Chapter 29 Let’s make a couple

When Tong Qianmeng saw Zhai Zhenyu’s figure, she subconsciously wanted to avoid it. Thinking of last night’s dream, she couldn’t calmly face him.

Zhai Zhenyu turned his head and said something to a middle-aged man behind him. It seemed that he hadn’t seen her yet. It was still too late to leave, but when he thought of Mo Dad and Mo Ma… they

were entangled.

Jiao Sisi saw her and said in a puzzled manner, “Why did you come out? You didn’t mean to be in the president’s room…”

Her voice suddenly got stuck, as if thinking of something terrible, she bowed her head in fear and dared not speak any more.

Zhai Zhenyu’s ink-stained black pupils were gloomy and gloomy, and the index finger hanging on the side of his leg slightly raised. This was a small gesture of his endurance.

After waiting so many days, the little wild cat finally delivered it!

Although Jiao Sisi’s words were not clarified, everyone present was human spirits, how could anyone not understand?

Reminiscent of someone trespassing in the president’s room before, they all know that this girl is over.

One of the middle-aged men who was severely fattened immediately jumped out and spoke to the assistant behind him with his teeth and dancing claws: “Call the security guard up and throw her out. Is there any cat and dog in the president’s room that can enter? I am impatient!”

Soon, a dozen well-trained security guards went up to the top floor, standing behind Zhai Zhenyu, waiting for instructions.

At this point, Tong Qianmeng realized that the president’s office could not be entered casually.

The light turned towards Jiao Sisi, this Jiao Sisi cheated her.

Fortunately, she kept her mind and didn’t go in.

“I’ve been waiting at the door, and didn’t enter the president’s room!” Tong Qianmeng argued, but no one listened to her little-known girl’s excuse.

“You’re not an employee of the Zhai Group. Is this the one you want to enter?” The middle-aged man who got rich gave a wink at the security captain. The security captain looked at Zhai Zhenyu, and saw that his expression was gloomy. The girl broke into the president’s office and angered him, so she didn’t dare to delay. With a wave of her hand, a dozen security guards swarmed over to Tong Qianmeng.

Zhai Zhenyu just watched, indifferent.

Tong Qianmeng was anxious, “Zhai Zhenyu, I’m here to find you.”

Zhai Zhenyu remained indifferent.

The security rushed to the front, Tong Qianmeng stepped back, “I have something to ask!”

“Stop!” He finally said, “Get out of here!” The

words are like gold.

A dozen security guards disappeared again soon, faster than when they first came.

“Mr. Zhai…” The blessed middle-aged man whispered to talk. He wanted to flatter, but don’t go up with horseshoes!

“Fuck!” The tone was like the twelfth lunar month of winter, still cherishing words like gold.

The blessed middle-aged man shrank his neck and left dingy. The rest of the people also left quietly, with schadenfreude on their faces.

They had long been uncomfortable with his flattery, and they deserved to

see the Jiao Sisi’s gaze on Tong Qianmeng on the horse’s hoof , which was different from what she had expected.

According to her expectation, Zhai Zhenyu should have said that the girl who trespassed in the president’s room should be driven out. Even if the girl didn’t enter the president’s room, who would believe it?

But now he not only didn’t chase the girl away, he chased them away.

She felt deeply that she had done a stupid thing, and she should have chased the girl away when she was in the hall!

He fixed Zhai Zhenyu’s back with a nostalgic gaze, and then deeply scanned Tong Qianmeng, before Jiao Sisi turned and left unwillingly.

Regardless of work relations, she is nominally Zhai Zhenyu’s cousin, but she knows that he is not her cousin at all.

She was attracted to him from the first meeting and couldn’t help herself.

That girl had better

not have anything to do with him, otherwise… she didn’t allow anyone to destroy her feelings!

“You have something to ask me?” The

huge office, only black, white and gray, is in the same style as his bedroom.

Deep, serious, and solemn.

Zhai Zhenyu sat on the black leather swivel chair and took a sip of a cigarette. He pointed his dark pupil through the thin smoke and looked at Tong Qianmeng who was standing at the desk with interest.

She seemed a little nervous, clasping her hands unconsciously.

The smell of smoke aggressively penetrated Tong Qianmeng’s nasal cavity, irritating her trachea.

She has always hated the smell of smoke, and every time she smells it, she feels uncomfortable in her throat, which is hot and itchy, and she wants to cough.

She covered her mouth and coughed lightly, her brows were twisted, and her nose wrinkled to one place.

“I hope…cough cough… I hope you… cough cough cough…” Can you not smoke? It’s so uncomfortable, Tong Qianmeng slanderously.

Zhai Zhenyu half-squinted her deep eyes and glanced at her, then pinched out the two puffs of cigarettes in the crystal ashtray, leaned against the back of the chair, stretched her slender arms half-straight, and placed her well-defined hands in black. Playing with a metal lighter on the desk, the lighter made a rhythmic’click’ on the desk.

“What do you want me to do?” For some

reason, Tong Qianmeng was uncomfortable under his gaze, feeling as if he was stripped naked, and wanted to hide himself.

“I hope you left the top delicious restaurant.”

“Didn’t you say that you have something to ask for?” Zhai Zhenyu was so free, not smiling.

Tong Qianmeng was taken aback, what do you mean?

“Since it’s a request, then there should be sincerity to beg…” Zhai Zhenyu got up and walked towards her, with a sense of oppression that followed.

Tong Qianmeng couldn’t help backing up, “What do you want?”


His back was stuck to the wall, and he was slammed by the wall again.

Zhai Zhenyu circled her between herself and the wall, “What do you think of me?”

“It’s okay…” Tong Qianmeng’s heartbeat was out of order, and her tongue was about to knot. She seemed to have guessed what he was going to say. .

“You don’t have a boyfriend, and I don’t have a girlfriend. Since you think I’m okay, why don’t we make a couple?” The corners of Zhai Zhenyu’s eyes and eyebrows are smiling, and the white teeth that appear while talking seem to be jumping with joy. luster.

“As long as you agree, I will listen to you in the future, how?” His voice was deep and mellow, with temptation, and very sultry.

Tong Qianmeng’s eyes faintly dispersed. How could his words sound so alluring?

The business of Ding Meiwei Restaurant is booming again.

The reason is that the small restaurants and food stalls in the snack street have not only restored their prices, but also increased their prices.

Although the increase is two yuan or three yuan, no more than ten yuan at most, but most of the people who come to eat here are people who work nearby, and everyone wants a bargain.

It used to be free, but now the price has increased. Of course, everyone cannot accept this huge contrast.

As a result, the top delicacy without a price increase has become the best place for everyone.

The old customers who were familiar with their faces have also turned their heads. The Mo family and his wife still greet everyone with smiles, as if nothing happened before, and the little guilt and worries of those old customers are gone, and they come and go. It’s not harmonious.

Mo Ma praised Tong Qianmeng when she was free, and a clever mouth was really clever. She caught her and made her say a good word, nothing more than wishing for a delicious business, Changlong and the like.

Seeing Ding Yian welcoming and delivering, the other restaurant owners were really jealous, but they were helpless.

“Dad, did you say that Mr. Tang fooled us at the beginning? He said he wanted to make the top delicious, but now let us increase the price. Is this unclear as the top delicious?”

“Little bastard don’t talk nonsense, I see Mr. Tang It’s not ordinary people, and it’s not something we can afford. He told us to shut up. You’d better keep your mouth tight. In case something goes wrong, don’t blame Lao Tzu for not reminding you.”