot on the cold floor, holding the divorce agreement in his hand, and went to the window.

Once a person is numb from the pain, he will find that it is not difficult to stab himself.

Gu Jinxi signed the divorce agreement and buried his young love and marriage with his own hands. Gu Jinxi did it with his only remaining pride.

After signing the word, Gu Jinxi threw the divorce agreement out the window, turning his back to the monsoon wind, and said in a cool tone, “The word is also signed, you can pick it up by yourself.”

The divorce agreement that went with the wind was not thrown far, but it just stopped in front of a pair of black leather shoes.

Yan Chen’s gaze fell on the paper that suddenly floated, and his good eyesight allowed him to see the five characters of the divorce agreement on it.

“Gu Jinxi…” The slightly deep voice slowly chanted the name. When he raised his eyes to look at the window where Gu Jinxi turned around, he could only see her fleeting side face.

Behind him, seeing Yan Chen turning and leaving, the driver and bodyguard who came along couldn’t help but say: “Second Young Master, shall we go to Miss Gu?”

Leaning sideways and squinting toward the window, revealing his slashed face, his sexy thin lips slightly opened, and his tone was cold: “No need.”

Following his words, the divorce agreement was thrown on the ground again, waiting for its true owner to arrive.

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