Chapter 909 One Year

Chapter 909 One Year

“Don’t Run, I’m Seriously Telling You, You’re So Old, If You Don’t Find A Girlfriend, You Will Be Alone, Don’t Think Dad Doesn’t Worry If He Doesn’t Say It, in fact He is particularly afraid that you will be alone for the rest of your life.” Xiao Su’er looked at the appearance of him running away, and immediately caught up with him and followed him, moving towards him constantly.

“Sister, can you stop reading like Tang Seng here, I’m only twenty-five years old this year, and I’m still young, how could I end up lonely? Can you and dad not worry about it? , I called Grandpa for help.”

Xiao Yuhan covered his ears. In the whole family, only Old Man Ang was able to see his life-long events. Everyone else began when he was 23 years old. He kept nagging and asked him to find a girlfriend, even the housekeeper.

“It’s no use going to ask Grandpa for help. At most, I will say that he is not in a hurry and let you listen to my opinion. My opinion is that you should quickly find someone to get out of the order!”

Xiao Su’er pulled Xiao Yuhan’s ear towards him. Shouting, Xiao Yuhan moved a step to the left while sitting on the sofa, and she moved a step too closely.

“Sister, I said you should hurry up and find a boyfriend. My sister is so good-looking. It’s a pity not to find a boyfriend, and don’t you think it’s right to find a boyfriend to help you.” “Xiao Yuhan changed the subject.

But this time Xiao Su’er still didn’t respond. Xiao Wang, who was sitting next to him playing with the computer, suddenly jumped up, “No, mother can’t find her boyfriend. I don’t agree.”

Just kidding, what he always thought was that his father and mother would get back together so that he could have a complete family. If Xiao Suer went to find a boyfriend, it would be impossible to find Bo Qingang. Then, he would only manage one. People who are not related by blood are called fathers.

This is not good at all, and the most important thing is that he can see that in his mother’s heart, in fact, what he wants most is his father.

Xiao Yuhan looked at Xiao Wang’s reaction, but it was a bit strange. He had discussed this issue with Xiao Wang before. Of course, when he was overseas, Xiao Wang was still very serious at that time and said if his mother wanted to go. It is acceptable for him to find a boyfriend. Mom is happy, but today is so excited. What happened?

“What’s the matter with you, Mengbao? Why did you react so big? Didn’t you look open before?” Xiao Yuhan couldn’t help being a little strange, and hugged Xiao Wang in his arms.

“Anyway, mom can’t find other people. Now if my mom doesn’t have someone she likes, if she goes to find someone else, she will have a bad time in the future. Didn’t you watch the TV series?”

Xiao Wang still said solemnly. , Even moved out the TV series, Xiao Suer rubbed his head next to him, “What are you watching all day, are you still watching this kind of TV series, watching the conflicts between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law and tragic family ethics drama? Look, be careful, I will lock your computer.”

Xiao Wang is really too smart, and now he has started to look randomly on the Internet. He wants to involve all kinds of knowledge, but for these things, His age is too young to know at all.

“I won’t watch it in the future, but my mother will promise me not to go to my boyfriend.” Xiao Wang seriously took Xiao Su’er’s hand, as if to make her swear.

Xiao Su’er knew that in the past few weeks, Bo Qingang would go to his piano place to find him. This is why she didn’t buy a piano to let Xiao Wang practice at home, and wanted to give him a chance to get along with her father.

Now it seems that the two of them get along very well. He refuses to contact new boys and have new feelings. Is this good or bad?

It is impossible for her and Bo Qingang to be together again, although she really has no idea of ​​starting a new relationship, but Xiao Wang’s resistance to this kind of emotion, does that mean that he wants to reunite himself and Bo Qingang Okay? But this is impossible, and I don’t know if this matter will make him unhappy in the future.

Thinking about this, Xiao Su’er decided to have a good talk with Xiao Wang, and took her back to the room, put Xiao Wang on the bed, and looked at him seriously.

“Mengbao, honestly, do you really want your mother to find other boyfriends?”

“No! Mom, are you going to be with the uncle Chi who came to the house last time? No, really No!”

Xiao Wang’s tone was firm, for fear that Xiao Su’er would be with him, adding to his tone.

“I won’t be with that Uncle Chi, because I don’t like him either, but I want to know why you reacted so strongly, is it because Bo Qingang? I said he is your father because I don’t want to hide it. You, but it doesn’t mean that he and I are still possible. If you have such an idea, let’s get rid of it as soon as possible.”

Xiao Su’er always taught Xiao Wang to be equal, and did not treat him as a ignorant. Seeing her, she would always reason with him, because she knew Xiao Wang could understand it.

Sure enough, after Xiao Wang heard the sales and said so, he asked nervously: “Mom, do you know the truth of the contradiction between your father and you? Are you sure what you see is the truth? There is no

hidden information? ” Hidden emotions? Listening to Xiao Wang’s question, Xiao Su’er did not dare to say categorically that what she saw must be a fact. After all, she now feels that Rong Ling’er is not as simple as she sees on the surface, but things really happened back then. Hidden?

The gossip news she saw had pictures and truths. She also went to the hotel that the reporter said and intercepted Bo Qingang. Bo Qingang told her that she would kill the child in front of her. It really doesn’t seem to have any hidden secrets.

“You are still young, I know you really want Dad to come back to you, but this is impossible. Are you going to abandon your mother and go to her side? If you want, Mom won’t stop you.”

Xiao Su’er said. In the future, her whole heart was hanging. She was really afraid that Xiao Wang would directly say that she would go to accompany her father, but Xiao Wang still did not disappoint her and shook her head firmly.

“No, if I don’t go to my father’s side, I will stay with my mother, but my mother also promises me that I must not find anyone else to be my boyfriend within a year. After a year, if my mother wants to find it, then I agreed.”

He set a time. If he couldn’t investigate any issues about the past year in this year, it means that the matter is not as complicated as he thought. Able to admit fate.

“One year? What do you want to do this year? Do you think of a way to get Bo Qingang back to me? I tell you, you can’t do this, or mother will be angry.”