Chapter 26 It’s so beautiful

Dream space-

Mei Zixiao’s peach blossom eyes are like candles lit in the dark night, flashing and bright.

“Is it Meimei?”

“Hmm, do you know that your Meimei can martial arts?”

Shaking his head, Mei Zixiao could only shake his head, he really didn’t know.

He pretends to know her well, but now he realizes that he actually doesn’t know her that much.

“Does she only know martial arts in her dream? I never heard that she has learned martial arts.” He didn’t admit that he didn’t know the girl who had been in love for so many years.

“Of course not. What she is in the dream space must be the same in reality. Just like you, you are so weak, and so is in reality.”

Tong Qianmeng sprinkled salt and sprinkled salt on other people’s wounds.

Mei Zixiao clutched her chest and hurt another 10,000 points, and her heart started to hurt. Can you stop saying that she is weak?

“However, I think you care about your beautiful appearance. I have been holding you until the ambulance arrives. She will come to the hospital to see you later. You have to take a good chance this time!”

“Didn’t she go home? Besides, she has been avoiding me, how could she come to see me on the initiative?”

“I have my own way, I said, I will give you the opportunity to be with her, as to whether you can take it well, it depends on it. You are yourself.” Tong Qianmeng’s eyes shimmered, and he glanced sideways at the door, “She’s here, let’s look at your own, come on!” With

a gesture of cheering, Tong Qianmeng picked up the nurse’s. He opened the door and walked out, just to have a face-to-face with a beautiful girl who hesitated.

“Hey… I was hurt too badly. I don’t know if I can get better in the future. It’s a pity for such a handsome boy.” Youyou sighed, Tong Qianmeng shook his head and left.

Mei Zixiao, who was on the hospital bed, heard her seemingly inadvertently talking to herself, and immediately understood, lying down and pretending to be dead.

When the girl who had been lingering outside the door heard this, her face faded with blood, big tears rolled down, she quietly pushed open the door of the ward, and saw the person lying on the bed with lifeless lips and pale lips. Choked: “Brother Xiao…”

Mei’s heart trembled from Xiao. How long has it been since she called herself that way?

His, Meimei.

He has always kept it in his heart since he was a child, Yi Renmei.

Tong Qianmeng stopped, looked back at the girl’s back disappearing at the door of the ward, frowned.

I didn’t look carefully before, but just discovered that the girl named Meimei is a bit familiar.

Where have you seen it?

Unable to figure it out, she shook her head and walked to the nurse station. The nurse uniform she was wearing was borrowed and had to be returned to others.



Accidentally hit a wall of meat.

Tong Qianmeng was taken two steps back by the impact, touched the tip of his sore nose, and looked up.

At a glance, she was very thankful that she was wearing a mask at the moment, really, very lucky.

Who will tell her why Zhai Zhenyu is in the hospital?


It should be asked, why is he in a dream?

Whose projection is he? Beautiful? Mei from Xiao? Or is it her own?

All the characters that appear in the dream are projections of the memories of the employer, the target person, and the dream maker.

The characters projected in the dream space may be their acquaintances, or they may be strangers they accidentally saw on the road.

But no matter whose projection Zhai Zhenyu was, Tong Qianmeng felt flustered.

It was a subconscious feeling, the flustered fear of being recognized by him.

She didn’t know what she was afraid of, she was afraid anyway.

Lowering her head hurriedly, she just wanted to walk past him quickly.

Seeing that the two were about to stagger, their wrists were strangled, and a cool voice came from above their heads, “Why, don’t you recognize me?”

Zhai Zhenyu took her all the way out, and no one saw anyone on the road. , The whole hospital is empty, and it makes the scalp numb.

Tong Qianmeng struggled, “Let go of me! Who are you? What are you going to do? I’m going to call for help if you don’t let go!”

Zhai Zhenyu’s eyes were dark and dark, three points deeper than the night.

The hospital parking lot was full of luxurious and non-luxury cars. He opened the door of one of the cars, threw Tong Qianmeng in, and then got in the car by himself.

There were two other people in the car, the driver and Tang Yisu.

At this point, Tong Qianmeng could understand that Zhai Zhenyu was a projection of her own memory.

And looking at the posture, it was the first time that Zhai Zhenyu recognized her.

She has had many dreams. Almost all the people she knows have appeared in the dream space. Her mother and Mo Yaoluo, the two closest to her, have not been able to recognize her from all kinds of disguise in the dream space.

An inexplicable mood suddenly surged deep in his heart, which faintly overshadowed the original panic and fear.

“Who are you? What do you want to do?” She won’t admit her identity until the last minute.

“You go back.” Zhai Zhenyu didn’t even look at her, her dark gaze didn’t know where to fall.

“Yes, Mr. Zhai.”

Tang Yisu and the driver pushed the door cleanly and quickly disappeared into the night.

“Who am I?” Zhai Zhenyu slowly turned his head, his eyes were like two deep wells, making Tong Qianmeng’s heart cold.

“It’s me who caused you to forget me so quickly. Then, I will help you remember the memory.” The

tall body suddenly leaned forward, Tong Qianmeng did not understand what he meant just now, his lips pressed. Come down.

Through the disposable mask, Zhai Zhenyu’s lips pressed hard against her, and his eyes met, and Tong Qianmeng felt that his soul was about to be sucked away by his dark eyes.

The heartbeat speeds up quietly.

For a moment, Zhai Zhenyu left her lips, raised his hand to remove the mask that was in the way, and pecked her lips, “Do you think of me now? Mengmeng.”

Tong Qianmeng ‘s eyes remained motionless, letting him kiss and let him go. Sprayed on his lips by his breath.

He called her, Mengmeng.

He really recognized her early in the morning.

However, fortunately, as a projection, he can’t remember this dream at all.

“You, how do you know it’s me?”

Zhai Zhenyu raised his hand and stroked her cheek, rubbing her smooth and tender skin with the thumb of her thumb, “No matter what you pretend to be, I can recognize you, because You…” He pointed to his heart, “Engraved here.” The

heart shrank instantly, and Tong Qianmeng seemed to smell the fragrance of red roses.

There were two voices in her heart struggling.

One said: He is confessing!

The other said: How is it possible, don’t be deceived, look at you, there is no charming appearance, no talents, no prominent family background, what do people like you?

One said: Since I have nothing, why did he lie to me?


Boom! Bang! Hand-held concierge flower salute exploded, and ribbons, sequins and petals flew randomly.

The view of’he is confessing’ wins.

Tong Qianmeng is dizzy, the person in front of him is hidden in the dark night, and the outline of the strangely beautiful is looming. She is also a common person and likes beautiful things. This handsome man who is not like a mortal confessed to her, and her heart overflowed uncontrollably Emotions of joy.

What was forced that night seemed to be forgiven.

He used Tong Jianye to drive her out of the house, his classmates to drive her out of the dormitory, and his greedy human nature to run on a delicious restaurant. All of these behaviors seemed less annoying.

Ah yeah, it’s really beautiful!

The morals are sparse.