Chapter 28 The president’s room is not easy to enter

There was a familiar female voice over the receiver, Mei Zixiao only felt that her brain was instantly mixed into a batter, and she lost the function of thinking.

The fact that he gave the pendant in the dream space has really come true in reality!

And listening to Meimei’s tone, it seems that he is regarded as a boyfriend!


is incredible. If he hadn’t experienced it personally, he wouldn’t believe it would happen!

“This…what the hell is going on?”

Tong Qianmeng admired his constantly changing expression and couldn’t help laughing. She also reacted like this at the beginning, feeling incredible and unbelievable.

This is a magical feature of the second-level spiritual domain dream. Once the objects carried by the employer or the dream maker fall into the hands of the target person, the dream will become a true memory of the target person.

Not a dream memory, but a real memory.

In other words, everything that happened during the three days that Mei Zixiao spent with Yi Renmei in the dream space had become Yi Renmei’s real life at the moment he sent the jade pendant, rather than a dream.

This is a qualitative change.

The objects that fall into the hands of the target person will also be teleported from the hands of the employer or dreamer to the hands of the target person in reality.

Therefore, the moment Mei Zixiao sent the jade pendant in the dream space, in reality, the jade pendant had teleported from his body to Yi Renmei’s side.

Magical and wonderful.

Tong Qianmeng can only describe it in this way. She feels that her dream-making ability still has many wonderful uses that have not yet been developed.

Han Yu-bran sent Tong Qianmeng and Mo Yaoluo back to the IELTS community.

It was almost eleven o’clock when they got home. As soon as they entered the house, they saw Mom and Dad Mo sitting on the sofa, Dad Mo smoking a cigarette, and Momma Mo frowned.

“Dad and Mom, why are you still not sleeping?” Mo Yaoluo asked while changing his shoes.

“Oh…Your dad and I decided to redeem the top delicious restaurant. Although we can’t bear it, there is no other way. We don’t even know that we have offended anyone, and we can’t even find a way to save. It’s just that I am in my heart. It looks like a piece of it is cut off. The most delicious is my child, I feel distressed…”

Mo Ma is not angry and roaring like before, but such peaceful crying makes Tong Qianmeng even more worried and guilty.

“Aunt Mo, don’t give up, you will get better tomorrow.” Tong Qianmeng stepped forward and held Mo Ma’s hand with firm eyes, “I promise, I will get better tomorrow, trust me.”

“Dream, you ……” Mo Yaoluo already understood what she wanted to do and wanted to dissuade, but seeing the decisiveness flashing in her eyes, she knew it was useless to say anything.

The sun at ten o’clock in the morning is a bit poisonous.

Tong Qianmeng looked up at the skyscraper in front of her, the light reflected on the glass stabbed her to open her eyes.

The Zhai Group Building is located in the business center of the Imperial Capital, a prosperous area where every inch of land is rich in gold. As long as the average person can find a job here, the ancestral grave will be smoked, let alone a place here.

Before coming, she tried to call Zhai Zhenyu, but as expected, no one answered.

Entering through the glittering revolving door, the air-conditioning of the central air-conditioning suddenly hits your face, blocking out the heat outside the door. The men and women walking in twos and threes in the hall are all dressed in professional formal wear, capable and energetic.

“Hello, I’ll come to you, Mr. Zhai.” The

lady at the front desk calmly looked at the girl in ordinary clothes in front of her. She was so contemptuous in her heart, but she still had a comfortable smile on her face.

“Do you have an appointment, please?”

Tong Qianmeng twisted his eyebrows, “No.”

“Sorry, I can only see President Zhai with an appointment. Please come back after you have made an appointment.” Polite eviction.

“You tell me which floor he is on, and I will go up to him by myself.”

Tong Qianmeng’s tone was a little urgent. She must see him today and must let him stop.

The delicacy is really too important to the Mo family, and she must not let them lose it for her.

“Sorry, you are not a company employee, so you can’t go in at will.” The lady at the front desk quietly narrowed her smile a bit, with impatientness.

This girl is a little bit clueless!

At this time, a young woman wearing a rose-red Korean professional dress came over, her sharp chin lifted slightly, like a queen high above.

“What’s the matter?” Her eyes flashed over Tong Qianmeng casually, her tone was compelling and irresistible, “Chatting with outsiders during work hours, do you want to go home and eat your own?”

“Sorry Manager Jiao, she said to find Zhai In general, I told her that she could not go upstairs without an appointment. She would not listen and refused to go.” The lady at the front desk lowered her head, seemingly afraid of the woman who was called the manager Jiao.

Tong Qianmeng looked at Manager Jiao, with her exquisite makeup and elegant temperament, she looked like a lady, but the sharp color that suddenly gathered in her eyes was a bit strange.

“You are looking for…Zhai?” Manager Jiao suddenly put on a smile, “Who are you? What’s the matter with Zhai?”

Her attitude changed so suddenly, Tong Qianmeng couldn’t help being vigilant, “May I ask you? “

Oh, my name is Jiao Sisi, and I am the personnel manager. Zhai is in a meeting. I’ll take you to his office and wait for him.” Jiao Sisi’s voice was soft, smiling harmlessly.

The lady at the front desk quickly looked up at her, then bowed her head silently.

Everyone in the company knows that no one can step into the president’s office without Zhai’s permission, otherwise, he will die miserably.

Half a year ago, an intern student came to the secretary department. He entered the president’s office without permission because of his own appearance. He thought he could fly on a branch and become a phoenix. He didn’t expect President Zhai to get furious and called the security personnel directly. She threw it out.

He also ordered that all companies under the Zhai Group were not allowed to hire her. It didn’t take long to hear that her school expelled her for unknown reasons.

The lady at the front desk flashed her drooping eyes, and finally chose to remain silent.

She is just a small front desk clerk, and she is not qualified to challenge the personnel manager.

With the dream of one thousand children Jiao Sisi on the top floor, went to the door of the President’s Office, Jiao Sisi stopped, turned around, “This is Zhai general office, you go wait for him, and I still do, go busy.”

Said, Jiao Sisi swayed away, and at the moment she staggered Tong Qianmeng’s sight, an undercurrent flashed under her slender eyelashes.

Humph! No matter who you are, your cousin’s anger will burn you out!

Tong Qianmeng stayed a little mind and didn’t enter other people’s office without authorization.

The attitude of that Jiao Sisi changed too quickly, and the face of the lady at the front desk had changed several times when she heard that Jiao Sisi was about to take her to the president’s room. This series of unusual things warned her not to act rashly.

So it’s better for her to wait at the door.

About an hour later, there was a sound of footsteps in the direction of the elevator, gradually approaching.

Zhai Zhenyu walked in the forefront, followed by a few high-level leaders with a smile.

Jiao Sisi was actually there, she secretly stared at Zhai Zhenyu’s profile with the light from the end of her eyes, and the corners of her mouth unconsciously rolled up a shy smile.