Chapter 24 The second level of spiritual domain

“How can it be impossible? What kind of woman do you want? It’s not rare for you. It takes so much effort to support you when he is full, besides…” Mo enchanting looked her up and down in disgust. “Look at you, you don’t have much taste in dressing, and you look a little more elegant, no money and no color, what do people think of you?”

Tong Qianmeng: “…” It’s really good to hit her this way. ?

“Who said I have no money!” She argued for reasons.

“As long as you earn that little money, Han Yuzhan can’t even look down on it. The Han family is far worse than the Zhai family.” Mo Yaoluo curled his lips, even more disgusted.

“I won’t tell you anymore, the time is almost up, the employer should come in a while, I’ll go and prepare.” Tong Qianmeng shook his head proudly, got up and left.

“Hey, you haven’t told me that the handsome man named Zhai is not handsome!”

Oh my sister, shouldn’t you care about the delicious food?

“Mediterranean Beer’s belly, squinted eyes and stout short legs, are you handsome?” Tong Qianmeng didn’t even turn his head back, trying to slander Zhai Zhenyu’s image. Anyway, Mo enchanting had never seen it, so she said casually.

Feeling happy, she always suffers from Zhai Zhenyu’s side, and finally takes revenge verbally. Hey, she feels very impatient.

Yes, ugly, he is so ugly, ugliness makes people and gods angry.

Mo Yaoluo watched Tong Qianmeng’s back disappear into his field of vision, and suddenly he narrowed his face with a relaxed smile.

At the beginning, she suspected that the person Tong Qianmeng had offended was implicated in Dingyaishi, but now it was confirmed that she only felt a chill on her head.

It turned out to be Zhai Zhenyu.

It was Zhai Zhenyu who had offended Tong Qianmeng and started off with delicious food.

She has heard of his fame, and it is said that no one will end up offending him.

The top delicacy is second, if it is gone, it is gone, what should Tong Qianmeng do.

Did he really start it because he likes Tong Qianmeng? If this is the case, is it luck or misfortune? The love of such a person, I am afraid that not everyone can easily endure it, right?

The most important thing is that he is ugly, oh my god, when she thinks that Tong Qianmeng was put to sleep by such an ugly person, her whole body is not good.

Going crazy!

Sure enough, money status and beauty can’t have both!

Today is the 15th, the dream day in January.

Calling mental power to create dreams is the same as playing games. There is a skill cooling time. Tong Qianmeng’s mental power cooling time, that is, the recovery time of mental power is one month.

So although selling dreams makes a lot of money, there are strict restrictions on the number of times.

Tong Qianmeng packed up and entered the dream room, Han Yuru happened to bring a young man in.

The young man has a pair of very beautiful eyes, double eyelids with clear and deep lines, the tails of the eyes are raised, and countless sentiments seem to be rippling in the black pupils, and each eye is unique.

Peach blossom eyes, beautiful peach blossom eyes.

There is a white jade pendant adorned around his neck. Although Tong Qianmeng doesn’t know much about jade, he can see that this pendant is of excellent quality and should be a fine white jade.

The pink lips under Tong Qianmeng’s veil evoked a smile, and a pair of cut water pupils were bent into crescent moons, “Hello, Mr. Mei, welcome.”

Mei Zixiao looked at the room curiously, pure white, without a trace of variegated color, vaguely There seemed to be a thin mist curling up from the white wall, but upon closer inspection, it seemed that there was none.

The woman in the white dress in front of her was petite, with a smooth forehead and Shu Lingling eyes. Apart from being covered with a veil, she could not see anything special.

“You can really…”

“Since Mr. May is here, he must believe me, right?”

Mei smiled from Xiao. He inadvertently listened to Feng Youliang and praised the magic of Qianmeng Pavilion, and later specially waited until 12 o’clock in the night to log on to Qianmeng Pavilion’s website, and was immediately attracted by the second-level dream in the introduction of dreams.

Exactly the kind of effect I want.

Each lay down in the recliner, Tong Qianmeng took the jade bracelet that Mei Zixiao had handed over, and felt the breath of many people on it. The strongest breath is young, and the rest are carried The vicissitudes of time, this jade bracelet should be many years old.

It has been worn by its current owner for about ten years, leaving a lot of memory of its owner.

“This is an ancestral object from her family.” Mei Zixiao looked at the jade bracelet, as if seeing her in his mouth through the bracelet.


It’s really been a few years.

Otherwise, it can’t be called ancestral.

Since it is an ancestral heritage, it must not be an ordinary object, how did Mei Zixiao get it?

However, these are not within Tong Qianmeng’s concern.

“Please summarize your relationship with the owner of this bracelet in brief words.” Shaking the jade bracelet in her hand, she tilted her head playfully and earnestly.

Mei Zixiao curled his eyebrows for a moment, seeming to be organizing language.

“I have known her since I was a child, and the relationship is very good. When I grow up I gradually estranged. Now I occasionally see her on some occasions. She always turns a blind eye to me. I feel that she is avoiding me. I have tried many ways to think. Asked her out, but she turned around as soon as she saw me. I really don’t understand why she was like this, so I came to you. “

It turned out to be a childhood sweetheart, showing no way to love.

“You want to pry into her heart in a dream. If she wants to, you will show love. If she doesn’t want to, the other person will only treat it as a dream, and it will not have a slight impact on real life, right?” Tong Qianmeng’s eyes flickered With the light of the stars, it seemed to see through all the thoughts of the person in front of him.

One of the most basic differences between the first-level dreams of shallow artistic domain and the second-level spiritual dreams is that the target person who is forced into the dream in the first-level dream can live or die. If the target person is alive, he wakes up. After that, he will not remember the scene in the dream, and the target person who is forcibly brought into the dream in the second-level dream can only be a living person, and he will remember the dream clearly when he wakes up.

But the two also have one thing in common, that is, the character and thought of the target person are exactly the same as in reality.

If in the dream, Mei Zixiao said that she was interested in him, then in reality, she must also be interested in him, but she chose to escape for some reason.

Tong Qianmeng injects spiritual power into the jade bracelet, and two seemingly hazes snake out of the jade bracelet and penetrate into the nasal cavity of the two of them

Dream space.

The night is dark, without stars and moon, the sky is like a cover, covering this world.

Everything fell into a deep sleep, and the dim yellow light by the roadside quietly illuminated the road, quiet, and the night was quiet.

A graceful shadow was walking on the side of the road, and the high heels on her feet knocked on the ground to make a crisp and rhythmic sound.

clatter! clatter! Da…

“Mei Mei…” At the corner not far away, Mei Zixiao looked at the beautiful girl who was approaching, she couldn’t help calling out, and she was about to rush over.

Tong Qianmeng flew his eyes, pulled him, lowered his voice, “Don’t worry, wait.”


Although Mei Zixiao stopped, his pair of eyeballs were glued and stared at the front. Go straight and go, not for a moment.

“Wait for the best time for the hero to save the beauty.”

“What? Beauty is dangerous?”