Chapter 4 Don’t accept interviews

Chapter 4 Not Accepting Interviews Gu Jinxi was sent to the hospital, and Yan Chen sat in the car and returned to Yan’s old house in City A.

In the living room, Yan Shen was looking at the newspaper and waiting for someone. When footsteps rang in his ears, he put down the newspaper in his hand, “Achen, I heard you went to Gu Xiong’s funeral?”

“Yeah.” Yan Chen replied indifferently, without squinting his eyes, and walked directly to the stairs.

Turning around, Yan Shen watched Yan Chen’s steps upstairs and couldn’t help asking, “I also heard that you said Gu Xiong is your teacher? How could he get so much face?”

“If I remember correctly, during this period of time in the performance evaluation, you are so idle, should I add some blockage to you?” Yan Chen paused, standing on the stairs and looking at Yan Shen condescendingly. Yan Shen, the eldest brother of Yan Chen, couldn’t help but give in because of the look in the eyes of all things.

And just like that, Yan Chen’s figure has disappeared at the top of the stairs.

In the hospital.

Gu Jinxi just woke up, and he heard the noise outside the door. If it weren’t for the obvious configuration of the ward, Gu Jinxi didn’t think he was in the hospital ward at all.

Those noisy and yelling sounds were accompanied by familiar sounds. Gu Jinxi had to support a somewhat weak body and get out of bed…

Her body bones have been bad since she was a child. This time, Gu’s father’s affairs hit her too much, and the divorce from Ji Liufeng made Gu Jinxi’s body suddenly weak.

The door of the ward just opened, and the dazzling flash made Gu Jinxi almost unable to open his eyes.

I blocked the dazzling flashes with my hands, and this time was enough to make the reporters rush to Gu Jinxi excitedly.

“I said, Jin Xi just woke up and will not accept any interviews.” Chen Qing walked to Gu Jinxi quickly, blocking the eyes of the reporters who were eagerly watching Gu Jinxi.

Following her words, the nurses on the side hurried over to block the reporters, “The patients need to rest. This is the hospital. Please don’t be noisy.”

Looking at the crowd of reporters pushing and shoving in front of him, Gu Jinxi’s weak body stood in front of these wolves like tigers, and he really felt a little bit weak against the wind.

Suddenly, an interview microphone was raised in front of Gu Jinxi, accompanied by a female reporter’s eager words, “Miss Gu, did you post those messages on the Internet? Did you really divorce Ji Shao?”

As the first person broke through the encirclement, another microphone was handed up, “Someone broke the news that Miss Gu’s divorce was threatened by Mr. Ji, so she fainted and went to the hospital for rescue. Is it true?”

“Miss Gu, can you talk about it?”

“That’s right, Miss Gu, are the reports on the Internet true?”

Gu Jinxi had just awakened from a coma. At this time, reporters’ chattering voices kept ringing in his ears, which made him a little headache.

Just when she was about to speak, a voice suddenly sounded, “Miss Gu, I heard that it was Yinghou Qiao who intervened in your marriage with Mr. Ji. Is this true? Isn’t it true that Yinghou Qiao forced you to and Mr. Ji divorced? Do you know how long they have been together?”

“I don’t want to talk about divorce. As for Qiao Yiyi…Are you not paparazzi? Digging for information is your strength. Ask me what to do?” Gu Jinxi’s tone was not good because of his discomfort, even more. Don’t mention the good face.

These reporters are really all-pervasive, not to mention the large number of people. When they see the news, they are like a pervert who sees beautiful women. They have to drive people to a desperate situation.

Chen Qing took a look at the situation in front of him, and then guarded Gu Jinxi behind him and retreated to the ward. “Jinxi, you go back to the ward first. I’ll let someone take care of it.”

Before Gu Jinxi answered, all of a sudden everyone dispersed. To be precise, someone artificially isolated them from Gu Jinxi and the others…

An isolation belt composed of black bodyguards guarded Gu Jinxi at the door of the ward. From far and near, Yan Chen stepped firmly in front of Gu Jinxi.

When seeing Gu Jinxi’s slightly pale face, Yan Chen frowned slightly, his thin lips opened slightly, and his words were lightly comforting, “How about?”

Meeting the man’s gaze, Gu Jinxi blinked, “Thank you for your concern, I’m fine.”

Seeing Gu Jinxi who turned to enter the ward, Yan Chen followed directly without any hesitation at his feet. Chen Qing looked at the situation in front of her and walked in.

After all, Gu Jinxi was also a girl anyway, and Yan Chen, a big man, would easily attract criticism from others.

“You were in a coma for three days.” Yan Chen’s words made Gu Jinxi’s footsteps uncontrollable.

Looking at the bright sun outside the window, Gu Jinxi couldn’t help but laugh at herself. She thought she had just slept for one day, but unexpectedly it was three days…

Without waiting for Gu Jinxi to think about other things, Yan Chen’s next sentence made her stay on the spot.