Chapter 18 One slip and fall downstairs

Zhai Zhenyu calmly walked step by step, like a cheetah waiting for an opportunity.

Tong Qianmeng had already panicked and hit a lot of things all the way back, until she had nowhere to go. She suddenly found herself retreating to the sliding door of the living room. Beyond the sliding door was a small balcony with a fence half-high.

Without even thinking about it, she opened the sliding door and ran out. The hot wind blew her face all at once, with the restlessness peculiar to the noisy city, and the sound of the whistle on the road became clearer.

She threw herself on the fence and looked around, with nowhere to go.

Zhai Zhenyu looked at the girl who looked like a headless fly amused, and found it more interesting. At first…she was so afraid of him?

“Don’t come here, you, you…” Tong Qianmeng’s back waist was close to the fence, her hands clung to the railing, her palms were sticky and greasy with sweat, and her heart was beating indiscriminately. She looked back at the stream flowing downstairs. Traffic flow, her room is on the eleventh floor, so looking down like this, it is so high, she feels a little dizzy just looking at it.

“If you come over, I’ll jump down!” One foot stepped on the bottom side rail of the fence, and the body moved up slightly. It was a bit of a chaste little martyr who would rather die than surrender.

But only she knows how scared she is at this moment.

She is betting.

Betting on whether Zhai Zhenyu really cares about her a little bit, if he really cares about her, even if only one Mimi cares, he will stop, if not…

then she…the

night wind is holding her shoulder-length black hair A few strands ran to her eyes and mouth, but she didn’t have time to pay attention. A pair of cut water Mingtong stared at the pair of hotel white slippers that were approaching, and her body tilted out of the fence involuntarily.

Zhai Zhenyu was taken aback by her actions. The muscles all over her body were suddenly tense, and her eyes became dark and dark, as if billowing clouds had gathered all of a sudden.

I really want to spank her ass, hit her hard, and let her do such a dangerous action!

He stopped, “Danger! Come down!”

Tong Qian dreamed that he had really stopped, his eyes lit up, and he opened the bargaining mode, “Unless you leave here, otherwise you won’t come down!”

Leave now! Leave now!

Tong Qianmeng roared in his heart, proud.

what! It turned out that he really cared a little about himself, and then he would be unreasonable to himself, and she would threaten her with death!

If it wasn’t for the wrong timing, she would really like to laugh three times, and then give a compliment to her cleverness.

Zhai Zhenyu looked at her triumphant expression, how could he not understand her careful thoughts? But the position she was in was really too dangerous, she might fall off with a little carelessness, his heart became a ball, and his eyes were even more bottomless.

He will accompany her no matter how she makes trouble, but she is now joking about life, this point, must not indulge!

“You won’t go? If you won’t go, I’m going to really jump!” Tong Qianmeng looked at his dark eyes, a little scared, and urged.

With that, she leaned back a bit.

“Okay, I’m leaving now, you hurry down!” Zhai Zhenyu compromised.

After speaking, he really stopped staying, turned and walked towards the door, walking at a very fast pace, “You come down, the fence is too dangerous.”

From the balcony, you can just see the door, Tong Qianmeng saw that he was about to leave. At the door, she sighed and prepared to come down. At this time, she was already soaked. God knows how scared she is, but she is actually very sorry.

She was able to win this confrontation because that person cherished her life more than she herself, but she at this moment hadn’t realized it yet.

Just landed on one foot.


“Ghost—!” “Ah—


Suddenly there was a woman’s high and sharp scream from the balcony next door. Tong Qianmeng was startled. She slipped under her feet and fell backwards, only to leave a cry of exclamation, just like a bird with a broken wing. Smashed down from the eleventh floor.

That’s it! Dead!

She fell rapidly, her heart seemed to disappear from her chest, she couldn’t feel it anymore, she didn’t feel anything anymore, only a second of fear that she would die.

Looking at the fast-moving fence, she stretched out her hand to grab something, but there was nothing but air.


so scared.

She didn’t want to die.

I don’t want to die so ugly.

She saw the god of death approaching her with a scythe, and the savage look in her eyes instantly spread to every nerve of her!

Suddenly, the image of the god of death was dissipated by a white shadow, and the white shadow fell to her extremely quickly, and suddenly came to her. Her vision was a little blurred, everything turned into a cloud of light and shadow, she only felt a pair of arms Supporting myself, the speed of the decline was immediately buffered, and someone seemed to hear a strong heartbeat rumbling in my ears!

Then, she had hallucinations, she felt that she was flying upwards, her arms supported her to fly upwards.



Or is she dead, and the soul is ascending to heaven…

But what about the expected pain?

Tong Qianmeng was too late to understand the confusion in his heart, his body softened, and his consciousness disappeared.

Everything happened in a flash.

Next to Room 1108.

The two women hurriedly ran into the house from the balcony. They were the two female guests who had previously met Zhai Zhenyu in the lobby.

“What should I do? The man jumped down, and two people died suddenly. Will the police come to catch me?” The small woman was shivering with fear, clutching the taller woman with both hands.

“Who made you scare that girl? Now it’s all right. That girl is dead. I didn’t expect the man to jump down too. It’s a shame!” A tall woman with indifferent eyebrows. With a trace of regret and jealousy, she looked at the small woman complainingly.

“I… I just can’t understand the girl, so hypocritical, threatening the male god to jump off the building, pretending to be upright! But, but I just want to scare her, who knows she will fall? Woo… The male god also jumped down, here on the eleventh floor, he must be dead!”

“Wait! No, there must be a loud noise falling from here, why haven’t there been any movements after so long? Let’s take a look!”

Two People came to the balcony again and looked down, there was nothing unusual below.

It’s as if everything just now was just their illusion, and the balcony next door was nothing unusual, only the milky white light came out, illuminating a space.

They looked at each other, and there was a sudden surge of anxiety in their hearts.

Tong Qianmeng opened his eyes again, and it was already dawn.

Bright sunlight came in from the cracks in the creamy white curtains, leaving a light spot on the smooth floor.

She was lying on the bed, a little confused in her consciousness. Last night, she fell downstairs, so now, is she dead?

There is no reason to live on the eleventh floor.

But, is this hell? How is it the same as her room in the hotel? The same window, the same crystal chandelier.

Then I thought of belching at a young age, thinking of my weak mother, thinking of Mo enchanting, thinking of the Qianmeng Pavilion that was finally built, she felt sad, her nose was sour, and she was about to cry…

At this moment, she was flushing the toilet. The sound rang in the bathroom, she was startled, and her tears were also broken.

Is there someone in the bathroom? Uh…A ghost?

Sitting up, she stared at the bathroom door warily, until a white figure appeared, her eyes widened immediately.