Chapter 19 He saves her and punishes her

Zhai Zhenyu?

“You are also dead?” Tong Qianmeng wailed, how could he not get rid of his entanglement after death?

“No one is dead, don’t worry.” Zhai Zhenyu chuckled her lips and smiled, walking over and stroking the top of her head, her eyes were tenderness, waves of water ripples, and Tong Qianmeng felt that she was completely Drowning in.

After a while, her thoughts slowly returned.

not dead?

She pinches herself, it hurts!

Really not dead!

Checked his body again, no injury or pain!

“How is it possible? This is the eleventh floor. If you fall, you will surely fall into meatloaf. How could it be intact…” The more she said, the lower her voice.

Before going into a coma last night, she seemed to see a white shadow following her and fell down. She seemed to have a pair of arms hugging herself, and then fell into a familiar embrace.

“It’s you?” Tong Qianmeng’s eyes were soaked in water, and her black and white eyes stared straight at Zhai Zhenyu’s face. Her pink lips opened and closed slightly, glowing with seductive water.

“Did you save me? You… did you save me when I jumped down?” She felt her heartstrings touched lightly by a jade-like plain hand, ripples appeared in the entire lake, and her heart burst into bursts. Throbbing.

She had never felt this way before, and she didn’t know what it meant.

At the time, the only one who might save her was Zhai Zhenyu, who had just walked to the door.

“…” Zhai Zhenyu was speechless, knelt on one knee on the bed, gently pressed her head into her arms, and then held her.

Tong Qianmeng was also shocked by the incident where Zhai Zhenyu rescued her, and forgot to resist.

This is the eleventh floor! It’s not the second floor, nor the third floor, how dare he… how dare he jump down?

and many more!

This is not the point!

The point is that he was at the door, how could he be able to save her in time? Under normal circumstances, when he ran to the balcony, she would have belched.

Also, at such a high distance, how could he ensure that the two of them landed unscathed?

“You…” Tong Qianmeng raised her small face and was about to ask. Just as she opened her mouth, the kiss fell overwhelmingly, intercepting her words.

Zhai Zhenyu thought of the thrills at the time, but still had lingering fears. If he had opened the door and left, would he have lost her again?

This time, he should have nowhere to find her, right?

Whenever he thinks about this, his heart seems to be plucked out of his chest, and it hurts! Bloody pain!

He pinched her chin and sucked fiercely. After a while, he released his hand and left her lips, and said in a deep voice, “You are not allowed to joke about your life next time, understand?”

“…” Tong Qianmeng Looking back at him staring blankly, his heart beating fast, he kissed her again, but she didn’t even feel repelled.

At this moment, her eyes were hazy, and they were becoming more and more like moon and water, and her red lips seemed to be making the most tempting invitation. Zhai Zhenyu’s eyes grew darker, and he wanted her to punish her for not cherishing life.

In spite of her resistance, he wanted her.

During the period, the waiter in the restaurant came to deliver breakfast, but was stopped by Tang Yisu who was guarding the door. The sound in the room could be heard a little outside, so he couldn’t let people in at such an important moment to disturb him.

Two hours later.

Tong Qianmeng collapsed on the bed as if she was dying. Her eyes were distraught. The blue silk mixed with sweat stuck to her boneless neck. She knew she had been ravaged and became a beautiful picture of her own.

The throbbing that had been born out of Zhai Zhenyu jumping off the building with her disappeared in the exercise just now.

She vowed to stay away from Zhai Zhenyu.

Cherish life and stay away from animals!

Zhai Zhenyu wore a pair of pants and stood in front of the window to smoke. He seemed to like standing in front of the window to smoke.

Tong Qianmeng turned his head and stared bitterly at his back, wishing to stare out a hole.

“Remember, you dare to make fun of your own life in the future, this is your end! Understand?” Zhai Zhenyu didn’t turn his head back, threatening coolly, “the next time, double the punishment!”

“You… …Hiss!” Tong Qianmeng suddenly rushed up, and sat up on the ground. The lower body was pulled and the pain made her grin and adjust to a comfortable posture. She yelled, “Who is this to blame? If it wasn’t for you to trespass on your own. Come into my room and do something to me. Will I be like that? You didn’t force it! Besides, my life is my own. I can do whatever I want. Who are you? It’s too much control. A little bit wider! Inexplicable! Unreasonable! Insane!”

Zhai Zhenyu was motionless like a sculpture, with a cigarette in his hand hanging on the side of his leg. The mist was rising, and the smell of tobacco was occupying it. Tong Qianmeng couldn’t help but wrinkle his nose.

She hates the smell of cigarettes and panicks.

Press your fist against your lips and cough gently.

Zhai Zhenyu moved, he tilted his head, took a look at her from the end of his eye, then walked to the bed and put out the remaining smoke in the ashtray.

His face was gloomy and he looked very upset.

“Who am I yours?” His voice was deeper, condescendingly looking down at Tong Qianmeng, with a dangerous aura, “You forgot, who was the person who was with you just now? Would you like me to help you remember it? Huh?”

As the voice fell, there was also his body.

He supported his arms on both sides of Tong Qianmeng, and his body sank and sank. Tong Qianmeng was forced to lean back and then back. In the end, he could only use one elbow to prop up his body, and the other hand to touch his eyes* Chest.

The honey-colored skin was hot, and she felt that the palm of her hand was about to burn.

She was naked under the quilt, and Zhai Zhenyu was almost naked. He went up and down, and this posture was very evil.

“Don’t try to get rid of my relationship anymore, I’m very upset.”

“I…” Tong Qianmeng was about to speak when the phone rang, “You get out of the way, I want to answer the phone.”

“Answer me first, and I will Does it

have anything to do with me?” “I want to answer the phone!”

“Answer me first.”

“…” There was a

stalemate for a while, and the phone’s ringtone continued to ring like a reminder, as if Tong Qianmeng didn’t answer it, it kept going.

Tong Qianmeng is in a hurry, this must be an urgent matter, otherwise he should not fight if he hits two and no one answers.

“I’ll answer the phone first, maybe it’s an urgent matter to find me.” She glanced at the black bag on the bedside table, and she didn’t notice when she tried to climb over and the quilt slipped down.

Zhai Zhenyu looked at her ski-white skin, her lip line was bent upward, and then she really let her body open, lay on one side, the bed suddenly sank, Tong Qianmeng felt that she was shaken by the rebounding force of the bed. shake.

Take out the phone from the bag and look at it, Mo enchanting.

“Hey, Yaoyao…”

“Dream! Why didn’t you tell me what happened when you were kicked out of the dormitory? Ah? Are you still your sisters? Tell me which room you are in, I’ll go up and find you!