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Chapter 6 Tearing Face

Chapter 6 Tearing her face “Jinxi is here…” Seeing Gu Jinxi appearing at the door, Ji Mu smiled and put down the tea cup in her hand, looking at the kindness of Gu Jinxi’s face.

It seems that everything has never changed, it is still the same as before. Except for Qiao Yiyi, who was sitting aside at this time, with a leisurely and lazy posture, her presence forced Gu Jinxi to face reality.

Looking up, Qiao Yiyi smiled elegantly when he saw the two of Gu Jinxi’s delicate and beautiful faces, “Miss Gu is here…Afeng is still at the company, I don’t know if there is something urgent, I need me Give him a call?”

“Aunt Ji, please tell Ji Liufeng that Gu Jinxi is here to wait for him, and trouble him to come back as soon as possible.” Ignoring Qiao Yiyi’s words, Gu Jinxi said directly to Ji’s mother.

Hearing that, Ji mother just smiled, “Jin Xi, Afeng is very busy these days. If you have nothing important, just tell your aunt.”

The hand hanging by his side tightened slightly, and Gu Jinxi’s mouth evoked a cool smile, “Okay, then I will trouble my aunt to answer my questions for me. When will the Ji family’s property belong to me? People are in charge. Not to mention that Gu Jinxi is still alive, even if I die, I won’t fall into the Ji family.”

“You kid, why don’t you die?” Mother Ji frowned, and then said: “But Jinxi, you really blamed us for this matter. The prenuptial agreement that I signed with your dad back then, that But there is no quibble in black and white.”

Faced with Ji’s mother’s promise, Gu Jinxi only found it funny, “How could my dad sign this kind of agreement? Since Aunt Ji keeps saying that it’s in black and white, what about the agreement? As a party, I always have the right to see it. “

“Of course, not only do you have the right to see, you can also find your lawyer. Although this matter is already fixed, since you have doubts, everyone must sit down and have a good chat.” Ji Mu laughed and drank. Mouth tea.

When the teacup was placed on the coffee table again, Ji Mu raised her eyes to look at Gu Jinxi in front of her, “Also Jinxi, you should know how much your father loves you, for you not to call it a prenuptial agreement, as long as you are happy, He might not blink his eyes even if he gave his life.”

Ji Mu’s words made Gu Jinxi instinctive that this matter might be related to her marriage, but she couldn’t figure out why her father had to be so low and low in this matter, to make such a cede of land and compensation. .

“What the hell is going on?” Gu Jinxi asked if he didn’t have the patience to wait any longer.

With a chuckle, Ji’s mother looked at Gu Jinxi with a little sarcasm in her eyes, “Don’t understand? Your marriage was bought by your father. Not only this prenuptial agreement, but after you get married, Afeng will have it. Half of the shares in your father’s hand, and now that you two are divorced, all of your father’s shares have been automatically transferred to Afeng’s hands. Now you have only 10% of Gu’s shares.”

how come……

Gu Jinxi couldn’t believe what Ji Mu said was true. She suddenly remembered something.

When she married Ji Liufeng, there were twists and turns. She remembered that for a while, she had heard that Monsoon did not want to marry herself.

But since the two got married later, Gu Jinxi always thought it was just a rumor and didn’t think much about it.

If what they said is true, then her father actually bought it for money for her ridiculous three-year marriage…no, bought it?

It’s ridiculous, it’s really ridiculous.

“Jin Xi, how can I say that my aunt watched you grow up from a young age. From now on, learn to be smart and stop asking for things that don’t belong to you. At least, you still have 10% of Gu’s shares now, and you can also get dividends at home. I can live a small life now.” Ji Mu said with emotion, and quickly avoided when she saw Yan Chen on the side.

This time, Yan Chen has been a real audience. Obviously, there is no room for him to interrupt the old things between the Gu family and Ji family.

And look at Gu Jinxi’s appearance, she should be able to solve it by herself, right?

For the first time, Yan Chen felt that Gu Jinxi’s woman seemed a little special, different from other women.

“If what you are talking about does not belong to me refers to the monsoon wind, I disdain it. But if you refer to the Gu family, I can only tell you that things that belong to the Gu family will never be a luxury for me. Sooner or later, I will I’ll get it back.” Even if Gu Jinxi knew that his abilities were still very weak, one person couldn’t compete with them at all.

But, let her give up her father’s life’s hard work? dream!

“Okay, then I’ll wait for you to take it back. It’s a pity, what you have to wait now is to deliver it to us by yourself.” Since she tore her face, Ji Mu didn’t bother to persuade me any more.

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