Chapter 20 Am I shameless?

Hearing the furious voice of the phone, Tong Qianmeng was silly, “Where are you…where are you now?”

“Where else? In the lobby of the hotel, the front desk doesn’t tell me which room you are in. What can’t be said? Guest information, I am mad, do I look like a bad guy? Tell me which room you are in now!”

“What? In the hotel lobby?” How Mo Yaoluo knew it is no longer the point. The point is that Mo Yaoluo saw her follow Zhai Zhenyu stayed together. She had ten mouths and couldn’t explain the relationship between the two.

Tong Qianmeng suddenly jumped up from the bed, and the two white rabbits on her chest bounced up and down. She was facing someone on her side, and she was very happy when she saw someone.

It was a wise choice to let her answer the phone.

Zhai Zhenyu squinted and admired.

Tong Qianmeng was full of Mo enchanting words, and did not realize that he had stood up naked.

“Yao Yao, wait for me downstairs, I’ll pick you up, come right away!”

Without giving the opponent a chance to object, she hung up the phone, opened the suitcase and took the clothes on her body. The clothes she had worn before were torn by violence. , Scrapped.

Turning his head and glaring at the person who was half-lying on the bed, Zhai Zhenyu’s gaze was annoying and resentful, and Zhai Zhenyu only thought she was acting like a baby, and his mood quietly became clear.

“My friend is coming right away, you go quickly!”

“Am I

shameless ?” Tong Qianmeng paused and turned to look at him. What do you mean?

“As your man, is it possible that you can’t even see your friends?” Zhai Zhenyu stretched out her long legs, folded her hands on her abdomen, and the old god was authentic.

“You…” Tong Qianmeng was so angry when he saw his death virtue of “I won’t leave, you don’t want me”.

What is her man?

She was forced both times!

Tong Qianmeng didn’t want to argue with him, Mo Yaoluo was downstairs, she had to go down quickly.

Since he likes it here, let him stay and she will go.

Quickly tidy up her own things. Not only did she not add anything recently, she also lost a few pieces of clothes, and she packed them up in a short while, and she was still done with a suitcase.

Zhai Zhenyu originally wanted to tease her, but he didn’t expect it to be annoying, so he quickly dressed up and stopped her before she opened the door, “put down the suitcase and I will go.”

“Shit! No need, now the bad guys are like that. Many, I am not at ease living here. “

Bad guy? Isn’t that the biggest villain right in front of you?

Zhai Zhenyu’s face turned black, and he took out the room card from his trouser pocket and handed it to her, “Here you are, I will knock on the door in the future.”

Tong Qianmeng: “…”

She didn’t answer, she just figured it out, it’s quite here. So Zhai Zhenyu arranged a place for her. If she continued to live here, she would never want to stay away from this man, so she decided to go to Mo enchanting’s house before renting the house.

Tong Qian dreamed of bypassing him to open the door, but Zhai Zhenyu stopped in front of her like a wall.

After a stalemate, Zhai Zhenyu sneered, “Don’t think that you can get an inch if I compromise. If you dare to leave here today, I dare to ask you again now. Do you want someone to bring your friend to the door and let her listen. Listen to your cry?” The

evil and frivolous threat, Tong Qianmeng looked at his burning black pupil, so scary, her face lost its color in an instant.

She had indeed forgotten what a cold-blooded person stood in front of her. She was convinced that he did what he said.

The joints of the bare hand holding the luggage lever turned white, and a series of negative emotions such as anger, grievance, and fear almost overwhelmed her, biting her lip, after all, she took the room card and put the suitcase back.

The two left the room one after the other, Zhai Zhenyu went downstairs first.

… In the

hotel lobby, Mo enchanting was so anxious that he couldn’t stand his feet, and walked back and forth.

I picked up the phone and called again, no one answered.

Maybe it’s on the way.

At this time, the elevator door opened with a’ding’, and she immediately looked over, hoping it was Tong Qianmeng.

Unexpectedly, when she saw it this way, her eyes immediately flew out. She likes to see good-looking men. There are not a few beautiful men who have seen them, but she has never seen such an extraordinary man.

The man who walked out of the elevator can no longer be described as handsome, that is to describe a mortal, and the man in front of him is so outstanding that he is not like a mortal, but a… God!

Yes, it is God!

The handsomeness is already second, and that whole body of natural supernatural power is better than all the men in this world.

No one can compare with it.

Compared with him, everyone in the world is dust, small and slight.

It wasn’t until his figure disappeared outside the door that Mo Yaoluo withdrew his gaze, and when he turned his head, he saw that everyone else was looking outside the door, feeling lost.

She rolled up her lips and smiled, aha, there are so many people who are fascinated.

The elevator door opened again with a’ding’, and Tong Qianmeng ran over with a smile on his face, “Monster!”

Mo Yaoluo directly bounced over, “Why is it so long since I got down, there is a man in the room?”

It was unintentional. As soon as he said, Tong Qianmeng’s cheeks immediately stained with two blushes, and his eyes flickered. Seeing this, Mo enchanting shouted in disbelief.

“Meng, do you really hide a man?”

Tong Qianmeng was anxious to cover her mouth, “Don’t be bluffing, go up and talk.”

On the asphalt road, inside a silver-gray Rolls Royce speeding.

“Mr. Zhai, the identities of the two women have been found out. One is the daughter of a well-known entrepreneur in Sui City, and the other is the daughter of a high-ranking executive in Sui City. They left by plane overnight.”

Tang Yi After Su finished speaking, there was a moment of silence in the car.

“It is inevitable to go bankrupt in doing business. It is inevitable that you will make mistakes when you are an official. You can handle it.”

Zhai Zhenyu’s voice didn’t have any emotion or warmth. Tang Yisu only felt a little coolness on the back of his neck. This is a direct sentence of death for those two companies. In the future, there will be two less wealthy families in the city.

Tang Yisu responded with an’understand’ and stopped speaking.

He didn’t sympathize with the two families, who let those two women anger people who shouldn’t be offended.

Presidential suite.

As soon as Mo Yaoluo entered the room, he started rummaging through the cabinets, and he was bound to find the adulterer.

“You Yao, there’s nothing!” Tong Qianmeng nervously followed behind her, eyes rolling around, but fortunately, no suspicious objects were found.

I left in a rush just now and forgot to check whether the man left any evidence or something.

Mo Yaoluo rummaged everywhere, and didn’t find anything. Only the bedroom where Tong Qianmeng slept was not found. She curled her lips, and her smile made Tong Qianmeng’s feet chill.

It’s broken. Zhai Zhenyu had smoked cigarettes in the bedroom before, and there must be a smell of smoke.

But it was too late to stop, Mo enchanting ran in two steps, as if there was a handsome guy waiting for her in front.

“Damn! I still said no, a house of masculinity! Ah! There are cigarette butts! Dream, you can do it, no wonder I called you for so long before answering, and I didn’t let me come up to find you, so I had to pick me up. It’s not the right time for me to dare to be here!”