Chapter 15 He is not the only one to surrender

She glanced around behind her, but no one was looking at her.

Probably… it’s my own illusion.

Crowding out the crowd, Tong Qianmeng and Zhong Xinlian waved goodbye and walked to the school gate. There was no class in the afternoon. Tomorrow weekend, they can rest again!

Thinking about it, she couldn’t help flying up physically and mentally, and there was wind under her feet.

Feng Youliang looked at her bright and beautiful figure, her eyes concealed by the lenses tightened slightly, and the corners of her lips also evoked a smile. That smile was dyed with the dangerous color of the jackal finding its prey.

At the gate of the school, the black Ferrari was really there.

Tong Qianmeng opened the back door and sat in, “Uncle Wang, thank you.”

Wang He still smiled slyly , “It should be.”

SOFITEL Hotel, Presidential Suite, twelve o’clock.

Tong Qianmeng once again watched with a stunned look at the hotel restaurant waiter filling the table with a sumptuous lunch. Every dish was exquisite like a work of art, and looked expensive.

The trace of doubt that was ignored by her before revolves around her heart again. The hotel treats her so well, isn’t it a different idea, isn’t it?

But what about her, she has no money and no rights… The

strong smell of food was floating in the air, which made her move her index finger, and her tongue made fluid.

Forget it, let him, wait until you rent a suitable house, and move out quickly.

There is no free lunch in the world, and she still understands the truth, so she dare not be greedy for too much cheap, just keep it in moderation.

After eating, she held her chubby belly, sat next to the computer with a full hiccup, and started searching for a house online.

She didn’t know if it was because the air conditioner was too comfortable, or she was tired, and she fell asleep on the computer desk without knowing it.

When the waiter came to clean up the table, she was snoring lightly.

The waiter gently took the tableware away, walked out the door, and immediately took the walkie-talkie, “Hey, Manager Bai, Miss Tong is sleeping on the computer desk.”

On the other side, the lobby manager Bai Hang immediately picked it up after listening. The landline handset dials a series of numbers.

“Hey, Mr. Tang, Miss Tong, she…” After

hanging up the phone, Bai Hang reached out and wiped the cold sweat on his forehead.

Tong Qianmeng stayed in the hotel for less than twenty-four hours. He had already made twenty phone calls with Tang Yisu, the most capable assistant next to Zhai Zhenyu. Every time he couldn’t help sweating, it seemed that he could do it through the phone. Feel the compelling aura of Zhai Zhenyu.

It’s so scary!

Zhai Zhenyu’s is like a tiger, and the power of the tiger is deeply ingrained in everyone’s mind without personal experience.

Everyone is afraid of tigers.

Bai Hang was really afraid that he would end up miserably if he accidentally upset him.

After thinking about it, he couldn’t help but shudder.

It is better for Tong Qianmeng to leave early.

In the past, he was eager for guests to stay longer to improve the performance of the hotel. He has never expected guests to leave as he does now.

Tong Qianmeng lived here. Not only did she dare not charge any fees, she also had to wait as if she was waiting for Empress Cixi, with delicious food and drink, and a special car pick-up…Uh, she had to report her movements over there at any time.

He is so hard!

Crying without tears.


half an hour.

A silver-gray Rolls Royce’crunches’ stopped at the entrance of the hotel.

The security guard at the hotel entrance immediately stepped forward and opened the rear door.

Zhai Zhenyu got out of the car calmly, and the majestic and cold breath immediately condensed into a powerful aura in this space, and the young security guard who opened the door involuntarily bent lower, cold sweat.

It was not until Zhai Zhenyu entered the hotel door that the young security guard dared to raise his head and lifted his white-gloved hand to wipe the cold sweat from the corner of his eyebrows.

“Oh, I’m scared to death. Who is this person?

He looks terrible.” While calming his heartbeat, he was ashamed that he easily surrendered in front of a strange man, but when he saw someone else A security guard was also wiping sweat, and he instantly balanced.

It turned out that he was not the only one who surrendered!

Zhai Zhenyu walks gracefully, with a pair of delicate sword eyebrows embedded in her angular face, and her eyes are like the deepest black holes in the world, revealing a distant mystery. With just one glance, people’s minds can be combined with He swallowed all his soul, the bridge of his nose was as high as a steep cliff, and his lips were cold but smooth and perfect. His posture was stalwart and expensive. His short and broken ink hair undulated slightly as he walked, swaying in a stunning posture in the air. He walked into the lobby, as if bringing in a room of sunlight, and the entire lobby was instantly radiant and radiant.

The busy receptionist and the two female guests who did not know whether to check in or check out immediately straightened their eyes, opening their mouths as if they had forgotten to breathe.


The best man!

The first-line actor Jin Zunze, who is known as the national male god and has confused countless girls’ hearts, is not even one-thousandth!

Especially his cold and pressing aura, which sets him up like a god, he can only look up, not look closely.

Time seemed to stand still, and even the sound of dust colliding in the air could be heard in the elegant and quiet lobby at this moment. I don’t know whose heartbeat was suddenly chaotic.

“How do I get to room 81108?” A cold voice sounded, suddenly pulling back everyone’s nerves.

Tang Yisu looked at the demented lady at the front desk blankly and frowned.


Isn’t that the room of Tong Qianmeng who was specially taken care of by a certain big man?

The lady at the front desk was about to speak, and a black silhouette whirled over. Bai Hang nodded and bowed, “Is… Is that Mr. Zhai? You… Hello, I’m the lobby manager Bai Hang. Just call me Xiaobai. You are …Is here to find Miss Tong? I’ll bring… bring… to take you.”

Bai Hang was dripping with cold sweat and tongue, and tried to shake hands with Zhai Zhenyu several times, but he did not dare to rashly because of the oppressive aura. Reach out. In addition to a few women in the lobby, he was shocked just now. Unlike them, they were amazed by the god-like man, and he was shocked.

When he heard the entourage next to the godlike man speak, he was even more struck by lightning. Isn’t that the voice of Mr. Tang who spoke with him not long ago?

They came to Miss Tong again…

Then…immediately, he was sure that the godlike man was the power holder of the Zhai Group who everyone respected , Zhai Zhenyu!