Chapter 27 Dreams become reality

Dream space-

just, how should she answer? Do you want to be reserved for a while?

and many more!

Secretly pinched hard on his leg.

Tong Qianmeng, wake up, wake up, what are you doing? The person in front of you is just a projection, a projection of confession, you are so excited!

“You get up first, you are very heavy.” Tong Qianmeng stretched out her hand to push him, and her voice was filled with anger that she didn’t even realize. The soft and hard touch from her hand made her ears blush, thinking about it. I have seen a Jiao Fitness body with redder ears, and I didn’t know for a while whether to withdraw his hand or not.


“Easy to touch?” There was a

chilly voice above his head.

Uh, Tong Qianmeng looked at his grasping claws, maybe he was in a different mood, and he was bolder, and he touched it unknowingly.

Withdraw his hand in a jealous manner.

Zhai Zhenyu smiled, but did not continue to embarrass her, straightened up and moved to the side until it was close to the side door.

“You must be sleepy, go to bed.”

He patted the seat and motioned Tong Qianmeng to lie down and sleep.

Tong Qianmeng yawned in accordance with his will. Life in Dream Space is the same as real life. She needs to eat, drink and sleep. She is really sleepy now at about two o’clock in the morning.

She can sense that everything is going well on Mei Zixiao’s side, and it’s okay to take a break.

Lean down and lie down, his head automatically and spontaneously rested on those sturdy thighs.

Free pillows, no need for nothing.

Zhai Zhenyu’s face hidden in the darkness showed a trace of stun, and her body was slightly stiff. She didn’t seem to expect that she would rest her head on her lap, but quickly relaxed again, holding her hand tightly.

His hands are so big that they just completely wrap her catkins in his palms.

Tong Qianmeng smelled the peculiar breath on his body and quickly fell asleep.

Zhai Zhenyu leaned back on the backrest with his face slightly raised. He felt that this moment was very beautiful, quiet, and very beautiful.

He loves the peace at this moment more than he used to stand on a high place in charge of life and death, holding her in his arms, the whole world is in his arms.

But, little cat, when will you really understand my heart?


sky is light, the wind is lightly cool, and the city is covered by wisps of water mist, the dew on the flowers and green leaves is more crystal clear than crystal, and the ground is covered with a thin layer of moisture.

Tong Qianmeng woke up and got out of the car under Zhai Zhenyu’s smiling gaze.

Before leaving, she suddenly remembered the incident in the hotel that day. She never thought of how he brought her to the ground safely.

“Can you tell me how did you save me when I fell downstairs that day?” She couldn’t help asking.

“This is a secret. Only the closest people are qualified to know.” Zhai Zhenyu’s deep eyes seemed to be able to speak, extinguishing the light of the stars.

He then got out of the car, walked around the car and held her hand, and asked seriously: “Do you want to be my closest person?”

He confessed.

The voice of victory last night said: “Let’s see, let’s say he is confessing!”

Tong Qianmeng raised his neck and looked at the person in front of him. He lowered his head slightly, and the corners of his lips were raised high, so that her brain reacted sluggishly.

He is really not suitable for smiling.

Because he laughed so beautifully.

The uncles and aunts passing by all looked straight.

He was teasing her, she was sure.

Tong Qianmeng turned around and hurriedly walked away, she was really afraid that she would nod her head by accident.

This is not good, this is wrong.

She is a nice and reserved girl.

However, he is really good-looking, and such a man seems good to be a boyfriend…

Shake his head, Tong Qianmeng, you are a nympho! Despise you!

Taking advantage of the shift in the nurse station, she returned the nurse uniform she had borrowed and changed back to her original white gauze skirt, but she did not wear the veil and still wore a disposable mask.

When he came to Mei Zixiao’s ward, the girl named Meimei had already left. Mei Zixiao was looking at her hand and giggling.

A circle of medical gauze wrapped around his head, with his silly expression, it is easy for people to misunderstand that he was beaten stupid.

“It looks like it’s going well.”

“Well, thank you for that. Last night Meimei thought I was seriously injured and unconscious, and while crying, she said all the love she has for me all these years. She used to avoid me. , It turned out to be because I like me, so I dare not face me, I am a blessing in disguise.”

“It turns out that she has always liked me…hehe.”

Tong Qianmeng: “…”

“I can’t wait to go back and confess to her now. , I want to tell her how much I like her for so many years, she also likes me, she actually likes me, it feels like a dream, oh yes, this is a dream, can I go back? I want to leave now This dream…” Mei chattered endlessly from Xiao, she seemed to be really happy, a little incoherent.

“Then, do you want to make this dream come true?” Tong Qianmeng’s gaze fell on Mei Zixiao’s neck, her eyes shining with mysterious colors.

“What do you mean?”

“Did you confess to Meimei last night? Did she agree?”

“Well, we…” Mei Zixiao seemed a little embarrassed, with a face of shame, “She agreed to be my girlfriend.”

“This dream is right. You should know what it means to be beautiful, right?”

“I know, it’s just a more real dream for her.”

“Yes, so no matter how you open your hearts in your dreams or tell each other, once you return In reality, she will still avoid you everywhere, so, do you want to make this dream come true?”

Without waiting for Mei Zixiao’s answer, Tong Qianmeng said to herself: “You will drop the white jade between your neck. Be a token of love for Meimei, and she will become your true girlfriend, whether it is in the dream space or in reality, she will be your lover.”

“Don’t ask me why!” Tong Qianmeng shook his index finger and hurriedly stopped the question he was about to express before he spoke. “If you don’t believe it, you can try it to ensure you will get unexpected surprises.”

Doubtful, Mei Zi Xiao did what she said.

In the following time, he enjoyed Yi Renmei’s meticulous care and the sweetness of love.

However, the good times always flew fast, and three days passed in a flash.


reality, it’s only thirty minutes.

Qianmengge, into the dream room.

Mei smiled from the corner of Xiao’s mouth, a smile that could drip from honey.

He opened his eyes, a pair of peach blossom eyes filled with endless joy, but when his eyes fell on the empty neck, the smile suddenly froze in the corner of his mouth.

His white jade pendant is gone!

“This…” He looked at Tong Qianmeng. He didn’t think anyone took the opportunity to take his jade pendant. Although the pendant was invaluable, the person in front of him was not an ordinary person. His thirty-minute dream was spent. Four million, this woman is estimated to be indispensable, there is no need to do this and other things at all.

The phone’s ringtone rang in due course.

Mei Zixiao’s cell phone.

He kept a familiar number for many years, but never received a number.

Yi Renmei’s number.

“? Hey, Xiao brother, I thought better of it, you send me jade pendant child is too expensive, I can not accept, you free right now to take away my home ……”