Chapter 913 The clues are broken

Chapter 913 The clue is broken.

“Why? You want to hit someone? Come on! Hit me! If you hit me today, you don’t need to be entangled with you here anymore, just count you as deliberately hurting people. He was taken to prison.” The person in charge is not afraid at all, but rather hopes that others will hit him, lowering his head and pointing to his forehead.

Xiao Su’er couldn’t help but want to give him two feet because of that slender look.

This person seems to be in collusion with those people, and he has to solve the matter with his face, and it seems that there must be a problem with the monitoring.

The family members were irritated by his flirty tone and were about to hit him. Xiao Suer stopped these family members. “Don’t get excited. If you really hurt him, it will be more unclear to investigate. Look at him like this is definitely a mess.”

“Don’t fight .” He didn’t know anything about the investigation, so let us beat him to vent our anger, and the law will not blame the public. I don’t believe that when there are so many of us, everyone will be arrested and locked up. It was originally the responsibility of their funeral home. If you don’t admit it, you should have been hit.” The

family members were so excited that they couldn’t calm down, so they wanted to hit him first.

“Calm down first, let me deal with this matter.” Xiao Su’er winked at Xiao Yuhan, Xiao Yuhan nodded immediately, and then pulled the person in charge aside.

“Let’s talk about it, what the hell is going on? Don’t pretend in front of me. The loss of a body in a funeral home is a very serious accident. If you are investigated by your family, you will lose your job. But you don’t care about it. There should be someone. Promise, you will help you settle this matter! Who is it?”

Xiao Yuhan originally had certain doubts about Xiao Su’er’s ideas, but seeing the attitude of this person in charge, he almost immediately confirmed it, just like Xiao Su’er thought, and the strength of this person who continues to do experiments should not be underestimated. Looking at him, he was able to make this person in charge so confident.

The person in charge didn’t expect Xiao Yuhan to understand this way, and was flustered for a moment, but still tried to calm down and look at him.

“What nonsense are you talking about, who will help me settle this matter? I just have no patience with these family members. I have been arguing here all day and telling them that they can’t find the corpse. Our funeral home will compensate them. But we still have to find out, where I go to find someone for them to die and die! I threw it to the crematorium and burned it, or it was burned.”

Xiao Yuhan was too lazy to talk nonsense with him, and slammed. He stayed in his collar and planned to violently threaten, “I warn you to make it clear to me, otherwise I will let you know what is good or bad after a while.”

“Why do you still want to hit me? Do you think I’m afraid you hit me? If you want to hit it, just hit it. If you hit it, remember to pay me.”

Xiao Yuhan really had no way to deal with such shameless people. Xiao Su’er ran over with a gold needle just as he was about to punch him. Plunged into the acupuncture points of the person in charge.

“You, you…” The person in charge stretched out his finger to Xiao Su’er, but couldn’t say what he wanted to say. He felt pain everywhere, and instantly squatted to the side with a twisted face.

“Let the family members not beat him, you still want to beat him, is there any use in beating him? Or is it the university professor who has no brain at all?” Xiao Su’er stared at Xiao Yuhan a little bit complaining.

“This person is so thick-skinned, he doesn’t listen to anything, and looks fearless and fearless. What’s the use of me? I can only beat him up, beat him half-dead, I don’t believe him or say it, but we also buy it with money. His life.” Xiao Yu was cold, and wanted to step forward again after turning his fists.

“Okay, it’s almost done!” Xiao Su’er squatted down with a smile on her face and looked at the person in charge who was twisted into a ball. “I’ll give you one last chance and explain to yourself where the corpses were transported by you, otherwise I I promise you will feel more pain after a while, it hurts like thousands of ants are biting you.”

“I don’t know, I…ah!” The person in charge still wanted to deny it hard, but Xiao Su’er didn’t expect to take it again. A gold needle pierced into his other acupuncture point, and his pain was piercing, and he was rolling on the floor with pain.

Xiao Su’er stood up and looked down at him, who was panting after rolling on the ground for a few laps, “How about it, are you willing to say it now? If you refuse to say it, I will make you more painful. Anyway, even if you are going to sue me , I pulled out the gold needle, and you are back to normal again. Even if the doctor can’t check it out, you can’t sue me at all, you can only endure the pain in vain.”

“I just asked you to tell, where did you transport the corpse? You don’t

care about other things, and we won’t betray you. This sale is a good deal, think about it.” The person in charge said with pain in his lips. Bai, sweating on his head, wanted to stubbornly and couldn’t bear it. He watched Xiao Su’er begging for mercy and said, “I really don’t know. Just let me go. I don’t know where the corpses have been transported. “

Really? I don’t know where it was shipped. I believe you for the time being. Who was the one who transported these corpses? How did you negotiate with them?” Xiao Su’er walked to him and took out again. A gold needle was clamped in the palm of his hand, and he placed it in front of his eyes and looked at it carefully.

Then he continued in a gloomy tone: “Do you know if you add another golden needle, you will definitely die of pain.”

“You let me go, let me go! I’m just one of them. It’s just employees. Those people are more fierce and evil than you. If I don’t cooperate with them, they will harm my family. I can only promise them, and they are willing to pay a lot of money to family members. I don’t think there is anything wrong with it. Okay.” The

person in charge was already so painful that the veins on his forehead burst. Xiao Su’er felt that he was not lying and knelt down and took off the two golden needles from his body. “Then how did you negotiate? Have you seen it before? Do their faces? What do they look like?”

“I haven’t seen their faces. They called me directly. I thought it was a scam group. Later, my family was injured. They said if I didn’t If you agree, it will be more serious. From start to finish, we use mobile phones to communicate, and we have never seen a real

person .” The person in charge stood up, covering his chest, looking at Xiao Suer with some trepidation, “Who are you again? What do you want to do? Me. There is really no way. Now even if you make me lose my job and kill me, I can only say this.”

Xiao Su’er and Xiao Yuhan looked at each other, and both saw some helplessness in each other’s eyes. These people came here prepared, but they didn’t even show their faces, and they couldn’t find it. As for the call, I guess they just bought a phone card temporarily, and after the communication, they wrote it off. It’s not a useful piece of information at all. , Even if you want to come over, it’s useless.