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Chapter 1 No Next Time

In the darkness, a man pressed her under him.

She wanted to shout, but couldn’t.

Early in the morning, Ye Youyou raised his sore eyelids.

In a strange hotel, clothes are scattered all over the floor.

A red flower on the bed sheet was dazzling, as if to mock her.

Ye Youyou’s mouth was sour.

Last night was not a dream, but a real thing.

My boyfriend was gone, not the first time, I still gave one…

My heart felt sour, and my little hand gripped the bed sheet tightly.

But no amount of regret can change the status quo, I can only swallow tears into my stomach.

The sound of water in the bathroom stopped, and a tall man walked out.

About thirty years old, exuding the charm of a mature man.

Above 188, she is in good shape, with drops of water on her eight pack abdominal muscles, and she feels the ultimate in sex.

Looking up, Ye Youyou was shivered by those deep pool-like cold eyes.

It was terrible, I had never seen a pair of eyes so cold, which reminded her of the eyes of a beast.

Ye Youyou gripped the sheets tightly, trying very hard to hide his panic.

Although the opponent’s aura is very strong, she is a client, so what is she afraid of?

“Make a price,” the man said in a cold voice.

Offer? Now it’s the customers who set their own prices, do they look at them?

With doubts, Ye Youyou took out 500 yuan in cash from his wallet and handed it to him.

Huo Hanxiao frowned, staring at the face that looked only 18 or 9 years old, full of collagen. A pair of big eyes, like a doll.

He asked her to make a price, but she actually gave him the money in turn. Think of him as “Master”? At a young age, he has a lot of imagination.

Seeing that he didn’t accept it, Ye Youyou thought he was too small.

She doesn’t know the price, but with his figure and appearance, he must be the top card, five hundred yuan is a bit less.

“I only have so much cash with me, and there are still seven hundred in the card. Please report the card number to me and I will transfer it to you.”

Huo Hanxiao raised his eyebrows and his face became cold again.

Or not? One thousand and two is not too much, she is already worthy of her wealth. He is still too small, really…who suffers anyway?

Ye Youyou bit her red lip, and said with a small face: “Your technique is not good, it makes me very painful. Twelve thousand and two are given for the sake of your hard work all night, and you are already very worthy of you. Up.”

“I’m not a rich woman, don’t want to blackmail me.” She said so, but in fact she was panicked.

Putting down the money, Ye Youyou wrapped her body in a bed sheet, bent over to pick up the clothes, but tripped nervously. The quilt fell to the ground, naked.

Huo Hanxiao’s eyes deepened coldly.

The body of a twenty-year-old girl is like a pure white lamb…

Ye Youyou jumped up screaming “Wow”, picking up the quilt and covering it indiscriminately, “You, you, you, you are not allowed to watch.”

“It was clear that what I should see last night.”

“Smelly man, this is the attitude after receiving the money? I will definitely complain to you next time.”

“And next time?” Huo Han raised his eyebrows.

“No, don’t even think about it.” Ye Youyou fled into the bathroom to change clothes. The skirt was torn, and the pain underneath was terrible.

Pouting. Damn man, do you want to be so rude? The “Young Master” in the movie is obviously very gentle.

The first memory was so painful, and my nose was sour due to grievance.

Her story is terrible. Her boyfriend and girlfriend who had been dating for four years were caught and raped by her. She went to a bar to get drunk, but she didn’t expect to enter a store like that, and then what happened last night.

Punishing herself with other people’s mistakes, she was ridiculously stupid.

Ye Youyou wiped away her tears, now is not the time to be sad, so he should leave this place quickly.

Get out of the bathroom.

Huo Hanxiao was already dressed neatly, in a suit and leather shoes, smoking a cigarette, deducting the charm of a mature man to the extreme.

Ye Youyou’s heartbeat went wild. This is the legendary “Master” of the overbearing president. No wonder she fell in love with him last night. She looks really good and has a very good temperament. I don’t know how many little girls I have to kill and fascinate.

“I gave the money, let’s clean it up. If you see it on the road in the future, you will treat it as if you don’t know it.”

“Papa—” The door closed.

Huo Hanxiao curled his lips and sneered, his eyes had deep meaning.

A little girl with a baby face is so arrogant.

She said she didn’t know him if she didn’t?

It’s not that simple.

Ye Youyou found the nearest pharmacy near the hotel, and spent a long time outside before plucking up the courage to walk in, pretending to look casually.

“Is there any need?” A pharmacist with serious facial features and strong aura came over.

“I, I, I want to buy…contraceptives.” Ye Youyou blushed and squeezed out a word, quieter than a mosquito.

The other party handed it to her.

“Thank you.” Ye Youyou ran away after paying the money.

Find a corner and swallow the medicine dry.

It’s so bitter, my eyebrows are frowned.

Are birth control pills so bitter?

The pharmacist took off his white robe, inside was a suit, and took out his mobile phone, “Boss, she has taken the medicine.”

On the top floor of the hotel, Huo Hanxiao looked out the window, his eyes filled with mist and mysterious eyes.

Vitamin B, the taste is not bad.

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