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Chapter 379 I don’t need me here

Chapter 379: I don’t need me here. “Zhiya is here.” Yan Mu looked at Yan Zhiya who walked into the ward. Because of her arrival, the atmosphere in the ward had changed a little.

Wei Wei nodded at Yan’s mother, Yan Zhiya met Grandpa Yan’s gaze, with a slight expression, “Dad.”

Grandpa Yan was no longer surprised by Yan Zhiya’s reaction, and he nodded immediately as a response.

“Mom just got out of danger, and it might take a while to wake up. Zhiya, why don’t you go to the hotel to take a break?” Yan’s mother thought of Yan Zhiya hurriedly back. After all, there is a jet lag between the two sides, and mental exhaustion is inevitable.

Yan Zhiya glanced at Grandma Yan on the hospital bed, and did not explain that she was not coming back from Paris. She immediately turned around and said, “Since there is nothing wrong, then I will go back first. The company still has business…”

Upon hearing this, Yan’s mother was slightly taken aback.

Father Yan’s face looked a little ugly, and the crutches in Grandpa Yan’s hand hit the ground hard, “No one is forcing you to come. Don’t come if you don’t want to come!”

“Then I won’t come, you don’t need to call me either.” Yan Zhiya said lightly.

When Grandpa Yan heard this, he was immediately annoyed, “Who of you called her!”

Yan’s father and Yan’s mother looked at each other, and then Yan’s father said, “Dad, after all, Zhiya is also mother’s daughter. I just thought, how can I say that my mother is so sick now, Zhiya should come and see too. Look. Although Mom didn’t say anything, she didn’t know how to look at her.”

“Look at her? It’s good if your mother is not angry with her. Don’t talk about your mother, I’m going to be angry with her now.” Grandpa Yan said in a deep anger.

With a light ridicule, Yan Zhiya looked at Grandpa Yan in front of her with sarcasm, “I knew that today, would you not be foolish to take me back to Yan’s house? Without me, Fang Xiaoyao would be safe and secure. How nice is it to stay at Yan’s house and be her favorite Miss Yan’s family?”

“You!” Grandpa Yan stared at Yan Zhiya annoyedly, with obvious sullen eyes in his eyes.

Yan Zhiya raised her eyebrows slightly, with a hint of coldness at the corners of Yan Zhiya’s mouth, “What? Am I wrong? In the eyes of you and mom, there has never been a biological daughter like me. No matter what I do, it is no better than a fake Xiao Yao goods!”

Walked quickly to Yan Zhiya’s side. Although Yan’s mother hated Fang Xiaoyao, she knew that Yan Zhiya should not be allowed to continue speaking due to the situation at this time. Immediately took her arm, “Stop talking.”

Shaking off Yan’s mother, Yan Zhiya took a deep breath, “I don’t need me here.”

When the voice fell, Yan Zhiya had already turned and left.

Looking at the back of Yan Zhiya leaving, Yan Mu couldn’t help but screamed for her. In fact, this matter let them all stand aside, and only talked about Yan Zhiya and Fang Xiaoyao.

Who can say that Yan Zhiya is absolutely wrong in these things?

In other words, if Fang Xiaoyao left Yan’s house after the two changed from the beginning, then Yan Zhiya would not have the things that happened later.

Thinking of this, Yan Mu couldn’t help but sigh lightly.

Yan Zhiya came and went, but Grandma Yan on the hospital bed didn’t know. When she woke up, no one mentioned Yan Zhiya’s affairs. Over the years, Grandma Yan had also become accustomed to Yan Zhiya’s alienation and coldness. Although she felt a little distressed when she thought of it, she didn’t ask anything.

Apart from Yan’s father and Yan Shen who returned to Beijing the next day, the rest of the Yan family stayed in City H.

After a few days, Gu Jinxi and Yan Chen brought their two children to the hospital every day to see Grandma Yan. As Grandma Yan’s body gradually improved, the two decided to return to Paris.

The day before leaving, in the hospital, Grandma Yan held the hands of the two little guys with a little bit of dismay. From time to time, she squeezed her face or teased them, listening to the child’s crisp laughter, she also laughed.

“If you go back, do you know if you want to be too grandma?” Grandma Yan looked at the two little guys in front of her kindly, with a shallow reluctance in her words.

“I know.” Xiao Jingsheng said in unison with Xiao Qingyuan.

After finishing talking, Xiao Jingsheng shook her grandma Yan’s hand and said coquettishly: “Grandma, please go back with us…”

“No way, grandma too is not in good health and can’t go far.” Grandma Yan said regretfully.

“But, Shengsheng likes grandma too…” Xiao Jingsheng narrowed her mouth slightly.

During this period of time, the two little guys got acquainted with Grandpa Yan and Grandma Yan, and they were very clingy, especially Xiao Jingsheng, who didn’t know if the tear ducts of the girl were more developed, and they cried when they knew they were going to leave.

She kissed Xiao Jingsheng’s face, and Grandma Yan said softly, “Too grandma likes our Shengsheng too. Sheng Sheng is too grandma’s little baby, so she can’t cry anymore.”

The golden beans that were meant to be incapable of being dropped were erased by Xiao Jingsheng pretending to be strong after listening to Grandma Yan’s words, “Well, Shengsheng doesn’t cry… You can’t cry if you are too grandma…”

“Well, grandma too learns with us Shengsheng, grandma too does not cry.” Grandma Yan couldn’t help laughing when she heard the words.

Until the two little guys were taken away by Yan Chen and Gu Jinxi, Grandma Yan still looked at the empty door for a long time and couldn’t take her gaze back.

Grandpa Yan walked to Grandma Yan’s hospital bed, and his slightly trembling hands couldn’t help falling on her shoulders, “Why didn’t you tell the children?”

“What do you say? Old man, I will end up getting older. I don’t want to make the children worry about me anymore. How nice they are, crying and crying all day, and I look uncomfortable. “Although Grandma Yan said with a smile, the bitterness in her smile was so clear.

But Grandpa Yan, who was standing on the side, raised his head to suppress the soreness in his eyes, and his reddish eyes expressed his unrest in his heart. Standing on the edge of the hospital bed and holding Grandma Yan sitting on the bed in his arms, as I did not know so many times, his unrest at this moment was also clearly passed on to her.

After a long time, Grandma Yan’s voice came through her arms, “Lao Li told you, how much time do I have?”

Feeling the tightness of her hand, Grandma Yan raised her hand and patted his tight arm, “Don’t do this, I will always know, but I want you to tell me.”

For a while, just when Grandma Yan thought Grandpa Yan would not tell her, she heard his hoarse voice, with the vicissitudes of the years, “Two months.”

“Two months, a little longer than I thought…” Grandma Yan said with a smile, as if she didn’t have the fear of facing death.

At the door, Professor Li saw the picture in the ward, took the test sheet in his hand, and gave a slight pause. Finally, he sighed and turned to leave.

Grandma Yan’s heart was overloaded a long time ago. Although she was rescued in time during the rescue, she was already on the road to death. They were just doctors who were not gods, and they could not stop the death.

Two months is already the longest time.

At Paris Charles de Gaulle International Airport, Secretary Lu stood at the pick-up gate and waited for a while. When he saw the four people walking away, he couldn’t help but smile.

You know, since following Gu Jinxi to Paris to develop the Gu family, Secretary Lu has not been separated from Gu Jinxi for so long. Even if she knows that as Gu Jinxi’s secretary, she must have the ability to control globality. Seeing Gu Jinxi’s return, Secretary Lu couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief.

In the airport right now, many fans raised their pick-up cards. According to their popularity, Gu Jinxi glanced at it and guessed which celebrity they had collided with.

The fans who were eagerly looking forward to the exit hadn’t waited for their idols, but they saw a good-looking family of four, while sighing why their idols hadn’t come out yet, but they followed the family honestly. Four walks.

Some are more direct and have already picked up the phone to take a photo.

Gu Yue was fiddling with the camera in her hand, and when she heard the surrounding discussion, she also raised her head to look at the family of four who were approaching them. The entertainment circle is a gathering of beautiful and handsome guys. It can be said that it is a place where appearances are concentrated. Because of the profession of journalists, Gu Yue can get in touch with a lot.

But no matter how much contact, Gu Yue also had to admit that the four people in front of him, no matter which one was released, their appearance in the entertainment circle can be said to be crushing.

The male is cool and handsome, the female is exquisite and beautiful, the two children are soft and cute, the other exquisite and handsome.

Gu Yue knows both Gu Jinxi and Yan Chen. She used to be an intern reporter. In order to deal with the bosses who must report to Javier, she only wanted to report on them. Like all reporters, she only wanted to get the best news.

It was Gu Jinxi’s incident that made her realize that as a reporter, she needed a bottom line.

Putting down the camera in her hand, Gu Yue took her Polaroid from her assistant’s neck, “Lend me down.”

Picking up the Polaroid, Gu Yue looked at the four people who were constantly walking. As they walked, she searched for the best corners from time to time, and finally took the picture she thought was the best.

Looking at the photo in her hand, Gu Yue rushed to Gu Jinxi’s side. When she reached out, the photo just fell into her eyes.

Gu Jinxi was taken aback for a moment. In the photo in front of him, Gu Jinxi was talking to Yan Chen. The two eyes were facing each other. Gu Jinxi smiled lightly, and Yan Chen smiled with a low eye, with obvious eyes underneath. The color of petting.

It seems that there is no one else at this moment, but they are just each other in their eyes.

The footsteps stopped slightly because of the photo, Gu Jinxi reached out and took the photo, and then looked at the girl who gave her the photo, “Thank you.”

She didn’t know Gu Yue, but she was very grateful for the gift she gave.

“I wish you happiness.” Gu Yue waved at them, and then returned to her position.

This episode was not very special to Gu Jinxi and the others, except for that photo, Gu Yue was quickly forgotten by them.

After a few days, Gu Jinxi has been busy for a long time because of the accumulated work. In comparison, Yan Chen is not much better. Because Gu Jinxi is based in Paris, Yan Chen can only sing along with her husband, so that the Yan family can continue to be a good companion to the Gu family.

This morning, Secretary Lu brought a person to Gu Jinxi’s office with a clear smile on his face.

Upon seeing this, Gu Jinxi put aside his work, “What makes you so happy?”

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