Chapter 12 Point your back: Want to sleep on the street?

“Why do you want to marry me?”

She raised her small face, and her black and white cut pupils flickered. She was really curious at the moment. He said more than once if he wanted to marry her, and he acted to change it. It’s a fact, it doesn’t look like it’s just a talk.

But why? They obviously only met twice.

Hearing Zhai Zhenyu’s words, his deep eyes were as deep as the world, and hidden secrets seemed to be hidden in them.

He clenched his fists tightly, all the words stuck in his throat, choking him out of breath, the bitter taste spread in his mouth, unscrupulous.

Well quite a while, he bent lip shallow smile, elegance moment with emotion, said: “I take your first time, you naturally want to be responsible for.”

Tong one thousand dreams: “……”

this world also Is there a man who will be responsible for a girl’s first time? How rare.

Tong Qianmeng lowered his eyes, concealing the erratic color in his eyes.

“Mr. Zhai, I have forgotten about that night, so I don’t need anyone to be responsible. Please don’t do these meaningless things in the future. I am really upset. Goodbye.”

After speaking, she pulled the luggage Box head strode away without turning back, and the straight spine showed a strong stubbornness.


silver-gray Rolls-Royce slowly left, and the classmates who watched the excitement also dispersed. They would soon forget about it. After all, stories about college students and big bosses are not uncommon. Even if they are curious and envious, it is just Only for a while.

Inside a slow-moving car on an asphalt road.

Tang Yisu, the co-pilot, looked at the stubborn back five meters away, and then looked at the thoughtful Zhai Zhenyu. As he was about to speak, Zhai Zhenyu took the lead and said: “Notify all hotels and inns below five stars. Tong Qianmeng checked in, and also, to inform all five-star and above hotels that if Tong Qianmeng went to stay, it would be…” The

more he said, the surprise on Tang Yisu’s face became more obvious, and he took out his mobile phone and quickly touched him. The instructions went on, and after a moment of silence, Tang Yisu couldn’t help but speak.

“President Zhai, how did you know that Miss Tong would stay in the hotel?”

“I know her.”

“But, didn’t you come to pick her up to the Red Sandalwood Palace? Why…”

“She didn’t want to go.”

“President Zhai, Shall I send her forcibly back? ” “

no, that would scare her, make her even more repulsive me. ” “

…… “


child absent-minded one thousand dreams, pink and purple luggage too close to the roadside green belt , The box body rubbed with the cement edge and made a harsh’creaking’ sound without paying attention.

The sun was shining brightly between her eyebrows, and the breeze passed through her white cheeks, dancing slightly with broken sideburns.

After that incident, after the initial resentment and unwillingness, she chose to face it indifferently. She is not a casual person, but she will not have to go to death because she lost her body, and life will continue, right?

But just as her life was back on track, Zhai Zhenyu reappeared and insisted on squeezing into her life forcefully, just as rough as that night.

bother! Unprovoked annoyance!

Tong Qianmeng scratched his hair hard, and just saw a fast hotel next to him when he raised his head. Without even thinking about it, he raised his leg and walked over.

She is not an extravagant person, the fast hotel prices are moderate, and the sanitary conditions are not bad, which is within her acceptance range.

Walking into the hotel lobby, the neatly groomed lady at the front desk immediately showed her a sweet smile.

“Hello, miss, can I help you?”

“Uh, I want an ordinary single room.” Tong Qianmeng put the suitcase on his leg and smiled.

“Okay, please show your ID card.”

Tong Qianmeng took out the ID card from her wallet and handed it to her, and asked casually, “How much is a night?” The

lady at the front desk pointed to the price list on the wall, “This is us Please take a look at the prices of all room types.”

Immediately after taking Tong Qianmeng’s ID card with both hands, the smile on his face suddenly froze, a trace of sympathy flashed across his eyes, and then he smiled fakely.

“I’m really sorry, Miss Tong, we are full today. Go and look elsewhere?”

“Hey?” Tong

Qianmeng looked at her suspiciously, “Then why didn’t you say it?” “I’m really sorry, Miss Tong, just now It’s my negligence. Please forgive me.” The lady at the front desk lowered her head with an apologetic expression, she didn’t look like a fake.

Waved away from the suspicion, Tong Qianmeng took back his ID card and walked out with the suitcase.

Watching Tong Qianmeng’s back disappearing outside the door, the lady at the front desk immediately changed her face to sympathy, thinking of the previous phone call from the boss personally, explaining that they were not allowed to receive a girl named Tong Qianmeng, and she also warned her. It is a city-wide order from a big man and must not be accepted.

The order of the whole city, as the name suggests, the entire emperor must follow the order.

“I really don’t know who that Tong Qianmeng has offended. He is going to be so rectified. Tsk tsk, the whole city will order, which hotel is not afraid of death and dare to receive her? It is estimated that she will be on the street tonight, oh…”

Wait! There is only one person who can issue the order of the whole city in the imperial capital. Could it be… that person that Tong Qianmeng offended?

Thinking of this, the lady at the front desk suddenly felt cold on the soles of her feet, and offended that person. She would have to peel off her skin if she didn’t die? At the same time, she was more sympathetic to Tong Qianmeng.


sky is getting dark and the lights are getting on.

After being told that the room was full for the 51st time, Tong Qianmeng pulled the suitcase and left the hotel exhaustedly, his heart cold.

Has her luck backed to this level?

Whether it is a small hotel or an express hotel, or a general hotel, the rooms are full.

This is the rhythm of sleeping on the streets!

She took the suitcase and walked a little further in frustration, when the phone rang suddenly.

Mo enchanting.

Tong Qianmeng immediately put on a smile and answered the phone vigorously, “Hey, you demon, miss me?”

“You are poor!” Mo Yaoluo said with a loud voice as always, “Listening to your so energetic voice, it seems

Have a good time recently!” “You have to, don’t worry about it.”

“Yes, I’ll worry about it, but if you need help, you must tell me. I heard that, so I won’t tell you anymore. I It’s very busy here, bye.”


Hanging up the phone, Tong Qianmeng’s eyes fixed on the glittering’SOFITEL’ on the top of a certain skyscraper, which is an international chain of five-star hotel, touched it. Touching the bank card in her purse, she gritted her teeth and tried one last time. If the room is still full, then she will go to live in Mo Yaoluo’s house.

Although I didn’t want Mo Yaoluo to worry about him, but…in this situation, I can only ask her for help.