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Chapter 3 It will rain red

Fang Beining is indeed very poor now.

The original owner’s family situation is not good, and Fang Nansheng’s daily expenses are basically dependent on working. He is very hard and she can no longer spend his money.

But how to make money?

Fang Beining held her cheeks in her hands and pursed her bright red lips, “Brother, I find myself so useless!” In the

previous life, he used force to make money and fights and kills all day long. Now he must not be able to do it.

“Why do you say that

all of a sudden?” “I don’t know how to make money.”

“…” Fang Nansheng poured her a cup of wheat tea provided by the restaurant, “Don’t think so much, brother can make money. This restaurant’s medicated fish head soup Yes, I will eat more later to replenish my brain.”

Fang Beining’s eyes lit up when he mentioned what to eat , and he nodded sharply , “Hmm.”

Just ordered her favorite tin-wrapped chicken wings and corn braised. Alas, my elder brother had just received his salary and was spending money for her again.

However, as soon as the food was served, she forgot all her worries, and she was eating so hard.

Fang Nansheng watched her eating, adding a glass of water to her from time to time, picking up a fishbone, and her petting eyes strengthened Fang Beining’s determination to earn money by herself and relieve her brother’s burden.

Such a good brother can’t be exhausted.

After eating, they went out of the restaurant, and the two took a walk as a walk.

In mid-March, flowers are blooming everywhere, bright sunshine, and gentle spring breeze, it’s a good time.

“Ning Ning.”


“You really don’t like Zhai Youxuan anymore?”

“Of course.” Fang Bei Ning replied affirmatively.

She is not the original owner’s nympho, so naturally she doesn’t like that kind of romantic boy brother.

“That’s good.” Fang Nansheng dropped a boulder in his heart.

“Excuse me, do you know where the nearby auto repair shop is?” A young man in a suit and leather shoes looked very gentle and looked at the two with a smile.

With that, he pointed to the white off-road vehicle parked in the middle of the road not far away.

Fang Beining squinted her eyes halfway, looked in the direction of the young man’s fingers, and then his eyes lit up.

It’s a good car!

“It’s that car, it broke down suddenly.” The man said with a smile all the time.

Fang Beining quickly calculated in his mind that the car is very expensive, and the owner smiled like a fool. Maybe this is a good opportunity to make money.

In her previous life, her hobbies were different from those of ordinary women. People like to raise flowers and dance, but she likes machinery like men, and is proficient in the assembly of various machinery. Repairing a car thousands of years ago is simply a pediatrics.

Thinking of this, she put on a regretful expression, “There is no nearby. The nearest one will take 20 minutes to drive to.”

“Ah? How could this happen? What can be done?” The man’s smile turned into a crying face in an instant.

Fang Beining wanted this effect. After waiting for a while, her expression changed, “I know a little about cars, maybe I can help you see it?”

“You?” OK? The man looked suspicious.

“Isn’t it?”

“Isn’t it.” Such a delicate beauty can only take a car.

“That Either way, I try, if repaired, you give me ten thousand as a reward, if not fix it, I can help you with my brother and two people to push the car to the garage how to?”

“Ten thousand ?! “It’s so dark.

“Why, you drive tens of millions of luxury cars, and 10,000 yuan is too expensive for repairs? Besides, it is dangerous for your car to park in the middle of the road.” Jige Fa and Sugar Coated Cannonball went into battle.

“Then… okay.” Anyway, it’s not that he spends the money, ten thousand is ten thousand.

“Ningning, you…” Fang Nansheng looked at her in amazement. When will his sister repair the car?

Besides, it costs ten thousand to repair a car. Isn’t this blackmail?

No, this is not the point. The point is, how could Ningning repair the car?

Fang Beining didn’t have time to pay attention to him, she had seen ten thousand yuan beckoning to her.

After inquiring about the specific situation, as soon as the man said, she probably knew what the fault was.

Joyfully opened the front cover of the car for inspection, and it was exactly the same as she had guessed.

“Do you have any repair tools in your car? For example, a wrench.” Fang Beining asked.


“That’s it… Then you go away, don’t peek.” Without tools, she had to use the dust condensing technique.

“No, I have to look at you.”

“Do not use suspects, do not use suspects, do you understand the truth?”

Fang Beining grinned at the man. The bright color made the man’s eyes straight, mechanically connected. Say three “understand”, then obediently walk aside and wait.

“It’s really stupid.” Fang Beining was amused.

Use dust condensing technique to turn out common tools such as wrenches and screwdrivers. Clanging for a while, snapped on the car cover, she clapped her hands, and said, “Okay, let’s try it.” The

man got in the car, the car was very good. Get started quickly, ready to go.

“I didn’t expect that such a beautiful woman like you would repair a car.” The man got out of the car and said with a smile: “But I don’t have any cash on my body. Or you can go to the bank with us and I will get it for you.”

“Okay. “

“No!” The

two brothers and sisters said in unison, Fang Nansheng looked wary, this person just said “we”, it means there are still people in the car, how can he rest assured that he will get into the stranger’s car?

“I want to go together,” he said.

“I’m afraid it won’t work. There can only be one person in the car.” The man smiled and refused.

“Then we don’t need the money.” Fang Nansheng blocked his sister, and the amount of money was not important.

“Brother, it’s okay, you go back first, I’ll be back soon.”

She is not the former Fang Beining, no one can bully her.

“No!” Fang Nansheng disagreed.

“Nothing will happen.” Fang Beining gave him a soothing look, and reached out to pull the co-pilot door.

The man’s eyesight quickly stopped her, “Sit back, the beautiful woman, the front seat belt is broken.”

Fang Beining narrowed his eyes slightly, and Yiyan sat in the back seat.

Fang Nansheng looked at the car like an arrow from the string, his eyebrows and eyes were full of solemnity, and he couldn’t help clenching his hands when he thought of the tools that Ning Ning had just appeared out of thin air.

Ning Ning avoided the man, indicating that this was an unspeakable secret.

But he didn’t avoid him…

inexplicably, very happy.

But, what is going on? Ning Ning seemed to have completely changed a person.

Off-road vehicles are driving on the wide avenue of the Imperial Capital.

In the car.

The atmosphere is a bit weird.

Zhai Moyuan’s eyes were a bit cold, and he firmly grasped Fang Beining.

Fang Beining was staring a little hairy, and stared back, “Mr. Zhai always looks at girls so naked?”

In fact, at the beginning, she recognized that man was Zhai Moyuan’s attendant and had seen him once in the hospital.

“Not at all.” Zhai Moyuan’s delicate eyebrows were filled with indifference, “That boy… is your brother?” I

just heard her call him, brother.

So, should it be your own?

Fang Beining was dumbfounded, and subconsciously replied: “Yeah, what’s the matter?”

“Nothing.” Zhai Moyuan turned his head and looked out the car window, the smile on his lips was so obvious that he couldn’t stop it.

“Very good,” he said, his voice suddenly softened.

Fang Beining: “…” Why can’t she understand?



With the harsh brake sound, Fang Beining was caught off guard and leaned forward, and his forehead hit the back of the front seat.

Zhai Moyuan’s face sank, and he said coldly: “Look at the road!”

“Yes, yes…” Tang Qingye was eager to respond, but his eyes still couldn’t help but glance towards the inner rearview mirror. Just now, he saw Zhai Shao smile?

Damn it! It’s going to rain red!

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