Chapter 16 Thousand-year aristocratic family

Speaking of the Zhai Group, I have to mention the Zhai family.

That is a family with a long history of nearly a thousand years. No one knows how and when the Zhai clan rose up, but when people noticed it, it was already a towering giant tree. Between heaven and earth.

The Zhai clan has many side branches, scattered throughout the country, and its power is intertwined, deeply rooted in the military, political and business circles, and has a profound influence on the country’s political power.

In Country Z, the Zhai clan is like a leader.

The family motto of the Zhai clan is extremely peculiar. There is no other side but only one: The order of the patriarch is greater than the sky.

In short, everything is subject to the leadership of the patriarch.

It can be seen that when the Zhai clan leader, the power in his hand can not be described as covering the sky with one hand.

The current patriarch is Zhai Mingrui, Zhai Zhenyu’s grandfather.

It is said that Zhai Zhenyu will be the next patriarch by default, and Zhai Mingrui is obedient to this grandson, and Zhai Zhenyu seems to have assumed the power of the patriarch.

Facing such a man with overwhelming power, Bai Hang felt that the pressure in his soul was heavier than Mount Tai. He cautiously led Zhai Zhenyu to the door of room 81108. He did not dare to stay, and immediately left with a flattering smile.

Zhai Zhenyu pursed his lips from beginning to end without making a sound, but it made him feel more terrifying than the roar of the beasts.

He returned to the lobby and saw that the receptionist and the two female guests were still stunned. He walked over to the counter and slammed the counter, and shouted to the two receptionists, “What are you going to do during work hours? Don’t hurry up to work!”

Then he said kindly to the two female guests: “Two ladies, please wait a moment, it will be done soon.”

“Wait!” one of the female guests suddenly said, “Did that man live here just now?”

Bai Hang was taken aback, “He…” Before finishing speaking, the lady spoke again.

“Let’s not go, let us reopen a room and ask for the room next to room 81108!”

Bai Hang: “…”

Zhai Zhenyu took the room card sent to the Red Sandalwood Palace from the hotel, and gently approached the card lock sensor. Place.


a soft sound, he gently pressed the doorknob, for fear of awakening the sleeping people in the door.

After closing the door, he quietly walked towards the place where Tong Qianmeng was. There was a faint scent of a girl swimming in the room, which penetrated his nasal cavity from time to time, stimulating his olfactory nerves.

Tong Qianmeng slept soundly, snoring very softly, with an inexplicable sultry tone. The computer screen saver was constantly changing the pictures, and the bright and dark light hit Tong Qianmeng’s small and soft face. She was slender and dense. His eyelashes cast long shadows on the eyelids, like two peacock feathers, dreamy and beautiful.

Her white cheeks are dyed with light red, and her lips are as tender as a ripe peach. Compared with Zhai Zhenyu’s stalwart, she looks more petite, like a soft fold-eared cat lying prone. Computer on the desk.

Zhai Zhenyu stretched out her slender fingers and gently stroked her cheeks. His fingers were warm and cool. Tong Qianmeng’s slender eyebrows quietly condensed, and her eyelashes trembled as if she was about to wake up. Zhai Zhenyu’s fingers paused, and then …

That hand quickly put her back on her back, and slowly scratched from top to bottom along her back groove. The magic is that Tong Qianmeng immediately became loose, and fell asleep lazily like a cat, and even overflowed in her nose. A comfortable hum.

Seeing this, Zhai Zhenyu’s entire face softened, with a smug smile in his eyes.

Tong Qianmeng slept right into the night with this sleep.

She was awakened by the smell of food, opened her confused eyes, stretched her arms and legs and stretched deeply.

“Sneez!” A chuckle, coming from the top of his head, the familiar mellow and drunk tone.

“Ah!” Tong Qianmeng was startled, holding the quilt and rolling to the other side of the bed for a distance of one meter before daring to turn his head.

He directly ran into a pair of deep eyes with a hint of smile. The owner of those eyes was half leaning against the head of the bed, with his slender legs gently overlapping, gracefully and freely. He put one arm on the pillow where Tong Qianmeng was sleeping before. , The white shirt fabric on his arm was a little wrinkled, as if it had been crushed for a long time.

After Tong Qianmeng realized that she just slept with this man’s arm?

But this is not the point. The point is— “Zhai Zhenyu! Why are you in my room? Ah? You are trespassing in a private house! It is illegal!” She hugged the quilt tightly, and pointed angrily at the man entering the room with her slender white hand. .

Also, she was obviously looking for a house online before, even if she accidentally fell asleep, she should be lying on the computer desk. Now she is sleeping on the bed, no need to ask, it must be the ghost of this man!

Look down and check your clothes. It’s okay, the clothes are well dressed.

She choked out of bed, picked up the landline on the bedside table and dialed the front desk phone a few times, with grievances in every movement.

“Hey, the front desk? Come up quickly and explain to me why outsiders can enter my room!” She said so aggressively that the lady at the front desk immediately called the Baihang office again.

After a while, there was a nervous knock on the door, “Miss Tong, this is Bai Hang, the lobby manager. Do you have any help?”

Tong Qianmeng opened the door with a very ugly face, she really Being angry, Zhai Zhenyu’s other behaviors did not really hurt her, although they were annoying, she could not care about it, but this time it was different. He went into her room and got into her bed grandiosely. This was for her. It’s just a *naked threat, if she still swallows her breath and doesn’t care about it, she doesn’t know what he will do in the future!

When he saw Tang Yisu, who was standing stiffly at the door, he was even more angry that Qiqiao was about to smoke!

“I ask you…” She tried her best to suppress the anger in her heart, pointed to the room card inserted in the smart card switch on the wall and asked: “Besides I have a room card that can open this door, does anyone else have it? ? ” “

this …… “dream one thousand children will say to tell him when to call the front desk before him, he knew that ‘outsiders’ refers to is certainly Zhai zhen Yu, but, according to his understanding, the two men should not be … are you familiar with it?

What’s the matter with the anger of Deng’s disciple now?

Just as he was racking his brains to ponder his words, from the corner of his eyes, Zhai Zhenyu walked out of the bedroom gracefully with a fierce temperament. His eyes flashed brightly, and he rushed over with a stride.

“Mr. Zhai, are you having a conflict with Miss Tong? Women, you just love to be petty, just coax more, hehe…” Bai Hang smiled with creases and guessed wildly.

Since the two are lovers, there may be a conflict now, Miss Tong wants to take their hotel out of anger.

Zhai Zhenyu glanced at him coldly, his eyes seemed to be caught in ice debris, and his body was trembling with the cold, and his blood was frozen.

“Then…Mr. Zhai, I…I’ll leave first…” When the words fell, he ran out of the door.

“Stop! This is the responsibility of your hotel. If you don’t solve it, I will call the police!” Tong Qianmeng quickly grabbed his sleeves and said in a hurry.

“Miss Tong, don’t be kidding, the police are here, so I don’t dare to care about Mr. Zhai’s personal affairs!” After speaking, he pulled back one of his sleeves and ran away again.

Tong Qianmeng’s shoulder-length black hair was picked up by the gust of wind he brought up, she blinked, and something was ready to come out!