Chapter 5 Love to the end of life

IELTS community.

An ordinary residential area in the east of the city.

Although the houses in the community look a bit old, the environmental sanitation is unexpectedly clean and comfortable.

A brocade red BMW drove into the community, arousing the glances of passersby.

Arriving downstairs in the 21st building, Tong Qianmeng got out of the car and took the suitcase from the trunk.

“Miss Tong, I’m waiting for you here. When will you return to the Red Sandalwood Palace?” The young driver did not dare to look at her, and stared at the wheel after getting off the car.

“Uh…I…” Tong Qianmeng was about to tell a lie when a loud female voice sounded.

“Dream! It’s really you, come up, come up, I want to die!” Mo enchanting lay on the balcony and looked down.

“Oh, here!” Tong Qianmeng responded immediately, and then he walked to the second unit corridor without looking back while pulling his suitcase. “Go back and tell Zhai Zhenyu that I will not go to the Red Sandalwood Palace. Thank you for sending me here. Here, just like this, never see you again!” The

young driver of Duliu was messy in the wind, is he…was fooled?


Red Sandalwood Palace.

After Tang Yisu answered the call from the young driver, his expressionless face was stained with sullen anger.

He walked to Zhai Zhenyu who was sitting on the sofa, with his head down, just about to speak truthfully.

“She’s not coming?” Zhai Zhenyu’s deep voice sounded first.

“Yes, his subordinates are not doing things well.” Tang Yisu did not shirk his responsibility.

Hearing this, Zhai Zhenyu put her long fingers in a circle on her lap and paused for two seconds, then circled again, “Unexpectedly, she was never an obedient person, not in the future, and now, of course not… …”

What he said was strange. Tang Yisu raised his head and glanced at him. Normal people would only say, “It was not before, and it is not now.” What does he mean by “The future is not, and it is not now.”

But seeing his unpredictable eyes, Tang Yisu chose to remain silent.

after awhile.

“Is the transfer contract for the afternoon still being signed?” Tang Yisu asked.

“Sign, as long as Tong Jianye insists on not letting Tong Qianmeng go home, why not let him give him a plot?” Zhai Zhenyu’s three-dimensional features cast thick dark shadows on his face, a bit gloomy, some, conspiracy.

IELTS community, Mojia.

“Oh, I wiped it, did you put it in the home improvement box? It’s so heavy!” Mo Yaoluo and Tong Qianmeng carried the suitcase up to the fourth floor, their chests trembling with exhaustion.

Entering the house, Tong Qianmeng shook off his shoes, jumped into the sofa, sighed comfortably, and said: “Yes, that’s all my belongings, isn’t it the whole family.”

“What are you doing? You are leaving Run away from home?” Mo Yaoluo smiled and sat down beside her.

“I was kicked out! I have become a poor homeless baby!” Tong Qianmeng said jokingly, but the loneliness in his eyes was so obvious.

Mo Yaoluo, who is very nervous, also saw something wrong with her, and remembered that when she called before, she said that there was an accident last night. With a deep heart, she asked with concern: “What’s the matter? Did you have trouble with your father? “

She asked, and all of Tong Qianmeng’s grievances suddenly turned into a sour sensation on the bridge of her nose, tears fell down without complacency, and she plunged into her arms and whimpered.

Mo enchanting was startled, and then quietly hugged her, allowing her to vent.

After crying for a while, Tong Qianmeng straightened up, rubbed her hands indiscriminately on her face, and said with a smile, “I’m fine! Hey!”

Mo Yaoluo was speechless. She has been like this since she was a child, and grievances come and go faster.

“Then you can live in my house from now on and sleep with me.” Mo Yaoluo was very sincere.

“No, I can live in the school dormitory. Today Saturday, which happens to be the 15th, I will spend the night in Qianmeng Pavilion. I will return to the dormitory tomorrow to clean up. I don’t have to run between home and school when I live in school. It’s so tired. “Tong Qianmeng is indifferent and authentic, and suddenly remembered what Mo enchanting had said before, and asked: “What dream is the employer buying tonight?”

“Oh, the employer is an 80-year-old old man, and the target person is him. He wants to meet his wife who has been dead for twenty years.” Mo enchanting said.

“Seven hundred thousand, he wants to buy the first-level shallow Yiyu dream for 60 minutes? Reality is 60 minutes, but the dream is six days. It seems that he loves his wife very much.” Tong Qianmeng sighed.

“Yeah, he is loving someone to the end of his life, right? Hey…there is a rare lover in the world!” Mo Yaoluo sighed with envy, eyes full of envy.

“Then is his dreaming medium ready?” Tong Qianmeng asked worriedly.

“Ready, it is the pearl necklace that his wife has worn for decades. I heard it was a token of love he gave to his wife.”

“Oh, that’s fine.” Tong Qian dreamed and said again: ” In the evening, let’s go to Qianmeng Pavilion first, and wait for Han Yuru to bring him over.”

After speaking, she took the phone to check the time. It was eleven o’clock and it’s time for lunch, and her stomach rang together. .

Mo Yaoluo listened and pulled her up, “Go, go to Dingyao for dinner!”

The Dingyao restaurant is run by Mo Yaoluo’s parents. It is located on the snack street not far from the Yasi community. It is economical, unique in taste, and has a good business. Prosperous.

In the past, Tong Qianmeng and Feng Ruyan also lived in the IELTS community. The two families are very familiar with each other. Feng Ruyan worked at the Ding Meiwei Restaurant and received a lot of care from the Mo family. Otherwise, it would be difficult to treat Tong Qianmeng with her temperament. Grow up.

Tong Qianmeng often went to Cengfan, so he didn’t feel embarrassed when he got used to it.

Walking on the road.


Qianmeng : “Yao Yao, where’s your brother? Ask him to go with him.” Mo Yaoluo: “That stinky boy from Modan Zhou went out early in the morning and won’t return to his nest until night.”

Tong Qianmeng : “…” After

eating, the two stayed at home and watched Korean dramas for an afternoon. Mo Yaoluo drooled two bowls of saliva at the Korean long-legged Oppa.

At four o’clock in the afternoon, the two took a taxi to Qianmeng Pavilion.


Qianmeng Pavilion is a small villa hidden in a secluded red cedar forest in the north of the imperial capital city. The red cedar trees in the forest are very dense. The more they go to the center of the forest, the more smoky they are. There are strange things under the brown cloth of Han Yu in the forest. The art of door escape completely hides the villa.

Walking into the Qianmeng Pavilion requires extremely special footwork, otherwise the existence of Qianmeng Pavilion will not be discovered at all.

This redwood forest belongs to Tong Qianmeng himself.

She used the funds gained from selling her dreams over the years to purchase this piece of wood, build a small villa, connected to water and electricity, and made the Qianmeng Pavilion today.


Dreaming is, after all, a supernatural power, and it is an alien in this science-belief society, so Tong Qianmeng and her partner have been careful to hide this secret.

She has two partners:

one is Mo enchanting, a computer expert, who has established a Qianmengge website on the Internet to attract employers. This website is very special. It appears on the Internet at midnight and disappears at 1 am, and there is no information about the Qianmengge website. Just like there is no such website, netizens call it a ghost website.

The other is Han Yuzhan, who is proficient in the technique of Qimen Dunjia, and is responsible for hiding the Qianmeng Pavilion, so that people with ghosts will not find it. Someone once came to Qianmeng Pavilion by buying dreams, and he was in front of him at the moment of trouble. The scenery turned into a cemetery with wind and wind, which directly scared him out of schizophrenia. After the matter spread on the Internet, some netizens respected Qianmeng Pavilion as a god.

This was unexpected to the three of them.

For Qianmengge, some people believe it, some doubt it, and some disdain it.

No matter what kind of attitude it is, it shows that Qianmengge is well-known.

It took an hour and a half to take a taxi from Mo’s family to the Redwoods. It was only 5:30 when they got off the taxi. It was not too late in this early summer. It took another 20 minutes to walk to the Redwoods. forest.

According to Professor Han Yuhu’s complicated footwork, it took them a long time to walk to the door of Qianmeng Pavilion. They practiced this footwork for two weeks before learning. It is conceivable that ordinary people have found Qianmeng Pavilion’s. How slim is the chance.

Tong Qianmeng put the suitcase in the bedroom on the second floor, which is like an ordinary villa with complete living facilities.

At eight o’clock in the evening, Tong Qianmeng put on a special white gauze skirt with a veil, and walked into the dream room on the first floor to wait.

Not long after, a black-faced, fine-eyed and garlic-to-nosed man walked in with an old man with a yellow hair and back. Tong Qianmeng was stunned when he saw the old man.