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Chapter 3 has nothing to do with you

Chapter Three has nothing to do with you “Who are you?” Looking at the man who appeared suddenly, monsoon wind said vigilantly with a man’s instinctive sense of crisis.

Standing behind that person, Gu Jinxi only heard cold and sarcasm in his low voice, “It has nothing to do with you.”

“You!” Jiliu was so angry, but because of Qiao Yiyi’s words before, everyone was not stupid. Most of them guessed the relationship between him and Qiao Yiyi, so they could only temporarily suppress the anger.

Turning around, the man’s eagle-like gaze met Gu Jinxi’s eyes, looking at her pale and haggard face, the dark eyes with a trace of darkness that is hard to detect by ordinary people.

The man is tall, 1.9 meters tall, and has a pair of long legs comparable to those male models on the runway. And his facial features are three-dimensional, a pair of sword eyebrows flying diagonally into the temple, and his dark eyes invisibly give people a strong sense of oppression, and when they are cold, they are even more frightening.

Corresponding to this is his shirt that is fastened to the top button, his neat suit, and his meticulously wrapped up clothes, faintly a bit of abstinence.

At this glance, Gu Jinxi recognized the dangerous ascetic person in front of him.

In this city A, although the companies under Gu Jiaji’s family are not small in scale, they have insufficient background and can be regarded as second-rate.

If it is said that this city A can’t be offended most is the Yan family. The Yan family is not only in City A, but also in Shangjing, where the lifeblood of China’s politics lies. It is also the number one existence that no one dares to mess with.

The man in front of him was Yan Chen, the second youngest member of the Yan family. Gu Jinxi happened to attend a banquet in the Yan family with his father a year ago and met him.

But between them, there is no intersection.

If Gu Jinxi hadn’t married, Yan Chen’s family would be handsome. Although he was a little cold, there were few lace news. Even Gu’s father would have such a little thought.

It’s a pity that Gu Jinxi married Ji Liufeng three years ago and still doesn’t love her.

“I am Yan Chen, today is the last trip to send the teacher.” Looking at the fragile Gu Jinxi in front of him, Yan Chen said indifferently and alienatedly.

“Teacher?” Looking at Yan Chen suspiciously, Gu Jinxi never knew that his father also had a student like Yan Chen, and he had never heard him talk about it.

Nodding slightly, Yan Chen walked to Gu Xiong’s spiritual position and bowed deeply.

The people present all watched Yan Chen after finishing all this, and returned to Gu Jinxi’s face, “I was fortunate to be taught by the teacher back then. If you have any needs in the future, you can come to me. “

“Thank you!” Although Yan Chen said that Gu Jinxi didn’t know whether it was true or not, Gu Jinxi still knew how many pounds he weighed. There was really no way to calculate himself as the other party.

Moreover, Gu’s father used to be a university professor, and he only quit his job ten years ago to concentrate on the development of the market. If he were a student, he would have believed it.

The conversation between the two came to an end, but Yan Chen did not leave, and stood beside Gu Jinxi, which was surprising.

On the side, Liming and Chen Qing stared at each other. After thinking about it, he also seemed to understand. Obviously he already knew what had happened here before.

On the side, Qiao Yiyi turned away everyone’s attention when he saw a Yan Chen, and couldn’t help but feel a little anxious, “I think it’s almost the same, Afeng, we don’t have to waste time, right?”

“Today this is Liu Feng’s father-in-law’s funeral. I don’t care what your identity is, you can go to Liu Feng and you must stay.” Due to the occasion, Chen Qing, as a friend of Gu’s father, naturally didn’t want to make trouble with those dirty things here.

But she thinks this way, but it doesn’t mean everyone thinks the same way, such as Qiao Yiyi.

Others want to make things smaller, but she wants to make things bigger. She is going to cut off the last possibility between the monsoon wind and Gu Jinxi!

“Why? She Gu Jinxi is divorced, and she still wants to hold on to Afeng?” Qiao Yiyi’s voice was so sharp that people couldn’t even hear her clearly.

“If you want to go, I have never stayed, Gu Jinxi. Monsoon wind, take your woman to get away! Otherwise, I can’t guarantee that I will just push her.” Once the suppressed anger broke out, Even Gu Jinxi couldn’t control it himself.

The threat of the monsoon wind, the cold blood of the Ji family, and the arrogant scene of Qiao Yiyi, all of this turned into an invisible weight and crushed the last string in Gu Jinxi’s heart.

On the side, Yan Chen looked at Gu Jinxi like this, and didn’t step forward to comfort him. The relationship between them was only because of Gu’s father, but in fact, it was impossible to fight. It was the relationship that he insisted on.

“Please leave.” But he still asked his subordinates to invite the Ji family and Qiao Yiyi out, ignoring their dissatisfaction, just to clean up Gu Jinxi.

There was no annoying sound, Gu Jinxi also calmed down, following the ceremony step by step, sending Gu’s father to rest in the cemetery.

When everything was over, Gu Jinxi, who was holding on to do everything, finally went black and fainted.

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