Chapter 23 Deliberately not answering the phone

“Mr. Zhai, the chairman called again to invite you back to the old house for dinner.”

Tang Yisu knocked on the door and walked in, looking at the man’s stalwart figure standing in front of the window, awe in his heart.

After taking the last bite, Zhai Zhenyu turned around and threw the cigarette butt into the crystal ashtray, “Go tonight.”


… In the

evening, the lights gradually turned on.

The old house of the Zhai family, Shuimuchuncheng, is a historic villa area.

Knowing that Zhai Zhenyu was coming to dinner tonight, Zhai Mingrui was so happy that he ordered Aunt Yang to cook a table full of dishes.

Zhai Mingxue looked at the red-faced Zhai Mingrui and curled her lips, “Grandpa, isn’t that person coming back for a meal? Are you happy to be like this?”

“How can I say it!” Zhai Mingrui suddenly coldened her face, her eyes full of fierce light. That is your eldest brother, the future master of the Zhai clan. If you say anything badly, you will deduct your pocket money for a year!”

“Grandpa, you are partial. You clearly chose your second brother as the heir. Why did that person give him up as soon as he appeared? Why!” Although Zhai Mingxue was also afraid of an angry grandfather, when she thought that her second brother had put so much effort and sweat in private in order to become a qualified heir, she was wasted in vain. She felt distressed and was unbalanced for her second brother.

“You!” Zhai Mingrui was furious, and the jade crutches in his hand slammed against the ground, “Did you forget the fate of Zhai Zhan and Zhai Wei? I’ll say it again today, Ayu’s. You know Ruthlessness. If any of you makes Ayu upset and he wants to deal with you, I will never stop you, let alone intercede. You guys are doing it for yourself!” He

gave Zhai Mingxue a fierce look, and he blew his beard. Go upstairs.

“Dad, grandpa is so partial, don’t you persuade you?” Zhai Mingxue still couldn’t understand what happened to grandpa and why she defended the person who appeared halfway, saying that it was their long-lost eldest brother, she didn’t believe it.

She has two elder brothers in total, the eldest brother Zhai Mingxiu and the second brother Zhai Luyi. In the previous 22 years, she had never heard that one of her elder brothers had been lost. If there was one, her mother would not be silent. Clearly, her mother, Lin Jing, is a famous spoiler of children. If one of her elder brothers is lost, her mother doesn’t know what she is thinking of.

No, the so-called eldest brother has been back for almost a year, and she hasn’t seen her mother say a few words to him, and he is even a little afraid of him.

At first glance, it was not her mother’s birth.

“Your grandfather has his own measures, so don’t worry about that much.” Zhai Shuyuan didn’t raise his eyelids. He flipped through the book in his hand. He didn’t like to mix with those things in the family. The patriarch was given to his own son. It’s still to that person, he doesn’t care, the only thing that can make him care is the book, really worthy of his own name.

Seeing that her father was indifferent, Zhai Mingxue turned to Zhai Luyi, “Second brother, you are willing to be easily taken away by others?”

“Sister, there are some things you don’t understand. Don’t talk about it in front of that person in the future, understand?” Zhai Luyi smiled and touched his sister’s head. The sister was very warm to her for her protection, but…

Once he was the heir to the family, he received some special education since he was a child. It was taught by his grandfather himself, about the Zhai clan. The meaning of existence, and the people who have to wait…

“Second brother!” Zhai Mingxue tickles his teeth with hatred, how can even the second brother be like this!

“Mingxue, call Mingxiu, why haven’t you come back.” Lin Jing walked out of the kitchen elegantly and dignifiedly, holding a tray in her hand.

Before the words were over, there was a sound of opening the door at the entrance, and then a slouchy figure appeared in everyone’s field of vision. Zhai Mingxiu was smoking a cigarette, throwing off his shoes indiscriminately, and walking in with his slippers, faintly fascinated by his body.

“What do you call me back for? It’s delayed me spending a good night with the girls.”

Everyone: “…”

Lin Jing: “You, you know that you are hanging out with women, and the class is not doing well. It seems that you really want to marry you a daughter-in-law. It’s up to you.”

… At

half past seven, the silver-gray Rolls-Royce drove into the Zhai old house.

Since Zhai Zhenyu stepped into the living room, the whole atmosphere was obviously frozen. Although Zhai Mingxue had a lot of dissatisfaction with him secretly, she did not dare to say anything in person. After all, the miserable end of Zhai Zhan and Zhai Wei was a bloody example.

The others were very cautious, even Zhai Mingrui was cautious.

Zhai Mingxue was puzzled, what was going on with grandpa, she kept saying that Zhai Zhenyu was her lost brother, but her words and deeds always made her feel like he was pleasing his master.

Zhai Luyi lowered his eyes to conceal the chaotic emotions in his eyes. In this world, I am afraid that only oneself and grandfather understand who Zhai Zhenyu is and what kind of existence he is for the Zhai clan.

Zhai Mingxiu picked up the red wine and swallowed it in one sip, his eyes shone with disdain. I really couldn’t understand the whole family going around Zhai Zhenyu. What kind of thing is he!

After dinner, Zhai Zhenyu followed Zhai Mingrui into the study.

As soon as the study door was closed, Zhai Mingrui dropped the jade crutches and was about to kneel down.

Zhai Zhenyu supported his sinking body and said, “You don’t have to be like this.”

“You are the master of my Zhai clan, and the old patriarch’s admonitions that the old slave dare not forget.” Not letting him kneel, Zhai Mingrui bowed deeply.

The patriarch of the Zhai clan who once covered the sky with one hand, now claims to be an “old slave”, if it is known to outsiders, it will definitely cause an uproar.

“These years, I

have worked hard for you.” “My ancestors are very willing to serve you.” Zhai Mingrui knew that what he said “you” refers to the ancestors of the Zhai clan.

Outsiders don’t know, and even no one knows except for the patriarch of the Zhai clan. Their ancestors were actually not Zhai’s surname, nor were they a family.

Instead, many families with foreign surnames merged into one, abandoning their own surnames, and unified with the surname of’Zhai’. After generations of reproduction and inheritance, there is today’s aristocracy.

Their grandparents, who are ……


loop palace of red sandalwood, Zhai Zhen Yu’s phone vibrate twice.

He didn’t answer.

Tong Qianmeng stared at the phone screen, her brows wrung to death.

She can basically be sure that Zhai Zhenyu deliberately didn’t answer her phone, and he must have caused the “free” incident at the snack street.

“Meng, how about calling your dear?” Mo enchanting walked over, twisting his waist, raising his eyebrows narrowly.

“Monster, there is something I want to tell you…” Tong Qianmeng decided to tell Mo Yaoluo about the entanglement between herself and Zhai Zhenyu after careful consideration. After all, Ding Meiwei Restaurant may have suffered a disaster because of herself, and she didn’t want to hide it. .

I was surprised to hear the matter as it was.

“Oh, my violent temper, what kind of father is yours, are you sure it’s your biological one?” Mo enchanting can hardly imagine what kind of father could do such a thing of selling girls for glory, she was filled with righteous indignation and impassioned to the child. Jianye is a good fight.

Tong Qianmeng hugged her waist, warming her heart. After all, there are people in this world who love and protect themselves.

“It doesn’t matter if you are a father like this, who is not worthy of being a father! You don’t want to be too sad, you know? It’s not worth it!” Mo Yaoluo flew over the spitting star, and said, “By the way, is Zhai Zhenyu handsome?”

Tong Qianmeng: “…” Looking at her speechlessly.

“Don’t look at me like this, you are all on it. If you are a handsome guy, he can be a little bit ugly. Is it possible that he is ugly and strange?”

Tong Qianmeng : “…” Is this the point? The point shouldn’t be that he started with Ding Meiwei Restaurant, what shall we do?

“Oh, yes, yes.” Mo Yaoluo realized afterwards, “Is he also trying to force you to live in his house? He fell in love with you?”

“How could it be possible!” Tong Qianmeng jumped up and retorted. , Never possible.