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Chapter 10 Just Raise Your Hands

The tenth chapter is nothing more than a “lawyer’s letter?” Chen Qing was slightly taken aback.

But then, she was a little worried, “But Jinxi, although I don’t know much about what happened at the beginning, I can be regarded as watching you grow up with Liufeng. These things they said are true and false, and I am afraid it’s not a lawyer. It can be done by letter.”

And what she worries most is that a lawyer’s letter cannot be dealt with, but it will plunge Gu Jinxi into a deeper quagmire.

After all, Gu Jinxi is different from Qiao Yiyi. Once Qiao Yiyi becomes white, there is not only a Ji family behind him, but also millions of fans.

What about Gu Jinxi? The Gu family’s affairs have not yet come to an end, but she still has a little less control.

“Don’t worry, Aunt Qing, my lawyer’s letter is not for Ji Liufeng and Qiao Yiyi.” Of course, she won’t give them a lawyer’s letter at this time. She won’t do the things that mayfly shake the tree.

But she has analyzed the matter this time, and it can be divided into three stages in total.

The first stage is the first 818 post, which was the nurse. She claimed that Gu Jinxi pretended to be in a coma and was reprimanded by others by publishing false messages to drive Qiao Yiyi into desperation.

And precisely, this is a slander.

The second stage is to count down the marriage between her and Monsoon, so that people know that Qiao Yiyi is not the third party who is traditionally the uppermost.

The third stage is at the press conference, seemingly unintentionally, but deliberately introducing the prenuptial agreement.

Gu Jinxi has the patience to take a bite at a meal and walk step by step. After all, barefoot is not afraid of wearing shoes, what is so terrible about her now?

That’s right, Gu Jinxi now has nothing to do with it.

After leaving the house, the company that originally belonged to the Gu family will soon change hands, and she has only those 10% of the shares that are temporarily unavailable for food and drink.

Although it was said that the shares could be sold, for Gu Jinxi, that was the only thing Gu’s father left, and it was impossible for her to sell it.

Speaking of it, Gu Jinxi still has a real estate. The villa in Jinyuan belongs to her and is a pre-marital property. No matter how inhuman the prenuptial agreement is, it cannot be touched.

After thinking about it for a while, Gu Jinxi felt a headache and couldn’t help but raise his hand to rub his temple.

When Chen Qing saw this, she couldn’t help worrying, “Did you have a headache? You shouldn’t have been discharged from the hospital yesterday, let’s see that you came back in less than a day.”

Hearing this, Gu Jinxi couldn’t help but laugh and cry.

How could she have thought that she was so weak that she went back to the hospital in less than a day.

For Gu Jinxi, the hospital is really a place not to be seen. The smell of disinfectant in the air seemed to make her return to the scene when she saw her father’s body in the hospital that day.

After her thoughts turned, Gu Jinxi suppressed the pain in her heart, “Aunt Qing, I want to leave the hospital.”

“Discharged?” Chen Qing couldn’t help but feel a headache for Gu Jinxi who was persistently discharged from the hospital. “It’s really not good this time. If I let you go out of the hospital, your uncle can’t blame me?”

His lips moved slightly, and finally Gu Jinxi hid the words he wanted to export.

If you can’t make it today, let’s go tomorrow.

There was a faint sound of footsteps at the door of the ward, and Gu Jinxi looked up and noticed that there was another person at the door. At this time, the person has entered the ward.

Yan Chen glanced over the phone that made the sound, and Yan Chen withdrew his gaze indifferently. And beside Yan Chen, a man dressed as a secretary nodded slightly to Gu Jinxi, “Miss Gu, the lawyer’s letter has been sent to that person.”

Lawyer’s letter? Gu Jinxi looked at Yan Chen with a stern face in front of him with some surprises, and with some surprises, he actually knew that he was about to send a lawyer’s letter.

“Thank you, Mr. Yan, I can actually solve this by myself.” This matter is not difficult for Gu Jinxi. Besides, there are Aunt Qing and the others for their help. Gu Jinxi still doesn’t want to owe Yan Chen for that. Favors.

Gu Jinxi didn’t have a lot of flattering ideas for the Yan family, who was eagerly rushed by everyone. What’s more, it would be better not to be involved or not to be involved.

“It’s just a small effort.” Yan Chen was not surprised by the estrangement in Gu Jinxi’s words. He had long seen that Gu Jinxi was not the kind of woman who would not let go of men.

If it is really the kind of person who can hold on, maybe he has already thrown this thing to others, right? But the first time someone was eager to draw a line with him, it still made him a little surprised.

The atmosphere was a little embarrassing after the two talked. Chen Qing on the side saw this and smiled and said, “Jin Xi, this time you have to thank the Second Young Master. The Second Young Master drove us to the hospital last night.”

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