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Chapter 7 There is nothing wrong with these words

The Ji family broke up, making Gu Jinxi, who had just walked out of the door, shaken his body and almost fell.

Fortunately, Yan Chen, who was on the side, had quick eyes and quick hands. He grabbed her arm with slight force to stabilize the person. “All right?”

“Yeah.” With a slight reply, Gu Jinxi’s arm broke away from Yan Chen’s big hand slightly.

Looking at the woman next to her who only reached her chin, Yan Chen’s eyes stayed for a long time, “Blame me? Obviously I can help you.”

With a sneer, Gu Jinxi took a deep breath, looked towards the distant sky, with a slight expression of dumbness, “What’s the blame? This is my war, you don’t have a stand to join in, after all, you are not my man.”

When he said the last sentence, Gu Jinxi looked at Yan Chen beside him, and chuckled softly in the face of his dark eyes.

Yan Chen nodded, thinking that Gu Jinxi still had a good idea, and there was nothing wrong with that.

In the car.

Looking at the direction of the car going straight, Gu Jinxi retracted his gaze out of the window, “I have asked Aunt Qing to help me with the discharge procedures. Don’t go back to the hospital.”

“Where to go then?” Yan Chen asked, raising his eyebrows slightly.

Wei Wei hesitated, Gu Jinxi put his left hand on his right hand, and his right hand propped his chin, and said, “I have a house at Jinyuan, so let’s go there.”

Jinyuan is a villa area developed five years ago. It was built by Gu’s father. The name Jinyuan was also taken from Gu Jinxi. It is conceivable that Gu’s father loved Gu Jinxi.

Gu Jinxi’s house in Jinyuan hasn’t been back for a long time. It’s just that someone cleans it regularly, so he can move in at any time.

In the brocade garden with greenery and forests, the fragrance can be faintly smelled among the clusters of flowers. The car drove straight to the garden villa belonging to Gu Jinxi, and the car came to a halt slowly.

“Would you like to go in for a glass of water?” Gu Jinxi asked politely after unlocking the seat belt.

“No need.” Yan Chen refused without hesitation.

As if as expected, Gu Jinxi didn’t say anything, got out of the car and watched Yan Chen’s car start and turned around and entered the house.

The house was as clean as new and spotless, not as if it had been unoccupied for a long time.

Passing by the door of his parents’ room, Gu Jinxi’s steps slowed slightly, but did not enter. After a short while, he returned to his room.

Gu Jinxi prefers a simple design style, so her room is not as matte as an ordinary girl, instead it is mainly beige.

The European-style furniture reveals a sense of low-key luxury. A kingsize bed occupies a lot of space. On the bedside table is a picture with a little old age, which was taken when she was fifteen years old. Family portrait.

When she lay on the bed and put the photo in her arms, she realized that her body was exhausted. Think about it, it has only been a few hours since she woke up in a coma for three days, but she has already experienced so many things.

The thick eyelids have closed uncontrollably, and the consciousness has been withdrawn unknowingly.

“Xiao Xi, don’t worry, Dad will make you happy.” That was Dad’s voice, what Dad said to himself on the eve of the wedding.

“Xiao Xi, do you know? Dad really misses your mother. But it is not time yet. Dad will always be with you to protect you. When you don’t need Dad’s protection, Dad can go to your mother… “That was what Dad said when she was sitting and chatting with Dad on the eve of his father’s accident.


“Really, I saw that person jumped upstairs by himself.”

“No one else, he jumped off the building himself, not he killed him.”

“I saw it too, look, I happened to be videotaping with my friend at that time, and I took it…”

“The police confirmed that Mr. Gu Xiong’s death was a suicide. The possibility of homicide is ruled out…”

Talking voices kept ringing in Gu Jinxi’s ears, she didn’t want to listen, but those voices couldn’t help her to choose, and they kept ringing in her mind.

Opening her eyes suddenly, Gu Jinxi touched the tears on her face. She had already burst into tears before she knew it.

She doesn’t believe that her father will commit suicide, but reality makes her have to believe it.

Those videos that confirmed that they have not been ps, those people’s sure testimony, everything.

After all, Gu Jinxi is still unwilling to believe all this.

She thought, if her father knew that the Ji family was ruthless, and now he cleaned her out of the house, he would definitely regret his decision, right?

After regaining his senses, Gu Jinxi looked at the white ceiling in front of him and the surrounding decorations that were obviously different from his own room.

After a nap, it seemed that she returned to the hospital.

What she didn’t know was that during the time she was in a coma again, the internet became confused because of her again.

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