Chapter 10 Elegant as an earl

“Qianmeng, who did you offend? You want to do this!”

Sending away the group of girls, Qi Zifei, Liu Linlin, and Zhong Xinlian looked dumbfounded at Tong Qianmeng who was acting neatly, but it was really because of her.

Tong Qianmeng’s hands were stagnant in sorting clothes, her small face was instantly stained with irritation, and she gritted her teeth and said: “A nasty and annoying person!”

Qi Zifei, Liu Linlin, and Zhong Xinlian: “…” They

didn’t say anything.

“Then you are going home to live? How nice it was to live in a villa before. You have to move back to this cramped place. Okay, now you have to move back. You are not too tired to panic.” Liu Linlin shook her head. , I can’t understand what these daughters are thinking about, thinking of Tong Qianmeng’s identity…

“Qianmeng, isn’t your dad the big boss? Some money, let him find someone to help you out!” Liu Linlin consciously came up with a good idea. , His eyes were bright and waiting for Tong Qianmeng’s enthusiastic approval.

After waiting for a while, Tong

Qianmeng faintly said: “It is better to rely on yourself.” Liu Linlin: “…” After

packing up, Tong Qianmeng took the original pink and purple suitcase and walked out, Zhong Xinlian stood up.

“Qianmeng, are you okay? If you want to stay, others can’t do anything to you.” Zhong Xinlian looked at her back, a little worried.

Half a year ago, Tong Qianmeng suddenly became a daughter of a wealthy family, and moved out of the dormitory to live in Tong’s villa, but the wealthy family had a lot of wrongs and wrongs. She suddenly moved back a few days ago. There must be something they didn’t know. The matter may have something to do with the big man who was offended by her.

If so, can she really go home and live when she leaves the dormitory?

I have to say that Zhong Xinlian is calmer and wiser than the other two, Qi Zifei and Liu Linlin only consider that she is moving back to the villa.

Tong Qianmeng gratefully looked back at Zhong Xinlian, chuckled her lips together, and said, “If I stay, everyone will have a hard time. It’s better to leave and you can return to your normal life. As for me, it’s okay. Don’t worry.”

Zhong Xinlian: “…Then we will send you downstairs, this suitcase looks quite heavy.”

Tong Qianmeng: “Thank you.”


four of them took turns to carry the suitcase downstairs. As soon as I arrived in the lobby on the first floor, the girls who had been the most noisy before immediately surrounded them.

“Don’t blame us for being cruel. It’s you who caused the disaster. There is no reason for the big guy to suffer along with it.”

“Yeah, yeah, if you don’t leave, maybe we will all live without water and electricity in the future. , Is that something human can live by?”

“…” A

few girls said as they walked outside the dormitory with the four of them, seeing that the posture was to be at ease by witnessing Tong Qianmeng’s departure.

Tong Qianmeng: “…” After

exiting the door of the dormitory building, everyone’s eyes were immediately attracted by a silver-gray Rolls Royce not far away. He was still talking about a few girls for being rude before. Silence immediately.

It’s not because the car looks very valuable, but… Shengdu University has always been famous for its strict school rules. One of them is that no cars are allowed on campus, and even the senior leaders of the school never drive the car into the campus.

Who is the owner of this car? Not only drove the car into the campus, but also parked it on the road, shining an eye-catching halo in the dazzling sunlight.

The point is that no one has stopped this violation of school rules.

The windows of the car are pitch black, and it is impossible to see whether there are people in the car.

There are many curious people passing by, looking back frequently.

“Wow! Luxury cars, and no one stopped them from entering the school. It seems that the owner of the car must be expensive, but I don’t know whether he is young or handsome?”

“If you are a handsome young guy, it would be

nice to have a relationship between Prince Charming and Cinderella…” “You? Are you sure you want to get to know Prince Charming now, with a sour and sweaty smell?”

“Fucking trough Don’t you understand?”



The topic of several girls smoothly shifted from Tong Qianmeng to the silver-gray Rolls Royce, who do not know whether they are the masters of men or women or young or old. Go on.

The four of Tong Qianmeng: “…”

Tong Qianmeng pulled the suitcase and waved goodbye to Zhong Xinlian, Qi Zifei, and Liu Linlin. Fortunately, with some money on hand, he would first find a hotel to live in, and then rent a suitable house near the school.

It is one or two o’clock in the afternoon. Although the sun is not as hot as the June sky, it is still uncomfortable.

Tong Qianmeng raised his hand and put it on his forehead to shade his head and walked forward.

“Miss Tong, please stay!” A cold male voice sounded

, somewhat familiar.

Tong Qianmeng turned his head to look, but saw a stern-faced man standing outside the door of the silver-gray Rolls-Royce co-pilot. He put on the door behind him, and then quickly opened the rear door.

He was hanging down on the back of his left hand, showing a hideous scar.

In the door of the car that he opened, two big long legs were stretched out first, and then a tall and sturdy male body moved out of the car.

Zhai Zhenyu still had a set of neatly ironed black suits with a white shirt, a dark red tie with a Windsor knot, and elegant black leather shoes. His whole body exuded a strong and fierce aura, as if he had just returned from the negotiating table with victory.

Perhaps because of the air conditioning in the car, he didn’t sweat a single drop while wearing so many clothes, and his whole face was fresh and clean.

His deep and sharp eyes looked straight at Tong Qianmeng. Under his tall nose, there were cold lips with no warmth, but this cold and stern temperament attracted the eyes of everyone present, and there was a breathtaking gasp. One after another.

He is like the most mysterious and bright jewel, born with the ability to attract attention.

Tong Qianmeng was stunned, watching him move his slender legs and walk gracefully step by step, as elegant as a 13th-century European earl, noble and calm.

“Follow me back.” He stretched out her little hand hanging on the side of her leg, and his beautiful thin lips slowly uttered a few words.

His hands are a little cold.

Tong Qianmeng raised her face, blinked her eyes twice, and looked at the man close at hand like a cute little cat. The strong masculine breath and the faint smell of tobacco rushed into her nasal cavity wantonly, making her brain Bursts of confusion.

“Where to go?”

Zhai Zhenyu looked at her cute appearance, Leng Ling’s eyes became soft, and the straight lip line seemed to curve upwards, “Go back to the Red Sandalwood Palace.”

“Huh?” Tong Qianmeng heard’ The three words “Red Sandalwood Palace” instantly regained consciousness, and suddenly withdrew his hand, the consciousness that had just been messed up also became clear.

damn it! He actually seduced her!

“I said, I won’t live in the Red Sandalwood Palace, give it up.” Tong Qianmeng immediately pulled the suitcase and walked towards the school gate, his face hot because he was easily confused by his appearance.

“Where are you going?” Zhai Zhenyu followed her slowly, looking helplessly at the girl in front of her. Her smooth and fine satin hair was tied up, revealing her white and graceful neck, which radiated in the sun. The bright white halo made him unable to look away.

Tong Qianmeng felt inexplicably irritable when he heard his deep voice, speeding up his pace and trying to throw him away, no matter how long his legs were, he still followed calmly and did not fall for half a minute.