Chapter 11 As the saying goes, love for a long time

The interaction between the two is flirting to outsiders.

The girls who stood at the door of the dormitory had wonderful faces. She thought Tong Qianmeng was just an ordinary student who was powerless and offensive, but she didn’t expect that she would actually know the person who could drive on the campus.

Now they only hope that Tong Qianmeng will not hate them, otherwise, I am afraid that there will be no good fruit.

The water in the university is deep. If she really hates them, there are thousands of ways to retaliate.

It’s like that big man retaliated against her.

Zhong Xinlian quickly glanced at Qi Zifei and Liu Linlin, and they all saw the doubt in each other’s eyes.

That man was able to drive on campus and no one dared to stop it, indicating that his status is more noble than the senior leaders of Shengdu University. Since Tong Qianmeng knows such a person, why not ask him for help?

Could it be that the person she offended was worse than this man?

Although Zhai Zhenyu is well-known, he never shows his face on the screen, and no one dares to post his photos on the Internet. Therefore, there are not many people who have seen his true face. People know him all from word of mouth and word of mouth. Between the lines.

If they knew that this man was Zhai Zhenyu who covered the sky with one hand, they would probably drop their jaws.


“ah -!!! The water there is electricity”

! “Bath bath bath”


“! Hey, you do not grab me, I’ll wash” “……”


Less than ten minutes after Tong Qianmeng left, the twenty-eight dormitory buildings once again exploded. The three Zhong Xinlian who had just stepped on the fourth floor were taken aback for a moment, and then looked at each other. Three seconds later…a

gust of wind blew by. , The three figures rushed to the dormitory like a wolf.

Zhong Xinlian, who was running at the end, was anxious, panting, “Hey, you can’t let me do it? My shower gel seven days ago hasn’t been washed off yet!”


……On the

boulevard, a Jiao Jiao The pretty girl walked with her suitcase buried in front, followed by a tall, handsome man, and…

a Rolls Royce driving slowly.

No matter how it looks, it looks like a scene with a story, and anyone can’t help but take a second glance.

Tong Qianmeng also noticed the scrutiny and interesting gazes of others, and his heart became more irritable.

She turned around suddenly, “Mr. Zhai…Ah!” The

suitcase was behind her right, and Zhai Zhenyu walked side by side with the suitcase behind her left. Her movements were too sudden, and his eyes stared at her jade neck scorchingly. , One didn’t care, he ran straight into Tong Qianmeng.

Although he only hit half of her body, he was sinking and the impact was naturally strong. Tong Qianmeng only felt a pain in his shoulder, and his body fell to the side uncontrollably.

However, she exclaimed that it was not because of the fall, but a strong arm that quickly pierced her waist and pushed her forward. Her body directly slammed into Zhai Zhenyu’s arms, causing her nose to suffer and hurt.

Moreover, her lips were so immortal that they knocked on his chest, and her hard teeth violently collided with his hard breast muscles, pitying her soft lips, which hurt.

Tong Qianmeng was covering her nose and mouth, tears streaming down her eyes, struggling to move back, but her arms around her waist were like a rock, and she couldn’t move half of it no matter how she broke it.

“Let go of me!” she sipped.

Zhai Zhenyu hugged her waist tightly, and the two bodies were intimate. The hardness of his muscles was clearly transmitted to Tong Qianmeng’s skin through the cloth. She was embarrassed, struggling with her hands and feet, and the suitcase fell aside.

“Don’t move!” Zhai Zhenyu whispered. Not only did her arm loosen, she clasped the back of her leaning back head with another big hand, gently pressed it into her arms, and said commandingly, “Let me hold it for a while! “

He is very tall, Tong Qianmeng’s ears are just touching his heart, and the strong and powerful heartbeat sounds like thunder in summer.

The wing of his nose was filled with the fresh and masculine breath of his body, and her cheek felt a slightly lower temperature on his skin through the cloth.

Tong Qianmeng’s heart trembled suddenly, and her body trembled uncontrollably.

The boys passing by looked at this scene with meaningful and clear expressions, and some boys even whistled frivolously at them.

The girls are amazing and envious. Zall, who amazed that man, envied the girl he embraced.

For a moment, Zhai Zhenyu let go of her arms and looked down at her small face, and said, “Will you go back with me?”

His voice was thick and sultry, with a trace of begging, like a couple quarreling, and the husband coaxed his wife: don’t You are making a noise, can you go home with me?


Tong Qianmeng was taken aback by her own thoughts, jumped away from his embrace in shock, lifted up the pink-purple suitcase lying on the ground and blocked it in front of her. She felt it necessary to make things clear.

“Mr. Zhai, I’m not familiar with you, why do you want to live in your house? Don’t you think it’s very inexplicable for you to do everything possible to let me live in your house?”

“We…unfamiliar?” Zhai Zhenyu said deeply. The eyes suddenly narrowed, the dangerous light flashed away, and was immediately replaced by a touch of deep thought, and the eyebrows were slightly furrowed.

When Tong Qian dreamed of this, he thought he had listened to what he said, so he was tempted: “Plus, we met twice this time, and there is no difference from strangers. So, what you did is very unreasonable, right? “

“It doesn’t matter, marry me, we can get along day and night. After a long time, we will be familiar with each other. As the saying goes, love will grow for a long time.” Zhai Zhenyu refreshed his brows, his eyes didn’t mean anything.

“Uh…?!” Tong Qianmeng was stunned, did he understand what he said?

However, there is a question that she still can’t understand, “Why do you want to marry me?”