Chapter 7 Live in the dormitory again

“Oh, I am going to live in the school dormitory. As you know, I lived on campus when I first went to Shengdu University. I didn’t move out of the dormitory until Tong Jianye picked me up to Tong’s house. Now I find it annoying to run between home and school. , or more convenient to live on campus, I have brought the luggage. “

children dream of one thousand do not want to say too much, Han Yu brown not ask, he turned to Mo enchanting, asked:”? you go back right now. ” “

no time, I If you want to stay with your dream, go back tomorrow, you go first.” Mo Yaoluo sat on the sofa and stared at the laptop, his fingers flew like flying, the keyboard rattling, and he said without raising his head.

“Knowing you would say that, then I’m leaving.” Han Yu brown waved his hand and prepared to leave.

“Wait a minute.” Mo Yaoluo suddenly called him, “The 700,000 yuan has been paid, Han Yu-bran, do you want it?”

“Shi!” Han Yu-bran chuckled, “Do you think I would want it? This amount of money is not enough to stuff your teeth. Besides, when do I want Tong Qianmeng’s money?”

“Okay.” Mo enchanting glanced at him weakly, “Master Han, please go quickly, lest our little temple You are in the Buddha’s light.”

That’s right, Han Yuhu is the young master of the Han family, one of the three big families. He is willing to be Tong Qianmeng’s partner, not for money, purely for fun.

However, he is very clear about what he should do and what should not be said, and he is also very rigorous in doing things, otherwise Tong Qianmeng will not share his secrets with him.

After he left, Mo Yaoluo sighed for a while, “The babies of rich people are different, they speak so loudly!”

Tong Qianmeng smiled and went upstairs to take a bath and sleep.

She was very tired, her mind was aching, and the mental energy consumed in dreaming was too much, and she needed a good rest.

When she was about to fall asleep, Mo Yaoluo took a bath and got into the bed with her long, cold, wet hair. “Dream, I transferred 700,000 to your account. Don’t treat me harshly after leaving Tong’s house. You should eat and drink, you know?”

“Huh?” Tong Qianmeng’s heavy eyelids lifted, “Why do you give it to me? You don’t need it?”

“I have a job and pay, my parents do it.” The restaurant is also very profitable. Although it is incomparable with Master Han, it is not short of money. It is you, your dad’s big boss, who lacks you to eat? Drive you out?” Mo enchanting angrily Uneven.

Tong Qianmeng closed his eyes and said nothing, and hid his body under the bed, seemingly cold.

“Did something happen? Dream, is it serious?” Mo enchanting watched her slender body shrink into a ball, a little worried.

“Thank you, Yao Yao, you and Han Yu brown have been helping me without asking for anything all these years…” Tong Qianmeng answered the question.

“What silly thing to say, I am your sister, who won’t help you, behave, don’t want to say it, just sleep.” Mo Yaoluo turned off the light and huddled with her to sleep.


Red Sandalwood Palace.

In the black and white ash bedroom.

Zhai Zhenyu only wears boxer briefs, showing a strong physique with strong muscular lines and streamlined lines. Every part is carefully outlined by God, giving people a strong visual impact.


He habitually stood in front of the French window and smoked, taking a mouthful, frowning, as if he was troubled.

The smell of tobacco mixed with his unique masculine scent filled the room.


door of the room rang rhythmically, and Tang Yisu pushed in.

He lowered his head, not daring to look at the man in front of him, “Mr. Zhai, the follower is lost.”

“The follower is lost?” His voice was flat but dangerous.

“Miss Tong and her friend entered a redwood forest in the north of the city. Our people followed closely, but they disappeared in the blink of an eye. Our people turned the woods and couldn’t find them.” Tang Yisu reported truthfully.

There was a moment of silence.

“Understood, go down, let people stare at the forest carefully.” Zhai Zhenyu breathed out smoke.

“Yes.” The

room was quiet again. Zhai Zhenyu looked at the night sky in the distance. The stars on the sky slowly turned and transformed into a pair of smiling water-cut pupils. These eyes tortured his heart during countless midnight dreams.

He couldn’t wait to trap the owner of these eyes right next to him as his own, but he was afraid that it would really scare her.

No hurry, no hurry, take your time.

He always keeps it in mind.


next day, the sun was shining brightly.

Han Yuhu sent Tong Qianmeng back to Shengdu University early.

In order to hide his identity, the car he drives on weekdays is different from the car that picks up his employer.

Tong Qianmeng carried the suitcase on the seventh floor of the 28 dormitory building, came to the 702 dormitory, and took out the key issued when he lived in the school to open the door.

Although she has not stayed in the dormitory for several months, the relationship with her roommate has always been good.

Their dormitory is apartment-style, with a four-person room, separate bathroom, and a writing desk above the bed.

The dormitory was empty and there was no one. Tong Qianmeng took out the clothes and supplies in the suitcase and went to everyone, and took the bedding in the cabinet to the balcony to expose it to the sun.

At first, she wanted to take back the bedding distributed by the school, but Tong Jianye said that the thing was useless, so she lost it.

She couldn’t bear it, so she locked it in her cabinet, thinking that she might be able to use it in the future, but she didn’t expect it to be really used.

What a witty self! Tong Qianmeng laughed mockingly.

It was almost noon, Qi Zifei and Zhong Xinlian returned. They stayed in the library all morning.

Like Tong Qianmeng, they are all nineteenths.

Zhong Xinlian is tall, white and beautiful. She is a recognized school flower of Shengdu University. There are countless suitors, but she is always indifferent and only concentrates on her studies.

Qi Zifei and another roommate, Liu Linlin, are also beauties in the Xiaojiabiyu category.

Coupled with Tong Qianmeng, who is as lush as water, and their dormitory is crowned the name of “Golden House”.

Jinwu Cangjiao!

Qi Zifei opened the door and saw Tong Qianmeng startled, “Why did you come back quietly? I didn’t say a word.”

“I also decided to come back temporarily!” Tong Qianmeng was charging the phone and forgot last night. After charging, it will automatically shut down a long time ago.

“Just when you came back, Linlin and Fang Xinpin officially dated. They agreed to invite us to have a meal together at noon today, and you should take it too.” Qi Zifei put down the book in his hand and straightened his hair in front of the mirror.

Fang Xinpin and Liu Linlin are from the same city. They are childhood sweethearts. She is five years older than her. She has already graduated. She has found a good job in the Imperial Capital. Liu Linlin has been in contact with him frequently and ambiguously during her freshman year. Now it is the second semester of her sophomore year. Established a relationship.

“Ah? I’m not going. Linlin didn’t let me go either. How abrupt I was to go so uninvited?” Tong Qianmeng refused. In fact, the mental energy she lost from dreaming yesterday has not been relieved. I want to rest in the dormitory.

“What’s the matter? I’ll just call Linlin and talk about it. She was still talking about you before.” Qi Zifei said that the wind is rain, and he picked up the phone and dialed Liu Linlin’s number.

after awhile.

Qi Zifei hung up the phone, “Okay, let’s go, Linlin told you to go, let’s go now, they are already waiting.”

No, Tong Qianmeng had to cheer up and follow, Zhong Xinlian From the beginning to the end, there was a faint smile, so quiet as if it didn’t exist.

When I walked to the school gate, I saw a brocade red BMW from a distance, which was very eye-catching, and the students passing by were staring.

There is curiosity, and there is envy.

Tong Qianmeng was immediately scared into a cold sweat, and hurriedly hid behind Zhong Xinlian and Qi Zifei.

That is Zhai Zhenyu’s car!

Two ill-intentioned glances appeared from the dark car window and locked her.

He won’t send someone to catch her, will he?