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Chapter 9 Can’t Tolerate Me

Chapter 9 can’t accommodate me. “Is it because I want to kill you, or you want to kill me…” Gu Jinxi laughed at herself, and looked at the two people in the picture, only feeling extremely ironic.

Although the scene was a little out of control, Qiao Yiyi was soon calmed down.

First, he apologized to the reporters present, and then Qiao Yiyi choked and said, “These days, for me, it’s hell. Everyone is scolding me, and fans don’t understand me. Everyone thinks I’m an abomination. The third one. I just stand up and just want to tell everyone that I am not.”

“Yes, I have been with Yiyi for five years, and she is my favorite woman.” Ji Liufeng said firmly.

Below, a reporter said: “Little San is all under the guise of true love. It doesn’t seem to be a rare thing.”

As soon as these words came out, Ji Liufeng’s eyes were cold and stern, “I warn you, if you dare to talk nonsense, be careful that I sue you for slander.”

“Yeah, Mr. Ji has made up his mind not to let us tell the truth? What is the point of this reporter?” That reporter is also a reporter from a major newspaper, and he is not afraid of the threat of monsoon winds at all.

Under the table, Qiao Yiyi quickly took Raji Liufeng’s hand to stop him from speaking, “Since I dare to hold a press conference, I am naturally not afraid of you writing. But now I haven’t said anything, how do you know what the truth is.”

Slowing his breath, Qiao Yiyi said, “Afeng and I met when we were in college. We became boy and girl friends because we liked each other. Our relationship has always been very good, but who knows that after we graduated, it was because of Gu Jinxi. Like Afeng, they forced Afeng to marry her…”

In Qiao Yiyi’s story, Gu Jinxi is a vicious female partner, and he will not hesitate to let Gu’s father put pressure on the Ji family in order to get the monsoon wind.

Not only used the friendship between the two companies, but also the cooperative relationship between the two companies, and even the debt of the Ji family owed to the Gu family.

What’s more, Gu’s father once approached Qiao Yiyi and gave her a sum of money to let her leave. Qiao Yiyi refused, and was later kidnapped.

And she regained her freedom only after the two got married, and realized that the matter of her being tied up had something to do with Gu’s family.

But Monsoon didn’t know, he only thought that Qiao Yiyi had left voluntarily and gave up the feelings between them. Under constant pressure from the Gu family, he was discouraged and married Gu Jinxi.

When Monsoon heard this, Monsoon was obviously angry, “I always thought Yiyi was leaving by herself, but I didn’t expect to be forced away by others. I have always respected him so much…”

The scene also showed the prenuptial agreement signed by the Ji family and Gu’s father. Looking at the obvious super-unequal treaty on it, netizens expressed their postures. This is the rhythm of how eager to sell their daughter.

Most of the reporters at the scene were specially arranged by the Ji family, and the questions they asked were deliberately set by them. For a while, the Internet was full of vicious abuses of the dead Gu Fu and Gu Jinxi.

Putting down the phone, Gu Jinxi’s knuckles turned white, suppressing the anger in his heart, and at the same time feeling sad.

What happened back then, she was completely kept in the dark. How many things are true and how many are false, even she doesn’t know.

However, based on Gu Jinxi’s understanding of Gu’s father, she did not believe that Gu’s father would kidnap people. Even if it is for yourself, it will not lose the bottom line.

Suddenly, in the unclosed live broadcast, Qiao Yiyi’s voice came again, with some doubts, “What post? Sorry, because of recent events, I didn’t have the mind to go online, so I don’t know what posts are.”

Obviously, someone was talking about the post that appeared this morning.

As if to show that she really didn’t know, Qiao Yiyi asked her agent Lin to search for posts on the spot with her mobile phone.

After seeing the post, I was silent for a while, “Unexpectedly, it turns out that all this was designed by Miss Gu. Is she really so unable to tolerate me?”

The low crying sounded from time to time, accompanied by the comfort of Monsoon Wind and his anger, “I said long ago, let you not be too soft to her. If you are soft to her, she may not appreciate it.”

Hearing this, Gu Jinxi smiled coldly.

Are you softhearted? If Qiao Yiyi’s repeated behavior is considered soft-hearted, then she writes Gu Jinxi’s name backwards.

“Don’t worry about Jinxi, they can hold a press conference, and so can we.” Chen Qing, who watched Gu Jinxi in a coma for three days in the hospital with her own eyes, really hated Qiao Yiyi’s black box operation.

Unfortunately, Gu Jinxi didn’t have this idea, “No need for Aunt Qing, why bother to hold a press conference so much, just send them a lawyer’s letter.”

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