Chapter 912 The Corpse Is Lost

Chapter 912

Xiao Su’er is puzzled when the body is lost . Even if these patients are to be used for experiments, they have to be in the case of them. The pain of death will trigger the opportunity to pass through and successfully pass through.

For those who have died, it is just a corpse, even if it is torturing them, it is just whip the corpse. Do you still expect them to swindle and take her through?

“Sister, do you remember that when we were leaving five years ago, we used to investigate Catharina’s body, and her body was transferred.”

“You mean…go, let’s go and investigate!” “Xiao Su’er grabbed Xiao Yuhan’s hand and walked out. She couldn’t calm down like a drum in her heart. Wouldn’t it be so exaggerated? Are Catharina’s accomplices crazy?

But after thinking about it, she couldn’t figure it out again. Catharina did this experiment for the one she loves and wanted to save him. The two of them stayed and flew together, but why did her accomplice continue so hard? Do this experiment?

Even if she bought this group of people at a high price to help him do things, then after her death, these people should have been like birds and beasts, and they would help her with such diligence. They were not discouraged for five years. This is not realistic!

She didn’t believe that Katharina’s personality charm could be so powerful, so that these people would still help her do things desperately after her death.

Along the way, Xiao Suer was calling and contacting the family of the deceased, but she didn’t expect to hear a family member’s heart-piercing cry as soon as the phone was connected. Too much, the corpse stopped here. He actually lost the corpse. He couldn’t even look at a dead person. What’s the use of them?”

“We came here to ask for justice. They actually ignored us. They must be watching. We little civilians are powerless and powerless, Dr. Xiao, come over and do a favor. You are an Internet celebrity, no matter how good you are than ordinary people like us.”

Xiao Suer’s heart sank instantly as she listened to the cries of her family members. This has almost verified her and Xiao Yuhan’s conjecture. Someone has already secretly transported all the corpses out. She must have done an experiment if she wanted to, but it was dead. Can you also experiment?

Could it be…

Xiao Su’er turned to look at Xiao Yuhan in the driver’s seat, “Brother, I have a bold guess, whether these people are not at all suffering from a rare disease as we thought, or maybe they are poisoned. a. ” “

poisoned how to say? Why do you think so? “Xiao Yu Han concentrating on driving a car, or some strange idea Xiao Su children come from?

“If you think about it, maybe they have developed a kind of poison, which will produce very severe toxicity with people with RH negative blood type, causing the illusion of false death. In ordinary families, no one will do an autopsy, and it is impossible to detect it. Fake death or real death, family members will send the corpses to the funeral home, and they are teaming up with the people in the funeral home to transport these corpses overseas for experiments.”

Xiao Suer’s mind turned quickly and immediately contacted all of this series of things. When I got up, I got the final conclusion, which sounds reasonable.

Listening to Xiao Su’er’s words, Xiao Yuhan couldn’t find any flaws, and only this statement was true.

“But elder sister, who is so powerful, can develop this kind of poison, and determine its effect by blood type.” Although Xiao Yuhan felt that what Xiao Suer said was reasonable, he always felt that this kind of powerful poison should be no one. It can be developed, after all, Xiao Su’er has reached the pinnacle of medical skills in his mind, and he has never heard Xiao Su’er say that there is such a poison.

“There are people outside the world, there are days outside the world, Katharina is so powerful, she died, and everyone was desperate to help him. It is not surprising to find one or two masters who can develop poison.”

Xiao Su’er is a little curious, who is the person who has this kind of poison? She just thought about the idea of ​​this kind of poison. No one has actually developed it, but if someone can develop it, it will automatically distinguish it. The blood type poison indicates that this person’s medical skills have also reached a certain level.

She was thinking about this in her mind. Xiao Yuhan had already drove the car to the entrance of the funeral home. The two of them got out of the car and rushed in. They found that the funeral home had become a mess, and several bodies were lost at the same time. For those who have died these days, many family members are surrounding the funeral home and making trouble.

“Does your funeral home have humanity? We paid so much money a day to park the corpse here, but as a result, you can’t even look at the corpse.”

“That’s right, this is not a corpse, you Seeing that all five corpses were stolen, who do you think would steal the corpses? I think there’s a problem with your funeral home. The meat on the corpses was cut off to make human flesh buns. Some people did this a few years ago. . ” “

absolutely, saying, you take the body what to do illegal activities, and believe it or not we will now deal with the police. “

families chaotic, can undertaker was a bit indifferent, watching them explained “Isn’t it just a few corpses? What are you doing so excited? We just provide a place for you to stop here and let you do things. We didn’t say to help you look at the corpses. So many family members are here. Can’t help it, how can we see it?”

“What are you talking about? This corpse has to stay with you for a day, and it can be dragged to the crematorium for cremation tomorrow night, but you can’t even see the corpse. Now that I still say that shirk responsibility, it seems that I really need to report to the police.” The

family members said that the family members angrily took out their mobile phones to prepare a collective report. Xiao Suer ran forward at this time. Bring up the surveillance video to see what’s going on?”

“Dr. Xiao, you are here. We just told him to adjust the surveillance video. He doesn’t do it. He said that places like funeral homes are uneasy to monitor.” The family recognized Xiao Su’er.

“I know your funeral home is under uneasy surveillance, but the front door and back door are all monitored, why not take it out? Even if someone wants to steal the corpse, you have to walk through the door. It is impossible to get over the wall and bring the surveillance out!” Xiao Su’er walked to the person in charge and looked at him coldly.

“Why? Just adjust when you talk about it? Don’t come here to make trouble for no reason. It’s just a corpse. If you lose it, you lose it. Wouldn’t it be okay for you to take a few pieces of clothes and make a dressing mound?” The dead in front of him are not worthy of respect at all.

“What are you talking about? I’ll kill you today!” The family members were even more angry when they heard what he said. They pulled the stool next to him and wanted to throw them at him.