Chapter 908 Moving Medicinal Materials

Chapter 908 After carrying medicinal materials

Xiao Su’er returned home, the first thing is to hide in the bedroom, lie on the bed and enter the medicine spirit jade space. There is no longer only the medicine spirit wood in the space like before, the medicine spirit wood’s Surrounded by various medicinal materials, the medicinal seedlings are growing vigorously.

After she went overseas, she kept thinking about conditioning herself and Xiao Wang’s body. After spending all day in the medicine spirit jade space, she discovered another function of this space, that is, it can expand the territory indefinitely. This space can be used. It is amazing to say that it exists in a special dimension that cannot be calculated by the area of ​​the ground in the real world.

Originally thought that the area of ​​the medicine spirit jade space was very small, but after she had planted all the medicinal materials, she discovered that there would be a large piece of space in the space the next morning. After many consecutive times, it has been expanded by her. , Just like another small country.

She took off the sickle and hoe that she put aside, and began to dig out the herbs planted in it. The spiritual power of the medicinal spirit jade space is strong. The herbs here are also much stronger than ordinary herbs, and there are many of them from Ghost Doctor Valley. Herbs are not available in China mainland.

The efficacy of the medicine is better than ever seen by Chinese medicine practitioners here. Donate these herbs to the impoverished mountainous areas, and the elderly will be able to recover faster after eating them.

After digging for a few hours, looking at the herbs that were almost taller than hers, there were several piles of herbs. She finally stopped and transported all the herbs from the medicine spirit jade space to the yard of the Ang family villa. .

Xiao Yuhan looked strangely at the herbal medicine that suddenly appeared, “Sister, how did you do it? When you came back, I remember that you didn’t have so many things. Who sent them?”

“This is not important. The important thing is that these things will be able to play their role right away. I will transport them to the poor mountainous areas to give to the elderly people there, but it is not enough. The professors of the Chinese Medicine Department of your school don’t want to give them to the students. Do you have an experimental class? Where did you buy the medicinal materials?”

“Is there any supplier’s phone number, please give me one! I want to buy a batch of medicinal materials. I want a conscientious supplier. I don’t want to recharge the number.”

Xiao Su’er hasn’t told them that there is a space for medicine spirit jade until now. Of course, she didn’t know who sent it, so she had to change the subject.

When Xiao Yuhan heard this, he immediately asked curiously: “Sister, you just came back to do charity? Which mountainous area do you want to send these medicinal materials to?”

“Bai Qingyue found me, and she set up one. The charity fund is going to the mountain area to deliver medicinal materials to the elderly. By the way, she still has something to tell you.”

Xiao Suer took off her gloves and turned to look at Xiao Yuhan beside her . As expected, she mentioned Bai Qingyue. , His entire face turned black, and he asked coldly, “What does she want to tell me? I am not familiar with her, there is nothing to tell me.”

“I really have something to tell you. The last time she said about Rong Ling’er was because Rong Ling’er discredited her in front of the professor…”

“Why did she say this to you? She’s been here before, and I don’t like this white Qingyue, sister, have you forgotten how she was too much to you before? Why do you have a relationship with her now, and also help her do charity, although I think charity is a good behavior, but we can do it ourselves , Why do you want to be with Bai Qingyue?”

Xiao Su’er listened to his words and felt that his prejudice against Bai Qingyue was really too big. Her brows wrinkled slightly, and she looked at him and said with emotion: “My brother, You have said that doing charity is very good, so why divide people? Everyone is doing good deeds together.”

“And you have too much prejudice against Bai Qingyue , even if she is really right, you are subjectively aware Li felt that she had been wrong and would not listen to her explanation at all.”

“I just have a prejudice against her. A little girl is self-willed all day long. Rong Ling’er said that she is like a princess in their class. Everyone must speak to her, otherwise she will bully others. How can a child be liked? So sister, don’t explain to her anymore. I don’t like her. I saw her bullying her classmates that day.”

Xiao Yuhan just didn’t want to listen to her explanation, but Xiao Su’er He heard another message from his words.

“What did you say? Yung Linger tell you, the white-Ching month they often bullied other students in the class, only the capacity Linger told you, right? Other students have not said the same thing?”

How will this capacity Linger Speaking ill of others behind the back, although Bai Qingyue is a bit eldest in temper, she is not as exaggerated as she said. It seems that she really has a problem.

“I don’t know other classmates in their class, but Rong Ling’er will not lie to me. I saw Bai Qingyue arguing with her at the door of my office last time.”

Xiao Yuhan believed Rong Ling’er very much. It looks like, in his eyes, Rong Ling’er is a bit better than Bai Qingyue’s character, Xiao Su’er didn’t say much, just smiled at him and asked, “Brother, do you like that Rong Ling’er a little bit?”

Xiao Su’er I don’t remember how many times this was the first time I asked her this question. After all, Xiao Yuhan mentioned Rong Ling’er too many times recently. I didn’t know that the kind and pure girl in his mouth was Rong Ling’er before. Now that I know it is someone I know, I can’t help but feel curious, and I want to ask him clearly.

Her younger brother had never been in a relationship before, and he refused so many girls’ love. If he liked Rong Ling’er, it would be normal.

It’s just that this Rong Ling’er is indeed a lot stranger compared to five years ago. If her younger brother really likes her, he still has to figure out what’s going on.

Xiao Yuhan frowned when she heard her question, “Sister, why are you asking this again? I told you everything. I just think this girl is pretty good and kind, but it doesn’t involve liking it. “

“What is this, you think this girl is very good, it means that you have a good impression of her, it is not wrong for you to like her, you can indeed consider getting along with a girl, you don’t want to be alone For a lifetime, right? I know you don’t like Bai Qingyue’s kind of little-tempered girl, that Rong Ling’er is still very suitable for you, she seems to have no temper at all to you.”

“Sister, I don’t want to tell you anymore. Get these medicinal materials for you here.” Xiao Yuhan saw Xiao Su’er start to persuade him to find a girlfriend again, turned around with a headache and ran into the house, not wanting to talk to her.