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Chapter 8 Miss Gu, I beg you

Chapter 8 Miss Gu, I beg you. As early as the three days before Gu Jinxi was in a coma, the triangle news about her, Monsoon and Qiao Yiyi had been widely spread.

After Gu Xiong committed suicide, it was heard that Gu Jinxi was killed by the actress Joe Yiyi for three times, and then Gu Jinxi was admitted to the hospital in a coma for three days. All of this caused Qiao Yiyi to be brutalized in just a few days. Poking at the spine.

But just last night, a post made those Joey fans see a turning point.

“818 What happened to Qiao Yinghou and Mr. Ji back then…”

At first, everyone thought that the content of this post was nothing more than how Qiao Yinghou wanted to be in high position and how it was related to the monsoon wind.

In fact, this is not the case.

The upper-class circle in City A is so big, and Tianyu Media, a subsidiary of the Gu family, has a close relationship with the entertainment circle. Entertainment gossip often pays attention to some things about Gu’s family.

The story about Gu Jinxi and Ji Liufeng’s childhood sweethearts and their marriages has also been widely circulated.

But in this post, it tells something completely different from what everyone knows. It turns out that their marriage was not because of love, but because Gu Xiong kidnapped the Ji family with favor, and Ji Liufeng had no choice but to marry Gu Jinxi.

In the beginning, Monsoon had already had a woman in love, and that person was Qiao Yiyi. Gu’s family is fully aware of this matter.

At this moment, the situation reversed.

With the appearance of this post, another 818 post appeared again in everyone’s field of vision.

This time, Gu Jinxi was in a coma due to Monsoon’s divorce. The post was written from the perspective of a nurse.

Before, it was because of Gu Jinxi’s hospitalization that Qiao Yiyi was abused by netizens as a third party in their marriage.

These days, Qiao Yiyi can be regarded as a rat crossing the street. Everyone yells and yells. There are various discrediting reports on the Internet all day long.

But now the post says that Gu Jinxi posted false remarks on the Internet, deliberately saying that he was in a coma for three days to trigger a moral crusade against Qiao Yiyi by netizens.

Actually? Gu Jinxi has not been in a coma for three days at all, but in fact even the coma is fake. Furthermore, there is a previous post, in the relationship between three people, how do you think she is the one who intervened?

When Gu Jinxi learned about this, it was already the same afternoon. Gu Jinxi was very angry about such a clearly targeted post, and he didn’t need to guess that it must have something to do with Monsoon Feng Qiao Yiyi and others.

“Jinxi, don’t worry, Aunt Qing will let people delete all these posts. Young people nowadays like to fix these vain things.” While talking, Chen Qing looked at Gu Jin, who was pale on the bed. Xi, could not help being a little worried.

God knows, she called Gu Jinxi last night but couldn’t get through. Later, because she couldn’t worry about going down, she was so worried and scared when she saw her unconscious at home.

“Even if the post is deleted, it will make people really guess, thinking that I am a guilty conscience.” The voice was slightly muffled, and the words that came out were slightly cool.

If it weren’t for this post, Gu Jinxi would have almost forgotten. The reporters before seemed to have talked about it, saying that she had posted something online.

He took out his mobile phone and swiped the webpage. Soon, Gu Jinxi had a clear understanding of those things about himself these days.

A good one takes retreat as advance and kills with a knife.

Qiao Yiyi is indeed a black-hearted woman.

Suddenly, the screen of the mobile phone in Gu Jinxi’s hand lit up, and a pop-up window popped out: Qiao Yinghou held a press conference and claimed that he would not be silent any more.

Still live…

Without hesitation, Gu Jinxi clicked the link directly.

As soon as the screen turned, Qiao Yiyi appeared in front of the camera, not only her, but also Monsoon and other people.

It’s just that in Gu Jinxi’s eyes at this time, only the two of them can be seen.

Gu Jinxi came just at the right time, and within two minutes, the press conference officially began.

Qiao Yiyi’s agent, Lin Jie, got up and gave a speech thanking everyone for coming, and then began the most enthusiastic questions from reporters on site.

When someone asked Qiao Yiyi as a third party to participate in Ji Liufeng’s marriage with Gu Jinxi, Qiao Yiyi, who had been sitting quietly by the side, couldn’t help crying.

With the consolation of the monsoon wind, Qiao Yiyi said for a while, “I know this is my fault. I shouldn’t be able to let go of the relationship with Afeng for so many years. Miss Gu blames me for resenting me. I admit it. But I only ask Miss Gu, don’t get angry because I Afeng, please come at me whatever you want. Miss Gu, I beg you…”

Seeing Qiao Yiyi who was out of control, Ji Liufeng felt distressed, and he held the person in his arms and continued to comfort him.

And the angry gaze passed through the lens, as if it shot directly into Gu Jinxi’s eyes, “Gu Jinxi, are you making enough trouble? Do you have to kill Yiyi to be willing?”

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