Chapter 381 Come Prepared

Chapter 381: The road to the night prepared for the night was shrouded in darkness. Perhaps because of the colder weather, there were fewer pedestrians on the road.

The truck driver yawned greatly as he drove, and as long as the goods were delivered to the truck, he would be able to get off work and rest. Thinking about it this way, I suddenly felt energetic again.

Because the above mentioned that this batch of goods should be transported cautiously, the driver was also more cautious along the way, and the person in the front passenger seat also kept his head out of the window and looked around.

Although the driver was also a little cautious, he couldn’t help but mutter, “Would you like to be so careful?”

“In case of an accident, we will both be dead.” The companion said in an unpleasant way.

Not paying attention, getting closer to the destination, the driver relaxed more and more.

When a car came up from behind, the driver suddenly became tight, “Someone is coming?”

Just as he wanted to speed up the driver to leave, his companion heard the sound of the horn of the car behind. When he squinted to see the person in the driver’s seat, he immediately patted the driver beside him, “Stop and stop, it’s Kefani.”

Upon hearing this, the driver hurriedly stopped the car to the side of the road.

Kaifni was relieved when she saw the car stopped, and walked quickly to the driver when she got out of the car.

“Kefni, what’s the matter?” The driver looked at Kefni suspiciously.

“Turn around and follow me back to the company, the wife said, this batch of goods will all be destroyed.” Kefney said in a deep voice.

“Destroy them all? Isn’t it true? These are worth a lot of money.” The driver was stunned. He didn’t expect this to happen.

There was still a faint pain on her face, and Kefney’s face was not very beautiful, “This is what the lady said, do you dare not listen? Turn around and follow me back.”

The driver and his companion glanced, and they all saw hesitation in the eyes of each other.

But thinking of Kefney’s identity, the two eventually drove honestly behind her car.

On the other hand, Secretary Lu was obviously a step late for Kefney because of meeting with the reporter first.

When their cars met, Kefani had already led the truck behind him for a long time.

When they met on a narrow road, Kefni and Secretary Lu faced each other far away. Finally, Secretary Lu got out of the car first and walked to the window of Kefni’s car.

Due to the identity of Secretary Lu, Kefani rolled down the window.

“Secretary Lu, don’t you take a break so late?” Kefney looked at Secretary Lu with a smile.

“Kefni, haven’t you rested?” Secretary Lu said with a smile.

Avoiding Secretary Lu’s sight, Kefni said, “I still have something to do. If you have nothing to do, let’s talk about it another day?”

Looking down on the truck behind Kefun, Secretary Lu smiled at the corner of his mouth, “It just so happens that I haven’t finished some things. It’s related to the goods behind you, don’t you mind if I take a look?”

“Secretary Lu, these are our Yuanzhi’s goods.” Although Kefni was still smiling, there was a hint of coldness in her eyes.

“Although the goods are your far-reaching wisdom, but… it is related to the people’s own safety, and everyone is responsible for protecting the masses.” Secretary Lu said frankly, and then recruited the reporters in his car. wave.

The two reporters took several photos immediately.

Immediately, the reporter named Aiken took the interview microphone and said solemnly to the camera: “Opening the “Fire Statistics Yearbook” over the years, people will find that thousands of people are killed and injured every year, and the direct property loss is billions of dollars in fires. Electrical disasters account for the vast majority. Therefore, fundamentally reducing electrical fires is a quick way to reduce fire losses…balabala…”

But over there, Kefny’s face was darkened a lot after hearing Aiken’s words.

“Kefni, won’t you come down for an interview?” Secretary Lu asked with a smile.

Turning her head to look at Secretary Lu, Kefny said solemnly, “Secretary Lu, I don’t know why you are stopping us, but I don’t know what you are talking about or what you are doing.”

While talking, Kefani quietly texted the people in the car behind by using the blind spot.

“Whether you really don’t know whether you’re false or not, I know it well if you want to come.” Secretary Lu said with a good-tempered smile on his face.

When the light from the corner of his eye noticed that the truck behind seemed to be moving, Secretary Lu’s eyes sank, “Stop the truck!”

Kaifni didn’t care, and she just sneered at Secretary Lu’s words. She saw that there were only two reporters except Secretary Lu, and no one could stop the car.

As long as the goods are not caught, she has reasons to explain what happened here at night.

Glancing at the complacency at the corner of Kefney’s mouth, Secretary Lu rolled her eyes secretly. She was really a fool, so she came with two reporters?

Raising his hand to touch the Bluetooth headset on his ear, Secretary Lu leaned one hand on Kaifney’s car.

“Go!” The companion urged the driver. The driver also knew the current situation and hurriedly turned around in a panic.

Before they could smoothly turn the front of the truck and leave, they saw an off-road vehicle parked behind the truck, and several people on and off the truck blocked the front of the truck.

He nodded with Ada who got out of the car. Secretary Lu looked at the stubborn truck that had to retreat again, and laughed, “Kefny, where are they going? Don’t say hello. One, isn’t it too polite?”

“It seems that you are here prepared.” Kefni looked at the people who got off the car and the stopped truck, her expression slightly solemn.

Obviously she had thought about it, the current situation really became what Yan Zhiya said.

With a smile at the corner of his mouth, Secretary Lu praised: “Kefni, Chinese literature is good recently, and I can even use idioms.”

With a cold face, Kefney turned her head to ignore Secretary Lu.

The truck was forced to stop, but Ada and the others were surrounding the cargo but did nothing. Keffni looked at this scene and couldn’t help but say, “What are you trying to do?”

“You’ll find out later.” Secretary Lu looked down at his fingers, bored.

Kaifni had already sent a message to Yan Zhiya, and Secretary Lu also saw her sending a message to Yan Zhiya, but she just smiled and did not stop it.

After waiting for a while, Kaifni got Yan Zhiya’s reply.

After reading the text message that Yan Zhiya responded to, Kefani wrinkled her brows slightly, but she put down her phone and stopped making any movements.

When the people from the Quality Inspection Bureau arrived, it was already half an hour after they waited on the spot.

Seeing that they were finally late in arrival, Secretary Lu only felt that, indeed, whether it was domestic or foreign, the speed of such national units would always be a step slower.

Because the commissioner personally assigned this task, the four quality inspectors who came here were very dedicated, and they didn’t give people a cold look because it was off-hours work.

Seeing the four people getting out of the car, Secretary Lu and Kaifni both got out of the car.

Seeing the two people in front of him, the quality inspector fell on Secretary Lu’s body, “Secretary Lu?”

“Yes, you are?” Secretary Lu nodded with a smile.

“I’m Johnny George.” Johnny reached out and shook hands friendly with Secretary Lu. He is the leader of the quality inspection team, and his arrival also represents the Secretary’s attention to this matter.

After a brief exchange with Johnny, Secretary Lu stopped disturbing their work.

Kefney stood beside Secretary Lu, but her face was not pretty. I just saw Secretary Lu chatting with Johnny, and Kaifni wanted to catch up with her too, but it was a pity that the other party didn’t seem to see her very much.

Because Johnny brought not many people, he finally asked Ada and others to help and drove a truck of goods back to the Quality Supervision Bureau for testing.

Over there, Aiken saw Johnny and others, and found a gap to come over for an interview, “Hello, Mr. George.”

Johnny obviously knew Aiken, a well-known media person, and immediately nodded at him.

When Aiken asked about what happened tonight, Johnny intentionally or unintentionally revealed their purpose of coming, and told Yuanzhi about the use of aging insulating materials.

Originally, such things that have not been tested, they cannot be said at will as public officials. After all, there are many people nowadays, especially professional people who say it, which is even more convincing.

But Johnny used another unintentional way to lead the incident naturally, but it quietly revealed it.

After listening to Johnny’s words, Aiken also suddenly realized, nodding his head again and again, his eyes filled with excitement.

For them, nothing is important.

Yuanzhi Industrial, as a rookie force, has stronger strength than rookies. More importantly, Yan Zhiya is a controversial person.

Now her mistakes will naturally arouse the attention of many people.

Kaifni wanted to say something, but the goods were all taken away by Johnny, and she was afraid that she would make more mistakes, so she could only pin her hopes on Yan Zhiya.

After all, it was mentioned in the text message that Yan Zhiya replies to her just now, and she didn’t need to say anything and don’t need to do anything.

Johnny took the goods and went back for testing. Ada and others followed him back to the Quality Supervision Bureau and watched them leave. Secretary Lu fell on Kefney and said, “Kefani, do you want to have a drink together?”

“No need.” Kefney got into the car and left with a cold face.

Secretary Lu smiled and watched her get into the car, and then turned back to his car.

Over there, Aiken was in the back seat excitedly sorting out today’s harvest, but he was still a little worried: “Secretary Lu, are you sure there is something wrong with their shipment?”

“Of course.” Secretary Lu said with a smile.

“But if there is no problem, our situation will be very troublesome.” Although Aiken is happy to have the first-hand information, he still has basic sanity.

Moreover, his rhetoric is still relatively euphemistic.

Looking at Aiken in the rear car mirror, Secretary Lu smiled and said, “Aiken, you should believe me. Then, the test result will definitely come out tomorrow morning. My people have followed the quality inspection bureau. I can I give you a guarantee that my results will be given to you before your manuscript is sent out.”

“Then naturally the best, as long as the result is confirmed, I can make things a little more lively on the basis of the present.” Aiken said confidently.

Secretary Lu would naturally not object to this kind of thing, and the two quickly reached a consensus.