Chapter 6 I am the God of Creation

The old man is a legend in the imperial capital, almost everyone in the imperial capital knows.

His real name is Feng II, he started his own business from scratch and started his own business when he was a teenager. After ups and downs, at the age of 30 he became a tycoon of the imperial capital, and no one dared to compete with him at the age of 30.

Today’s Feng Family, like the Palace Family, ranks among the three imperial families.

Tong Qianmeng has used his entrepreneurial history to inspire herself to never give up since she was a child. He is regarded as the benchmark of her life.

Unexpectedly, the employer this time was actually her idol, and she was surprised and delighted in her heart.

Containing the excitement, Tong Qianmeng smiled and greeted her. She put on a veil to cover up her vermilion lips, but the pair of water-cut pupils curved like crescent moons made people feel her smile like a wind.

“Grandpa, please come and sit here.” She pointed to one of the two reclining chairs in the center of the room and said to Feng Er.

The dream room is a pure white room, and the recliner is also pure white. There is no variegated color in the whole room, which makes people confused between east and west.

There are no lights in the room, and the four walls emit soft fog light, illuminating the whole room, making people feel like they are in a cloud.

Feng Er was leaning on a cane, and some muddy eyes shot into the sharp eyes of a falcon. Although it was already in his twilight years, he was a little inconvenient to move, but his momentum remained undiminished. It is vaguely visible that he was aggressive in the market.

He tremblingly walked to the reclining chair and lay down, then from the inner pocket of his clothes, he took out a dimly colored but large and round pearl necklace and handed it to Tong Qianmeng. A somewhat vague sentence overflowed from the shriveled gray lips lacking teeth. ” Can you really let me see my wife?”

Tong Qianmeng stretched out his hand to take it, and smiled, “Since Grandpa is here, he must believe me, right?”

Feng Er’s hands were folded on his abdomen , Closed his eyes and said: “Then, thank you.”

After closing his eyes, his eyebrows were very soft, and he seemed to have seen someone he had missed for a long time.

Tong Qianmeng held the pearl necklace and felt it carefully, and smiled: “Yes, this necklace has been worn by its owner for at least 30 years. The strong breath and memory of its owner remain on it, enough for me to make it for you. A sweet dream.”

After she finished speaking, she lay down on another reclining chair, putting her hands on the handles at will, pouring her mental energy into the pearl necklace, two seemingly hazes overflowing from the necklace, snakes Entering Tong Qianmeng and Feng Er’s nostrils, their heads drooped to one side at the same time.

The black-faced, narrow-eyed and garlic-nosed man quietly exited the door and closed the door.

“Are they dreaming?” Mo Yaoluo suddenly appeared behind him, startling him with a loud voice.

He turned around and frightened Mo enchantingly again, “Oh, I wiped it, Han Yu brown, did you fail the plastic surgery? It’s so ugly and scary!”

“You know what a fart!” Han Yu brown touched the mask on his face. Disdainfully said: “This is called disguise, I have no knowledge!”

“Whether you are disguised or failed plastic surgery, do you hurry up and restore the original appearance? This face also affects the air quality too much!” Mo enchanting pouted. Very disgusted.

“Then I have to wait until I send off the old gentleman before taking off the mask, otherwise I will wear it again after a while, it is very troublesome to fetch it.”

“…” Mo Yaoluo ran across in front of him, covering his eyes. Cengceng went up to the second floor.

Dream space.

The whole city was shrouded in the sun, and the people on the road were busy.

Feng Er stood at the gate of the park, watching his youthful hands couldn’t react for a while, “This…”

“Do you remember this?” Tong Qianmeng looked back at a huge boulder standing behind them, on the boulder. The four characters’Haibei Park’ are engraved in cursive script.

Feng Er turned her head, her clear eyes flashed with colors that seemed to be happy and painful, “For the year before my wife passed away from illness, I used a wheelchair to push her to walk and see the scenery here every day. She loves to snuggle on my shoulder. I appreciate the winter plums in the snow here. She always said that plum fragrant can only be found in life…”

“Let’s go.” Tong Qianmeng’s eyes looked directly at the scenery inside the park through the layers of obstacles, “Go in,” Samui has opened again. The young and beautiful girl is waiting for you under the plum tree.”

Feng Er shook his hands tightly on his side, and then raised his leg and walked towards the park.

There is a large plum grove in the northwest corner of the park, which is planted with extremely cold-resistant plums.

At this moment, Meilin was covered by thick snow, and the bright red plum blossoms were blooming in the vast expanse of white. It was especially charming and charming against the clear white snow.

Outside the Meilin, large orange-red pomegranate flowers are blooming.

May pomegranate.

It seems that only Meilin is in winter, and it is early summer in other places.

In the plum forest, a petite woman wearing a printed bohemian skirt looked up at the flowers. She was out of touch with the snowy scenery in the plum forest. The piercing cold wind on her face made her feel like a spring breeze.

Feng Er paused, and he always felt that there was something wrong with the scenery in front of him.

“Don’t treat this dream with common sense.” Tong Qianmeng smiled mysteriously, seeming to see the doubts in his heart, the breeze gently lifted her white gauze skirt, ethereal and illusory, “You bought the first layer of shallow artistic domain. In this level of dreams, people’s consciousness is very shallow and can be changed at will by me. For this level of dreams, I am the god of creation, without following the laws of nature and physics. Donglei, Xia Xue, and Hai Withered, stone rotten, and heaven and earth are in harmony, as long as you need, I can show the

four seasons in front of your eyes at the same time.” Feng Er raised his younger hand, and when he looked at the shadow of the forest, his eyes were filled with pain. “Yeah, this is just a dream…”

“No, this is not just a dream, this is a real dream, if you don’t believe it, you can pinch yourself a try.”

Feng Eryiyan pinched his face hard, it hurts!

He looked at Tong Qianmeng incredulously, this feeling…too real!

“This is the preciousness of my dream, an absolutely real experience. Here, you will feel pain, hungry, and thirsty. You need to eat and drink, just like normal life, and the passage of time is the same as real time. Okay, you only have six days here, one hundred and forty-four hours, please cherish it.”

Tong Qianmeng finished speaking and was about to leave, turned around halfway through and stopped suddenly, “By the way, if there is any manpower that can’t be solved. For example, if you want to come to a meteor shower, you just call out the word’dream maker’ in your heart, and I will appear to help you.” After

speaking, she turned and left, walking and saying: “Here, I can satisfy you. Request, I wish you happiness in these six days.”

Six days of dream space, reality is only sixty minutes.

Mo Yaoluo made a long speech about how ugly Han Yu’s face was after his brown disguise.

After speaking, Tong Qianmeng led Feng Er out of the dream room, and Mo Yaoluo immediately avoided.

At this moment, Feng two is still an old man half-into the loess, leaning on crutches, but his face is filled with happiness and joy that is stronger than that of young people. He grinned happily, showing sparsely. “Thank you little girl, these are the six happiest days I have been in the twenty years since my wife left. Thank you.”

Tong Qianmeng handed him the pearl necklace in his hand and said: “Grandpa You are polite. This is my duty. Please keep your wife’s relics.”

On the road five kilometers from the redwood forest, a dozen black red flag cars lined up in queues.

In the middle car, there were two young men, one handsome and sunny, the other quiet and gentle.

“Brother, grandpa is not in danger, right? Is that Qianmeng Pavilion reliable? Dreaming? I always feel very mysterious.” Sunshine handsome man said.

“Don’t worry, I installed a locator on my grandfather. If they dare to hurt Grandpa, I don’t mind destroying a Qianmeng Pavilion.” The gentle man spoke lightly, but he had a chill that was hard to ignore.

After a while, a car drove up in the reverse direction, stopped in front of the black dragon, and got out of the car after seeing the wind. The two men who had spoken immediately got out of the car and greeted them, “Grandpa!”

“Let’s go, go back.” Feng Er happily.

The two men immediately looked at each other. Since the death of grandma, grandpa has never laughed again. This Qianmengge… is it so magical?

“Youliang, You Xi, what are you doing in a daze? Go!” Feng Er called.

“Oh, here you are!”


Han Yuzhan sent Feng Er away and returned to Qianmeng Pavilion, removing his mask to reveal a handsome face with sword eyebrows.

“Oh, it’s better for the handsome guy to look at him comfortably, even if you change your appearance, you have to become a more handsome boy paper?” Mo Yaoluo stared at him intently, his eyes gleaming.

She’s this person… I have a small hobby, like handsome guys, what little fresh meat, handsome uncle long-legged Obama is her dish, but her favorite is the hand-painted ancient style beautiful man, when I see all kinds of ancient style enchanting beautiful men , She is like a cat seeing a little goldfish, without resistance.

However, she didn’t know that her little hobby would be completely stifled by a nasty man one day in the future.

This is something.

And in front of

me … “Han Yuru, I’m going to stay in Qianmeng Pavilion for one night tonight, can I trouble you to pick me up tomorrow morning?” Tong Qianmeng has changed into a special white gauze skirt and is wearing a small T-shirt. The short skirt is extraordinarily delicate and pleasant.

In this place, it is harder to get a ride than to climb to the sky.

“Okay, no problem. But why don’t you go home?” Han Yuhu was puzzled.

------Off-topic ------

There are three levels of dreams.

The first layer of shallow artistic domain, features: shallow consciousness, can be changed at will by the dreamer, without following the laws of nature and physics, the appearance and personality of the characters can be changed by the dreamer…In short, in this layer of dreams, it is like In the article, the dream maker is the creator of the world.

In this dream, the target person can be a living person or a deceased person.

Target person: The person the employer wants to see in the dream.

Employer: People who buy dreams.

Dreaming medium: objects worn by the target person for more than five years.

The remaining two levels of dreams are quite different from the first level, and even the opposite, which will appear later.

Niuniu, who has watched “Rebirth: The Incompetent Poisonous Girl”, must know about Feng Er, and can understand the meaning of’being through the bitter cold, life has plum fragrant’, right? Right?