Chapter 25 Who are you to blame for being weak?

Dream Space——

“What? Meimei is in danger?” Mei Zixiao looked nervous.

“It’s not a danger, but your chance to approach her, wait!” They

were talking here, and two young men who had flowed out of nowhere blocked Meimei’s path.

Meimei stood there indifferently, not in a hurry, wondering if it was an illusion, Mei Nongchen seemed to see impatience in her expression.

The two young men, one holding an iron rod and the other holding a dagger, approached step by step.


Mei Zi Xiao picked up the brick at her feet, rushed over and slammed one of them on the head like a gust of wind. The other party suffered from pain. Instead of being fainted as in the movie and TV series, she raised her dagger and stabbed fiercely. Come here and be avoided by Mei Zixiao.

When another young man saw someone acting as a hero, he immediately raised an iron rod and shot Mei down from Xiao’s head. The iron rod screamed in the air.

Just listen to a bang.

Mei Zixiao, KO!

Tong Qianmeng hiding in the corner: “…”

Two hours later.

A certain hospital, a certain VIP ward.

Mei Zixiao woke up with a whimper, Mei’s parents and Mei’s grandfather and Mei’s grandmother were all there.

Ma Mei and Grandma Mei are sitting by the bed wiping tears.

Mei Zixiao had a splitting headache. He couldn’t tell whether this situation was a dream or reality. It was just that the stick that was hit before he fainted was so real that the man was really dead. At that time, he felt that his head was not his own. Up.

“A Xiao, how are you doing?”

Ma Mei and Grandma Mei came up together and couldn’t help worrying when they saw him look stunned.

Could it be that you were beaten stupid?

“Mom, grandma, don’t worry, I’m okay…” Mei Zixiao suppressed the doubts in her heart and smiled weakly at the two of them, “Yes, Mei… how could I be in the hospital?”

“You don’t remember anymore. You have been beaten, and the two who beat you have been arrested. Your grandfather said hello to the police and gave them’special care’, huh! If you dare to beat my grandson, you must not be merciless!” Every wrinkle is sparkling, obviously raging.

Mei’s family has a single pass, and she is just such a grandson. If there is something long and two short, it is more serious than her life.

“Then, what about the other victim?” The bad guy was arrested, is Meimei okay? Mei was anxious secretly from Xiao. She was knocked out by the gangster at the time. What should I do with the weak Meimei? Whether it was a dream or reality, he didn’t want Meimei to be harmed.

“What other victim?” Ma Mei was full of question marks, “Is anyone beaten with you?”


Fortunately, Meimei is fine.

But, is this a dream or reality? What happened after he fainted?

If it is a dream at this moment, where is the dream maker? How could his parents and grandparents appear here?

If it is the reality, how can the injury from the beating continue into reality? What happened to the two gangsters who were caught?


I have a headache.

“A Xiao, are you feeling uncomfortable?” Ma Mei saw Mei Zixiao knocking on her head, looking very painful, and she couldn’t help but lift her heart. Grandma Mei also looked nervous, and Dad Mei and Grandpa Mei also had their faces. Worried, but relatively calm.

“The patient needs a good rest.”

A soft female voice came in with the opening of the door. Everyone turned to look and saw a nurse wearing a disposable medical mask pushing the medicine cart in. She took the medicine out and placed it on the bedside table, her eyes glanced inadvertently. Guo Mei Zixiao, and then said: “The most important thing for a patient to have his head is to take a good rest. The family members here will inevitably affect the patient’s sleep. If the rest is not good, it will leave any sequelae. So I suggest you go back temporarily, tomorrow Let’s look at him again. Our nurse station is on duty 24 hours a day. You can ring the bed bell and be there on call when you have to. And we will make rounds on time. You can rest assured.”

“But…” Grandma Mei disagreed.

“Grandma, go back. I really can’t sleep at ease here. I have a terrible headache.” Mei Zixiao clutched his head and grinned. It seemed very painful. The rest of his eyes fell on the nurse who was pushing the medicine cart away. A glimmer of light in his eyes flickered, so fast that no one noticed.

“Then let’s go back first. It’s not good for Ah Xiao to rest. Mom and Dad, it’s so late at night, so you should rest too. Besides, there are doctors and nurses here, so there must be no problem.” Mei hasn’t spoken yet. Dad stretched out his hand to support Grandma Mei, and said to Grandpa Mei.

“But, always leave someone to guard, right? Otherwise, I really can’t rest assured.” Grandma Mei looked at Dad Mei eagerly, and the meaning was obvious, hoping that he would stay.

“No, Grandma, you quickly go back, if you do not trust early tomorrow to see me like, whoops, bad headache, trying to sleep, I can not sleep …… you here,”

the crowd: “……”

how Feel like this is driving people?

As soon as everyone left, the nurse who was wearing a mask entered the ward with his back foot.

Mei Zixiao’s eyes brightened when he saw her. Just now he felt that the nurse was a dream maker. This feeling was very strange. He obviously didn’t recognize her, but he knew that she was the white veil she had seen before. The dream maker, perhaps, this is some kind of subtle connection between the dream maker and the employer.

“Where is Meimei?”

“Go home.”

“Is she okay?”

“It’s alright.”

Tong Qian dreamed of seeing what he had seen before, a little speechless.

I wanted Mei Zixiao to be a hero to save the beauty. Although clichéd, it is undeniable that it is a shortcut to win the attention and favor of a girl.

But Mei Zixiao’s performance was really shocking.

What is even more shocking is that the girl called Meimei actually knows martial arts, and knocked down the two men.

No wonder I thought that the girl was a little impatient when she saw the gangster.

“Then still in a dream?” Hearing that Meimei is fine, Mei Zixiao’s smile became a little bit more genuinely happy.

“If it weren’t in a dream, do you think I would appear before your eyes?”

Well, too, Mei Zixiao nodded.

Wait, it’s not right!

Mei thought of something like Xiao, and sat up in a stunned state. After a moment of dizziness, he said, “It is written on the Qianmengge website that you can create dreams at will. You can create dreams at will. Created, and said that you are the creator of the world in the dream space. You should let those two people be beaten by me. Why did you bring me to the hospital?”

“Also, how can my parents, grandparents and grandparents do it ?” Appear in dreams?”

“First, what you mean by creating dreams at will is the first level of shallow meaning dreams. That level of dream consciousness is shallow and can be changed at will, without following the laws of nature and physics. What do you want? All scenes are okay. But here is the dream of the second-level spiritual domain. Human consciousness is relatively strong. Everything in the dream must strictly follow the laws of nature and physics, and be infinitely close to real life. You can’t beat the gangster only because of you. It’s very weak, this is something I can’t change.” Is

he weak? Mei Zixiao clutched her heart, feeling that she had been hurt 10,000 points.

“Second, your parents and grandparents are projections of your memory, not created by me.” Tong Qianmeng’s tone was flat.

“According to you, this place is infinitely close to real life, so how can I test Meimei’s mind?” Mei Zixiao wailed, “Then what is the point of buying this dream?”

“Of course it has meaning, I can create and Your chance to get in touch with the United States and the United States is because you did not grasp it.” Tong Qianmeng pouted, “What a great opportunity for a hero to save the United States. You made it so, who is to blame?”

Mei Zixiao : “…”

“She I must look down on me now, so weak.” He raised his arm, no muscles, no wonder he couldn’t fight people.

“It’s not completely

unrewarded .” Tong Qianmeng smiled, “Do you know who rescued you? Who called the police? Who called 120? And who was guarding you before the ambulance arrived? “