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Chapter 380 Who is the best?

Chapter 380. Who is going to die?

Chapter 380 Who is the one who will kill you? “Of course it is the big message.” Secretary Lu said with a smile, looking at the man beside him.

The man looks honest and honest, and the suit he wears is not too expensive, but it is clean and tidy. Seeing Gu Jinxi’s gaze fall on him, he was obviously more cautious.

However, as Secretary Lu explained, he finished describing his intentions to Gu Jinxi in a one-to-one manner.

After hearing what the man said, Gu Jinxi frowned, “So you mean that Yuanzhi sent a batch of substandard electrical products to the market?”

“Yes, that batch of electrical goods use aging insulating materials. If left unchecked, it will also be harmful to consumers,” the man said.

Nodding slightly, Gu Jinxi said, “I don’t know much about e-commerce, and I don’t know much about insulation materials… Secretary Lu, please tell me.”

Secretary Lu has been with him for so many years, and Gu Jinxi knows that since Secretary Lu brought people over, there is no reason and he has not understood anything.

Upon hearing this, Secretary Lu said: “Mr. Gu, I am not very clear about the specifics, but it is certain that it is obviously impossible to pass the test by using aging insulating materials. However, I do not pass the product test of Yuanzhi. Without hearing the wind, I guess that this batch of products should not have been systematically tested. Furthermore, aging insulation materials also pose a certain personal risk.”

“Risk…” Gu Jinxi interlaced her fingers, “Leakage?”

“Yes, aging insulating materials do cause leakage risks. I didn’t expect Yuanzhi people to be so courageous.” Secretary Lu frowned slightly.

Gu Jinxi felt the same way, but Yan Zhiya did this? Gu Jinxi always felt that it didn’t look like it, after all, he wasn’t that stupid yet.

When her eyes fell on this honest man, Gu Jinxi could almost estimate the identity of the other person. After all, she also commissioned some special people to investigate things about Yuanzhi.

Naturally, she didn’t think that Yan Zhiya didn’t send someone to investigate herself.

“With Yan Zhiya’s mind, it is impossible to do such a thing.” Gu Jinxi said.

Hearing Gu Jinxi’s words, the man hurriedly said, “Mr. Gu, what I said is true. Don’t believe me.”

“It’s not that I don’t believe it, but you didn’t give me a reason. Anyway, thank you very much.” Gu Jinxi pulled the corner of his mouth and smiled, then looked at Secretary Lu, “Give him things.”

In the next second, Secretary Lu handed a paper bag containing money to the man.

I thought that Gu Jinxi would have a lot to ask herself, but she didn’t want her to just let her go after just a few questions. Although he was a little puzzled and puzzled, the man turned his head back and forth one step at a time.

Indifferently took the file on the side and continued to approve it until Secretary Lu came back again, “Mr. Gu, why did you let him go like this?”

“I don’t know anything, it’s useless to ask him,” Gu Jinxi said lightly.

“Then who are we going to ask?” Secretary Lu couldn’t help asking.

“I have called Lin Qiang just now, and she will investigate everything to tell us this evening.” Gu Jinxi said.

Lin Qiang is a detective, still a small number of female detectives, but her personal business ability is very strong. Gu Jinxi has worked with her, and both parties are very happy.

Regarding Yan Zhiya and Yuanzhi Industrial, Gu Jinxi also entrusted Lin Qiang.

Secretary Lu was slightly surprised, because the man just now said that Lin Qiang asked him to come over, but didn’t he?

At that moment, Secretary Lu couldn’t help but said, “Mr. Gu, did Yan Zhiya doubt it?”

“Don’t think too much, Lin Qiang just said, this man mostly wants to show his face in front of us.” Gu Jinxi said.

“But what good is it for him to show his face like this?” Secretary Lu still doesn’t understand. After all, with his identity, it’s better to hide in the dark, isn’t it?

“People die for money and birds die for food.” Gu Jinxi smiled faintly, “Go out to work. I will wait for Lin Qiang to give me the result of this matter at night.”

Of course, it’s the best to use it, but it’s not a big deal.

After all, the calm of this period of time, with Yan Zhiya’s temperament, should have been a little bit quiet.

In the Dise store, the manager just sent away a lady who had ordered a wedding dress, and saw a beautiful woman walk into the store. The woman wore a high-definition dress, and the lady who followed her was obviously her elder, but she still looked very young if she was well maintained.

Yun Siyi is an overseas Chinese in France. More precisely, it should be the scene where the Yun family moved to France for nearly a hundred years. And in these hundred years, the Yun family has also gained a firm foothold, and in the upper circle of Paris, the Yun family also has a place.

Unlike the declining family of Hobart, the Yun family is thriving under management, and the Yun family has only one daughter, Yun Siyi. It is conceivable that the identity of Yun Siyi will attract the attention of many people.

The store manager knew Yun Siyi himself, and when they saw the two entering the store, he greeted him with a smile, “Mrs. Yun, good morning, Miss Yun.”

Yun Siyi nodded lightly, “Is my wedding dress ready?”

“Okay, okay, it was delivered to the store in the morning just after the work was completed. Would you like Miss Yun to try it on? If you have any details, you can change it now.” The store manager said with a smile.

“That’s okay, Siyi, you can try it.” Madam Yun said with a smile.

Upon hearing this, Yun Siyi just nodded slightly.

Upon seeing this, Mrs. Yun stopped talking, but still didn’t say anything, and watched Yun Siyi obediently go in and put on her wedding dress.

When Yun Siyi came out after changing her wedding dress, Mrs. Yun looked at Yun Siyi who was wearing a white wedding dress in front of her, her eyes turned slightly red.

“We Siyi is so beautiful. In a blink of an eye, it’s time for you to get married.” Madam Yun stood up, turned around Yun Siyi, and quietly wiped away the tears from the corners of her eyes.

“Mom, if you can’t bear me, I don’t need to get married.” Yun Siyi smiled at the corner of her mouth, but there was a different kind of seriousness in her eyes.

“How can it be?” Mrs. Yun retorted without thinking, “Marriage is your life’s major event, Siyi, marry Tian Hao obediently, don’t think about anything.”

“I…” Yun Siyi didn’t say anything in the end under Mrs. Yun’s sight.

Looking at herself in the mirror, Yun Siyi’s face slowly burst into a smile, “I know Mom, the wedding dress is very good, then I will change it first.”

The store manager was on the sidelines, as for the obviously weird atmosphere between Yun Siyi and Mrs. Yun, she just pretended that she couldn’t see it.

When she changed her wedding dress, Yun Siyi looked at the wedding dress in her hand and handed it to the store manager, “That’s it, please send it to Yun’s house.”

“Okay Miss Yun, I’ll be sent to you right away.” The store manager nodded slightly and said with a smile.

Before leaving, Yun Siyi glanced at the wedding dress. It was undeniable that the wedding dress was beautiful, but she didn’t want to marry. Even if she put on the beautiful wedding dress, she couldn’t feel the happiness and joy.


Gu Jinxi received a call from Lin Qiang, “How is the investigation going?”

“I’m going out, of course I won’t let you down.” Lin Qiang said triumphantly, with obvious randomness in his words.

“Then I will listen carefully, talk about it…” Gu Jinxi picked up the teapot in front of him and poured himself a cup of tea.

In Lin Qiang’s recounting, Gu Jinxi knew that Yuan Zhi’s mess was really not done by Yan Zhiya.

That batch of aging insulating materials was originally just ordinary materials, but the initial aging of the materials was caused by changes, but because of the huge base of materials, it would be a big expense if all of them were discarded.

Yuanzhi has another voice inside, reducing internal losses, lowering prices, and selling the manufactured electrical appliances privately to some small stores for sale.

After all, this batch of electrical appliances could not pass the system test, and they could not allow the testing of these appliances to affect Yuanzhi’s test results. This method can be said to have the least loss for Yuanzhi.

In the beginning, Yan Zhiya handed over this batch of electrical appliances to a senior. Although the senior was not dismissed after the accident, in order to keep his unstable position, he operated all this in private.

“Where were the electrical appliances sent?” Gu Jinxi asked.

After getting the answer from Lin Qiang, Gu Jinxi turned around and called Secretary Lu, “Go and intercept this batch of goods.”

“Yes, Mr. Gu,” Secretary Lu said in a deep voice.

When I hung up, Secretary Lu made a phone call while changing clothes, “Aiken, I have a world-leading news, do you want to get first-hand information…I’m…”

On the other side, Yan Zhiya slapped Kefney’s face with a slap, “Trash!”

Kefney didn’t dare to defend herself, and stood there with her face covered.

“It’s all a bunch of rubbish, it will only hinder me!” Yan Zhiya was so angry, she never expected that such a big thing had happened in the company, she was still being concealed.

And this group of idiots still think they are smart and want to do things secretly.

Seeing Kaifni still standing there not daring to say anything, Yan Zhiya said angrily: “What are you doing there? Go and take back the goods and destroy them all!”

“However, that batch of electrical appliances can reduce our company’s losses…” In Kefni’s view, there is only an initial aging insulation material, which does not need to be destroyed at all.

“There are some things you can do normally, but now, if you do it, you die!” Yan Zhiya said in a deep voice.

Yan Zhiya didn’t dare to underestimate Gu Jinxi. Even if she looked down on Gu Jinxi more verbally, she couldn’t deny that she could sit in the top position of President Gu, she also has her own skills.

Kaifni didn’t understand what Yan Zhiya meant, but Yan Zhiya didn’t want her to understand, so she directly ordered her to take everything back. In addition, she was asked to collect and dispose of the goods in person.

Yan Zhiya didn’t think that Gu Jinxi would let go of such a good opportunity to suppress her, it was best to solve it before she found it, otherwise, it would be really troublesome.

She did not expect that she had been cautiously arranging the layout for so long, and her house caught fire in the yard, and her company got a handle on it.

On both sides, Kefney and Secretary Lu drove almost at the same time and went to the same address…

I just don’t know who is the one who will kill him.

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