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Chapter 5 Turns to the Past

Chapter 5 is the past chapter, “Gu’s will be officially merged into Ji’s next month and become a subsidiary of Ji’s. Do you know about this?” Yan Chen’s eyes were fixed on Gu Jinxi. I could clearly see the shock in her eyes.

“Impossible!” Gu Jinxi denied this almost subconsciously.

But who is the person in front of him, Yan Chen would make such a joke with her?

Thinking of this, Gu Jinxi’s heart slammed, “Gu’s is my dad’s company, and Ji Liufeng and I have divorced. What qualifications do they have to make such a decision?”

Yan Chen hesitated for a moment, “Did you agree to sign the words on the divorce agreement?”

“Yes.” Although I don’t know why it has something to do with the divorce agreement, although Gu Jinxi’s mood was about to collapse at that time, he still couldn’t even lose sight of what was written on it.

She was quite sure that the agreement did not contain the conditions for Gu’s ownership or division.

“That’s right, your father and Ji’s family once had an agreement that if Monsoon wind enters Zuogu’s family, he will receive Gu’s inheritance. In other words, Monsliufeng is Gu’s son, and once you two get divorced, unless he voluntarily gives up Inheritance rights, otherwise you will be the one to be expelled.” This kind of agreement is not uncommon. It’s just that this kind of obvious unfairness is so obvious that few people will agree to it.

When Yan Chen knew about this, he was a little surprised.

“In other words, I was cleaned out?” This was the first time Gu Jinxi heard about this agreement, and couldn’t help feeling a bit ridiculous.

Monsoon wind enters Zuogu’s home? Why does she, the Gu’s daughter, don’t know at all.

“You said this was the original agreement between my dad and the Ji family, but my dad never told me…” Gu Jinxi obviously didn’t believe that this was the pit that Gu’s father buried him.

“I don’t know this.” Yan Chen’s voice was cold, he just came to tell her about this, as the other things are hers.

There is no way to get more information from Yan Chen, but Gu Jinxi can’t stand up anymore, “No, I’m going to Ji’s house, I’m looking for monsoon wind…”

“Wait a minute!” Chen Qing, who followed in, naturally heard the conversation between the two. She really didn’t know about the Ji family, so she just sent a message to her husband and asked about it.

But now that Gu Jinxi was about to leave in a hospital gown, he quickly stopped people, “Just look for them, you have to take care of your own body. You have been fainted for three days, and no matter how urgent you are, you have to wait for the doctor to come. Check it out.”

“But, I don’t believe this is a ghost agreement between my dad and the Ji family.” She believes even more that this is the ambition of the Ji family.

Seeing Gu Jinxi’s look a little stunned, Yan Chen couldn’t help showing a trace of confusion between his eyebrows. He seems to be born with some lack of emotion, and he rarely feels those strong emotional fluctuations for other people.

Plain and unwavering, whether it is life or emotion, this is the truest portrayal of him.

When Gu Jinxi looked at Yan Chen, he returned to his previous cold and abstinence posture, and he felt incompatible with this ward standing there.

The car slowly stopped at the door of Ji’s house, and Gu Jinxi opened the door and got off the station in this familiar and unfamiliar place.

Not familiar? She didn’t know how many times she had been here since she was young. After marriage, she lived in this in-law’s house for another three years…

“You came here because you want to stand here and remember the past?” Dimly beside him, Gu Jinxi saw the displeasure between the tall man’s eyebrows.

“What do you remember…I just came to turn over the past.” She wanted to pretend to be relaxed, but her voice still inevitably carried a trace of sadness.

But she didn’t think there was anything wrong. After all, as a sentimental person, would it be a sentence to forget some of the feelings that were carved into the bones of her bones? She needs time, and only time.

Seeing Gu Jinxi’s return, the guard hurriedly opened the door and let Gu Jinxi and Yan Chen’s car get in.

Looking at Yan Chen beside him, Gu Jinxi hesitated slightly, “Are you really going to follow me in?”

Originally, Gu Jinxi planned to come back alone, but she persuaded Uncle Li and the others, but she couldn’t control the man Yan Chen.

“I’m still asking now, don’t you think it’s unnecessary to do this?” Yan Chen looked lightly.

She didn’t know his purpose or what he wanted to do, but at present, the advantages of his existence outweigh the disadvantages, so be it.

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