Chapter 911 Guarantor

Chapter 911 Guarantor

Xiao Su’er is really helpless, even if she doesn’t want to, she can only return to the original stall and squat down to look at the stall owner.

“Boss, is there no room for negotiation? If this batch of mine is to be used for charity and sent to the mountainous area, I am afraid of being deceived too! You should have the same idea and worry that I will cheat. You, after all, the quantity I want is still quite large. Otherwise, I will find a guarantor after I give you the deposit.”

“Look for someone who is very famous, you will definitely not be able to run in this Huaxia Continent. If you expose him, Would you like to be a guarantor for a person who will be ruined?”

Hearing this, the stall owner raised his head and looked at her, “What guarantor can you find? Like you said, this must be a celebrity, you To get to know this kind of people, you need to come to my stall to buy medicine.”

He didn’t believe that Xiao Su’er knew celebrities at all, but Xiao Su’er called Ouyang Luo directly. Ouyang’s family is a well-known pharmaceutical company in mainland China. No one who is in contact with the pharmaceutical industry does not know him. Even if he does not know that his family is great, he can often be seen on TV news. This kind of person is the best guarantee.

Xiao Su’er called from Ouyang Luo Street and rushed to Heishui Street almost immediately, looking at Xiao Su’er a little helplessly, “The urgent thing you told me is to come here to guarantee you, right?”

“I’m doing charity, let’s talk about you Do me a favor, it won’t do you any harm.” Xiao Su’er said when he called just now that there was an urgent matter, and he needed Ouyang Luo’s help to let him come quickly. His life was at stake, so Ouyang Luo ran over in such a hurry. .

“Okay, okay! For the sake of Xiaonan’s face, I can only assume that nothing happened. Isn’t it a guarantor? Boss, look at me, can I be a guarantor?”

Ouyang Luo Standing in front of the stall owner, looking at him, the stall owner recognized him almost the instant he saw Ouyang Luo, and agreed to Xiao Su’er’s proposal without hesitation.

The two reached a consensus on this, Xiao Su’er transferred him a deposit of 20,000 yuan, brought all the medicines on his current stall, and prepared to return on the same route.

“Are you buying these medicines for charity? Then why don’t you contact me directly? I can provide you with medicines. The quality is absolutely guaranteed. There is no need for you to come here to buy medicines from these small vendors and call me. Come here, isn’t this a superfluous act? It’s better to buy the medicine directly from me, and there is no middleman to make the difference. I will definitely give you the best price.”

Ouyang Luo helped Xiao Su’er put all the medicinal materials in her trunk and watched These medicinal materials are helpless.

“Next time, I will come to you directly next time. Isn’t your family specializing in Western medicine? I think you should not buy so many Chinese medicinal materials. It would be too troublesome to find you. Thank you today. I will go back first.”

Xiao Su’er looked at the medicinal materials in the entire trunk and breathed a sigh of relief in her heart. This time she was finally done.

“Well, I thought you were really in a hurry. I ran over in such a hurry, and it turned out to be such a trivial matter. If it’s such a matter next time, I don’t have to say it over the phone.”

“Okay, then I’m leaving.” Xiao Su’er drove back to the Angjia Manor contentedly. On the way, she called Bai Qingyue and reported her progress. Bai Qingyue thanked her very much on the phone. It is the wisest choice to find her one bite, how right.

Xiao Su’er hung up the phone and was still a little emotional. A few years ago, she and Bai Qingyue were about to meet each other like two people who had hatred. I didn’t expect to be able to do charity together peacefully today.

She drove into the Ang’s Family Manor, but saw an unexpected person. Xiao Shuo was standing in the courtyard and was discussing something with Xiao Yuhan. Their expressions were a bit solemn.

Xiao Su children out of the car directly toward Xiao Shuo ran over, “Dad, when will you come? How not advance even tell us, suddenly came up. Grandfather it, is there together with you?”

Xiao Su had children When I returned to China Mainland, I discussed it with Xiao Shuo. He stayed overseas to take care of Father Ang, while Xiao Suer returned to China Mainland to continue her development of her Chinese medicine career. Now seeing Xiao Shuo come back suddenly, she assumed that she was taking Father Ang with him. Come back together.

But Xiao Shuo shook his head solemnly and said, “Your grandfather is still overseas. This time I came back and found that some very strange things came to you to discuss with your brother. Yesterday, my brother and I had passed the conversation. I did not expect you Some strange things also happened here, so I immediately bought a ticket and flew back.”

“What strange thing?” Xiao Su’er turned to look at Xiao Yuhan, “Dad and you talked, why didn’t you tell me? What strange thing did you discuss?”

“I wanted to tell you about this last night. Didn’t you keep asking me to find a girlfriend? I just forgot. My father has been trying to remove Catharina and some of the experimental organizations left overseas that year, but there have been some people over the years. We are transferring those experimental materials.”

“As soon as we found a place for our front feet to prepare to pass, someone moved the back feet. This has been the case every time in these years. We only quickly wiped out a time den when we first arrived overseas, and nothing else. One succeeded.”

Xiao Yuhan was also very serious when speaking, because everyone knew what it meant, Xiao Su’er frowned, “In your opinion, Catharina is not just fighting alone, she there are other accomplices are doing secret experiments, even all these years Catharina already dead, they did not stop the idea of doing the experiment is not it? ” ” it

must be so, and you remember, in those days Caesar Linna once said that she had conducted experiments with people from other continents, but all found that the results were not ideal. People from the Chinese mainland must still be used, but one condition must be met, that is, it must be RH-negative blood. This time Haven’t you met many patients like this?” When

Xiao Su’er spoke, there was anger in her tone and a hint of despair. Yuqing was his junior and sister, and the former senior brothers and sisters are now making trouble like this, which is really not what he thought.

I thought that everything would settle down after Yuqing passed away, so I don’t need to worry anymore. I didn’t expect that some people would not stop this vicious experiment and use human life as the price. What would happen even if they passed through? Does it make sense to exchange so many lives for that person’s life?

“You mean, these RH-negative blood patients were actually used by them for experiments? But it’s not right, they have all passed away.”