Chapter 8 King of Dadi Dynasty

“What are you doing? Sneaky.” Qi Zifei turned his head and looked at Tong Qianmeng suspiciously, very puzzled.

“I saw the enemy, you can help me block it.” Tong Qianmeng couldn’t help but use them as shields.

She didn’t let go until she passed the BMW.

“Who is your enemy?” Qi Zifei looked around, but found no suspicious person.

“Hehe, only now I found out that I was wrong, hehe…” Tong Qianmeng peeked backwards while sloppy, seeing that there was no one in the car, quietly relieved.

Qi Zifei and Zhong Xinlian: “…”

… in the

brocade red BMW.

“Ms. Zhai, Miss Tong is here, do you want to catch up?” Tang Yisu in the passenger seat was speechless. Tong Qianmeng thought that no one would recognize her if she hid her head?

“She lives in the school dormitory?” Zhai Zhenyu answered the question.

He was sitting in the back of the car, tall and long, making the space inside the car very narrow. His deep gaze followed Tong Qianmeng’s back, and his long, well-knotted fingers tapped slowly on his knees, giving him a leisurely look.


“Have you been to college?” Zhai Zhenyu asked.

“Go to a third-rate university.” Tang Yisu answered honestly, not knowing what he meant by asking this.

“Have stayed in a dormitory?”


“Then you say, what is the most afraid of in the dormitory?”

“The most afraid of…” Tang Yisu thought for a while and hesitated: “There is nothing to be afraid of, right? It just feels a little bit more uncomfortable every time the water and electricity are cut off.”

“Huh huh!” Zhai Zhenyu snorted softly from his nose, with a sinister arc at the corner of his mouth, and his entire face was beautiful and evil.

Tang Yisu saw Zhai Zhenyu’s gloomy expression from the rearview mirror of the car, his back was numb, and his head flashed.

“Mr. Zhai, what do you mean…”


“Aye!” Tong Qianmeng covered his mouth and nose and sneezed, rubbing his small nose urn and said: “How do I feel someone is scolding me? “

Is it your enemy?” Qi Zifei took a piece of sweet and sour pork and put it in his mouth, squinting his eyes together, but he didn’t forget to make a joke.

Tong Qianmeng: “…”

Fang Xinpin deserves to be a person who has already stepped into the society. He behaves appropriately, is elegant and gentleman, and enjoys a meal for five people.

When returning to school, Tong Qianmeng was excited when he saw that the brocade red BMW at the school gate had left.

For the next ten days, Zhai Zhenyu did not show up again. Tong Qianmeng went to class every day, went to the dormitory, or went for a walk with Zhong Xinlian and the three of them to go shopping. The day gradually got on the right track.

Only occasionally think of myself* to strangers, I always feel a little disappointed.

But she was not a horny person either. What happened that night was like a nightmare. When she woke up, it passed.

Tong Qianmeng’s major is Ancient History of Country Z. When he first filled out his application, he didn’t know what he thought, so he chose this major when he thought about it.

There are no classes today. There are only two courses on ancient history of country Z starting at 9:30. The teacher is Yun Zhongmei, a beautiful teacher in the History Department. Not only does she have a beautiful face and a hot body, but more importantly, her hand The sweet voice is sweeter than honey.

Listening to her class, even the boring history class has become interesting, and I don’t know how many ministers under the skirt are fascinated.

So as long as it is her class, there must be no empty seats. Even some male classmates from the foreign department will come to the class. Of course, the drunkard’s meaning is definitely not drinking.

Tong Qianmeng and his party found a corner to sit, and looked at the black heads in the classroom, Qi Zifei couldn’t help but sigh with emotion.

“Sure enough, it’s an age to look at faces. It is estimated that no one is listening to Professor Wang next door. He should cry?”

“…” After

a while, Yun Zhongmei walked in. She was wearing a V-neck white T-shirt, and she was wearing a white T-shirt. The grass-colored low-waisted leggings, bulging forward and back, especially the breasts that are ready to emerge, directly cause bursts of exclamation.

And she was uncomfortable, and went to the podium openly and started to lecture.

Her voice was really good, Tong Qianmeng couldn’t help but feel itchy when she heard it, and felt like a feather was scratching in her heart.

“…Speaking of the Dazi dynasty, one has to talk about the mysterious king of Zhen. His real name is Zhai Zhenyu, and he is the fourth son of the Emperor Gaozu of the Dazi dynasty about a thousand years ago. He was not the emperor of the Gaozu since he was a child. Love… The adult King Zhen was cold-blooded and ruthless, crueling his hands and feet in order to win the throne… He is extremely martial arts, brave and proficient in fighting, proficient in the art of Qimen Dunjia, and has never been defeated on the battlefield. Therefore, the Emperor Gaozu used him more and more… When he was about to ascend the throne, he suddenly died suddenly, and his former powerful subordinates disappeared overnight… As for whether he really died abruptly, historians have different opinions, and there is still no conclusion. However, it is impossible to test the history. According to the record, King Zhen did not die suddenly, but gave up the throne for the beauty…”

Yun Zhongmei was talking on the podium, while Tong Qianmeng’s thoughts drifted away instantly when he heard the word’Zhai Zhenyu’, that hateful and despicable His man is also called Zhai Zhenyu, and as expected, everyone with this name is ruthless!

Thinking of Zhai Zhenyu, it is inevitable that she remembered that night…

“What happened?” Liu Linlin pushed Tong Qianmeng’s arm, “Class is over, let’s go, starving to death.”

“Oh, oh, let’s go.” Tong Qianmeng suddenly regained consciousness, hurriedly packed the books, and left as if holding the books, somehow, when she thought that the man’s kiss had fallen on every part of her body, she I feel so embarrassed,

I should be annoyed… “What’s wrong with her?” Liu Linlin looked at her flustered back and couldn’t figure it out.

“Who knows.” Qi Zifei shrugged and followed.

… The

weather is getting warmer, and there is no rain for many days, and the air is dry.

at night.

At about nine o’clock, during the peak bathing season, the head of the lotus was an 80-year-old lady, spitting water slowly.


The light went out, and then the water stopped.

“Ah -! Why is the water gone?”

“Auntie Suguan, no! I haven’t finished taking a bath yet!”

“Auntie Suguan, why is the water     cut off ?!”

“…” The

water and electricity stopped too suddenly, Everyone didn’t have a hint of preparation, and the pot exploded suddenly outside.

“What’s the matter? There is no hot or cold water, I just put on the shower gel!” Zhong Xinlian’s collapsed voice came from the bathroom.

Tong Qianmeng was also taken aback, walking to the balcony by the light outside, and suddenly found that only their building had a power failure.

“There should be a call and water coming soon. Just our building is out of power. It may be repairing something.” She said.

Twenty minutes later, there is still no water or electricity.

“Why don’t you come and call? I’ll go down to ask the auntie in charge of the residence.” Qi Zifei opened the door and went out with sandals’click on it’. There were noisy voices in the corridor, and there were not a few people who went down to find auntie in charge of the residence.

After a while, Qi Zifei came back panting.

“What did Auntie say?” Zhong Xinlian asked, poking his head out of the bathroom.

“Auntie Suguan didn’t say anything, she just told us to endure it, as if she was secretive.” Qi Zifei took a few breaths with a wrinkled face, and said: “However, listening to what she meant seems to have to stop a lot. God, it’s weird, why? It’s so good!”

“Ah? Isn’t there no water tonight? What should I do?” Zhong Xinlian looked depressed, pursing red lips and looking at the foam all over his body, only feeling unlucky.

The whole dormitory building was full of complaints, and some people even knocked on the basin to show their dissatisfaction.

Tong Qianmeng sat on the chair with great thoughts, somehow, her heart was vaguely disturbed.