Chapter 4 Dream maker dream seller

Tong Qianmeng’s heart jumped.

Zhai Zhenyu!

How does he know his number?

Thinking like this in my heart, I asked like that on my lips.

. “All the things you and I both know, as clear as …… know your cup”: “? How do you know ah ……” There lengthened tail, deliberately sold a related child, then said only

beep – beep ——Beep——

Hearing the busy tone on the phone, Zhai Yuyu raised his sword eyebrows and smiled in a good mood.

No hurry, no hurry, take your time.

He warned himself repeatedly.

At this moment, Tang Yisu walked quickly, “President Zhai, Young Master Gong is here…”

Before the words were finished, a graceful figure walked in. The visitor wore a light blue round-necked shirt with white. Slim-fit slacks, wherever you go, the smell of good-smelling men’s perfume permeates, very light and not pungent.

One brother Pian Pian.

He is the youngest son of Gong Ziqing, one of the three major families in the imperial capital except the Zhai family.

Zhai Zhenyu constricted a cheerful expression, “Early morning, what are you doing here?”

“Oh~” Gong Ziqing sat down on the sofa, leaned back, and put his arms on the backrest casually, arbitrarily and lazy. He was eye-catching, and said in a serious manner: “I heard that you finally had a woman with a woman last night, of course, as a brother, I have to come to congratulate…”

Zhai Zhenyu was too lazy to listen to his nonsense, and said to Tang Yisu: “Send a car to pick her up. “

He didn’t clearly say who to pick up or where to pick up, but Tang Yisu immediately understood, answered’Yes’, and walked away.

Besides picking up Miss Tong, who else can there be? The person who arranged to be next to Miss Tong sent back a message saying that Miss Tong had left Tong’s house and left on foot.

It seems that Mr. Zhai is very concerned about Miss Tong.

Gong Ziqing looked at Tang Yisu’s back, and then set his eyes on his left hand. There was a hideous scar on the back of his hand. He had seen the whole picture before, from shoulder to arm, running through the entire arm.

It is said that when Zhai Zhenyu seized power of the Zhai family, some people refused to accept it and asked the killer to assassinate him. The scar on Tang Yisu’s arm was left behind for him at that time.

It is rare for this person to be loyal to know the whole leopard at a glance.

Gong Ziqing’s long and narrow eyes narrowed, “Or, you can give this person to me.”

Zhai Zhenyu snorted expressionlessly, “If he wants to follow you, I will never stop him.”

Gong Ziqing curled his lips. “How could he follow me without you speaking?” Then the conversation turned, “By the way, how does a woman feel? *No?”

Zhai Zhenyu gave him a cold glance, “There is nothing you can go away.

” …” Gong Ziqing looked aggrieved, “Really unfriendly!”

Tong Qianmeng bulged his cheeks and stared at the screen of the mobile phone, so angry that her eyebrows were erected. This Zhai Zhenyu is absolutely disgusting!

He bitterly stuffed the phone into the mezzanine pocket outside the suitcase, before the zipper was closed, the phone rang again.

She tightened her brows, took a look reluctantly, and suddenly stretched her brows.

It’s her partner and best friend, Mo enchanting.

Mo enchanting, as the name suggests, enchanting and colorful.

It’s just–

“Dream, where did you die last night? No one answered the call all night, and I was so anxious that my old lady was about to call the police, don’t you know?!” The standard loud voice broke all the thoughts.

Tong Qianmeng waited for her to finish snarling, and then put the mobile phone placed far away close to her ears again, grievingly: “You Yao, something happened to me last night…”

However, the people on her mobile phone couldn’t accept her grievance. Then, “Nothing is as important as tonight’s matter. Today is the fifteenth, do you remember? I took a big order of 700,000, 700,000 ah, 700,000!”

Across the screen, Tong Qianmeng I can imagine Mo enchanting * trembling nosebleeds, the haze in her heart miraculously disappeared because of her exhilarating voice, and she laughed and said: “Seven hundred thousand will excite you like this, you forgot those seven million Listed?”

“My sister, we have earned a little more than 80 million in three years. We all invested in the construction of the “Thousand Dream Pavilion”. Now, we can’t even pay the utility bill, okay? Seven hundred thousand is just a penny. Is it a huge sum of money?”

“Uh…well, who is the employer this time?” Tong Qianmeng asked as he walked, pulling the luggage lever.

“The employer is an 80-year-old old man, and the target person is his wife who has passed away 20 years ago, he…” The

chat mode was turned on on the mobile phone.

At this time, a brocade red BMW stopped beside Tong Qianmeng with a’crunch’. She turned her head and looked over. Wasn’t it the same person who sent her back to the children’s house before?

What is he doing?

“Hey! Hey! Dream, are you listening to me?” Mo Yaoluo didn’t get a response for a long time, and started yelling again.

“Ah? Oh, I hung up a bit beforehand. I’ll go to your house later, you can tell me later.”

Hanging up, Tong Qianmeng stood on the spot, holding his breath and waiting for the dust to dissipate, squinting his eyes. The driver did not speak.

“Miss Tong, Mr. Zhai asked me to pick you up back to the Red Sandalwood Palace, please get in the car.” The young driver got out of the car and said respectfully, standing in front of her.

“If I refuse, do you plan to use the strong one?” Tong Qianmeng pulled the suitcase in front of him without a trace, as if he was between the two.

“No, Zhai said that everything is subject to Miss Tong’s arrangements.” The young driver thought a few times, and Tang Yisu asked himself to follow Miss Tong’s instructions, which should be what Zhai meant.

“Really?” Tong Qianmeng glanced at BMW, and since she had listened to her instructions, she was not polite. The driver who had previously refused Tong Jianye’s arrangement to send her away was because he would only send her to the Red Sandalwood Palace, and she had no plans to go there at all. But since the one in front of me listens to her everything, if she refuses, she would be a fool, because it is difficult to take a taxi in this place.

“I want to go to my friend’s house, don’t know if you can send me there?” she asked.

“Yes…” The young driver thought for a moment. Since he was asked to listen to Miss Tong, shouldn’t it be okay to send her to a friend’s house? But he didn’t forget his mission, “Will you return to the Red Sandalwood Palace after you go to your friend’s house?”

“Hey…” Tong Qianmeng snarled and edited Bei Haofang with a smile, instantly shining like pearls and jade. The young driver’s cheeks flushed and he got into the car with his head down.

Seeing his shy appearance, Tong Qianmeng had a black line. She just wanted to be sloppy. Why is this driver so shy?

After struggling to put the suitcase into the trunk, Tong Qianmeng got into the car, and the BMW whizzed away.

Tong’s home is in the west of the city, and Mo enchanting home is in the east of the city. It takes 50 minutes to reach it by car.

Tong Qianmeng looked at the scenery flashing by outside the car window, feeling hard to tell from the bottom of his heart.

She had no father since she was a child, and her mother was weak. She and her mother were always bullied. Thanks to the care of Mo enchanting parents, life was not difficult.

Whenever she sees other children riding around the tall father’s neck, she is very envious.

The appearance of Tong Jianye has given her endless joy and hope.

Unexpectedly, reality is always cruel, easily shattering a person’s dreams.


because of the cruel reality, there are too many bad things and regrets in life, so her ability can reflect the value.

Create dreams, create beautiful dreams, create dreams that cannot be realized in reality but are longed to become reality.

She is a dream maker and a dream seller.

Tonight, there is another person who needs her to fulfill a dream that is longing for but not available.