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Chapter 2 You are not qualified to appear

You are not qualified to appear in the Gufu Zongheng Shopping Mall for decades, and you have already managed your own contacts.

Among the people present today are his friends for many years and his rivals in the business field. No matter how they were, they came today with deep regrets.

They were no strangers to Gu Jinxi. They couldn’t talk too much when they saw Gu Jinxi standing there crying, but they could only give a little comfort.

Liming is a good friend of Gu’s father, and looking at the portrait of Gu’s father at this time, he is also embarrassed. The wife beside her wiped the tears from her eyes, and couldn’t help walking to Gu Jinxi and Ji Liufeng, “Liufeng, Jinxi will ask you to take care of it during this time.”

Looking at Gu Jinxi, who was quiet beside him, the monsoon wind nodded slightly, “I will.”

Looking at the two people in front of him, Liming was also thankful, “Your father is alive in the sky, knowing that you have the wind to take care of, you can feel at ease.”

Looking down slightly, Gu Jinxi didn’t speak, she didn’t want to lie in front of her father… even if it was to reassure him.

At this moment, the commotion in the distance attracted the attention of the people present.

Seeing the flashing lights and the many reporters, Gu Jinxi frowned.

As a father, it is not uncommon for reporters to appear at the funeral, but Gu Jinxi has explained before that reporters should not disturb his father’s cleanliness.

As the crowd approached, the monsoon wind on Gu Jinxi’s side quickly walked towards the people…with a bit of eagerness.

“Mom, why are you here?” Although Ji Liufeng said to Ji Mu, he glanced at the woman who came with Ji Mu.

“Axiong and I have been old friends for many years. Can you not come to see him for the last time?” Pretending to not understand the meaning of Monsoon’s words, Ji Mu said to bypass the Monsoon and walked to Gu Jinxi. .

With a light sigh, Mother Ji touched Gu Jinxi’s haggard and pale face with a trace of distress, “Jinxi, poor child, if you have any problems in the future, remember to come to Aunt Ji. A girl’s house, don’t All carry them by themselves, you know?”

Ji Mu’s words were originally concerned about people, but the people who heard them had different reactions.

Liming sensed that there was something wrong with this, and when he was about to speak, he was interrupted by his wife Chen Qing. “Sister Ji said this. Jin Xi is Liu Feng’s wife. You can’t let Liu Feng carry you if you have things.”

Aside, Gu Jinxi’s pale face, she seemed to understand something. Seeing Qiao Yiyi’s appearance, Gu Jinxi’s last hope for the monsoon wind disappeared.

“Afeng, when are you ready? I have already arranged a time to try the wedding dress. You promised me that I won’t forget it.” The gentle and sweet voice, full of happiness, sounded like thunder in the ears. .

There was silence at the scene.

As if he didn’t understand why the silence was at this time, Qiao Yiyi couldn’t help tightening his arms around Monsoon Wind. “What’s the matter, Afeng? Did I say something wrong?”


Gu Jinxi’s voice is not loud, but it is enough to suppress those fine voices, “Today, is the day when my dad is leaving. No matter what your thoughts are, I ask you to think of the dead as the greatest and restrain yourself.”

Without waiting for other people’s reaction, Gu Jinxi walked up to Qiao Yiyi and slapped her hand. “You owe me this slap. It also teaches you to recognize yourself. This is my dad’s funeral. You are not qualified to appear.”

That crisp sound, not to mention the monsoon wind, even Qiao Yiyi himself did not react. Until, I felt a burning pain on my face.

The beloved woman was beaten, Monsoon Wind’s anger instantly ignited, and the previous guilt towards Gu Jinxi was burned to nothing.

Taking a step forward and pulling Qiao Yiyi into his arms, Ji Liufeng grabbed Gu Jinxi’s wrist and threw the person aside, “Gu Jinxi, I warn you, she is not what you can beat.”

Chen Qing quickly supported Gu Jinxi with her eyes and hands so that she did not hurt her, but the behavior of the monsoon wind was really chilling.

“What if she kills that woman as long as she wants!”

Gu Jinxi’s eyes were dark, no, it was a black back standing in front of Gu Jinxi.

The man was wearing a black suit and was tall, standing in front of her, almost blocking most of his gaze. Because of his back facing, Gu Jinxi couldn’t see his appearance, but there was a strong…dangerous aura in this person.

At some point, the noisy reporters have been driven away. Looking ahead, there are a lot more black-clothed bodyguards to maintain order and safety.

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