Chapter 914 Missing persons

Chapter 914 The missing person

Xiao Suer finally saw the surveillance video. After all, the person in charge was worried that he was really dying. All the family members gathered around the surveillance room and saw that it was quiet in the middle of the night, and it was the person in charge who brought a few Temporary workers transported all the corpses out of the funeral home through the back door.

The family members angrily surrounded the person in charge and beat him. Xiao Su’er couldn’t stop even if she wanted to stop. The top leader of the funeral home came over and couldn’t hold the family members responsible for the beating. After all, they were the employees here. No, he can only be expelled from his post and apologize to his family members.

In the end, he lost a lot of money, of course, this money was paid by the person in charge.

Both Xiao Su’er and Xiao Yuhan knew where the money came from, and they didn’t say much. They could only warn him that if these people come to him in the future, they must contact them.

However, the whole clue was cut off as a result, and they had no idea what to do next.

“Sister, what are we going to do next!” After

leaving the funeral home, two people were sitting in the car, and they didn’t know what to do next.

“I don’t know, the corpses of these patients are gone, how do you find them next?” Xiao Su’er leaned against the car window a little depressed and began to mutter to herself, “The corpses are gone, the corpses…”

Huh? She sat up suddenly and turned her head to look at Xiao Yuhan, “We have overlooked a very important thing, but the body is gone, but we still have some patients with RH blood type, are we still alive? Just go to them. If those people want to do experiments, they will never let go of any experimental subjects.”

“Yes, it makes sense!” Xiao Yuhan also responded with a slap on his knees, and directly contracted the matter, “Sister, please give me their contact information, and I’ll get in touch.”

“Okay.” Xiao Su’er took out his mobile phone. , Was about to call her family’s contact information, but she didn’t expect that a hot search that popped out instantly made her feel like she fell into an ice cave. She said weakly, “No need to contact us. These people are one step closer to us. All the pandas who are still alive. All blood patients are missing.”

“What?” Xiao Yuhan was surprised, grabbed her mobile phone, and searched for the big headline: Many people in our city are missing, which has attracted great attention from the government.

Hot search posted photos and information of all the missing persons. If they hadn’t been to Xiao Su’er’s clinic and registered the information, Xiao Su’er would not have thought that they had a panda blood type in common.

These patients have disappeared collectively, and they have not seen some of the photos above, which shows that even if there are no sick people among them, these people are much bolder than five years ago. Five years ago, Katharina was still there. The subject was contacted quietly in the back.

Now they blatantly kidnapped others and involved so many people at one time. It is estimated that all the people with panda blood in this city were taken away by them.

“There is no way, we have to investigate even if it is missing, sister, let’s split up! Some of these are not your patients? You go to the patient’s home to communicate with his family members to see where he has been these days , I will select a few people who are not your patients and investigate them carefully.”

Although Xiao Yuhan was a little discouraged, he still did not give up. This is the remnants they did not clean up five years ago, and they are still harming people. Clean up.

And this time, they finally showed some clues. If they don’t pursue them until they find them, it is estimated that they will only hide more secretly in the future. This time, so many people have been taken away. It is estimated that they will not need test subjects for some time. It’s not easy to find it if you hide it.

“That’s the only thing. Back then, I thought that if I caught Catharina, everything would be solved easily. I didn’t expect that he had raised such a group of loyal subordinates, and he underestimated her.”

Xiao Su’er put away her mobile phone, and felt that this matter was more difficult than five years ago. In the past five years, it is estimated that those people have spread their network of influence in mainland China, and it is not easy to find them.

Back at Ang’s Family Manor, Xiao Shuo had already taken Xiao Wang back. Xiao Wang saw her unhappy and ran over to hug her, “Mom, what’s wrong with you? Why do you feel very upset?”

“It’s okay, Mom. I have encountered a little trouble, and it is estimated that it will take a long time to solve this trouble. Maybe there is not so much time to accompany you. Do you have to obediently know?”

“I see, mother go to solve your own affairs, I I will take care of myself.” Xiao Wang patted his chest, as if he had grown up.

“You are obedient, mother will take you to your grandma’s grave next week, and you will go overseas when you were pregnant. I haven’t taken you to meet my grandma.”

Xiao Su’er felt a little sad, and some of her wounds were already scabs. But now she was pulled away again, and blood was present in her heart, and she had to face the pain once again.

This time they restarted the experiment, and how many poor children like her will be born, how many of those experiment subjects can survive the inhuman torture, even if the body can withstand it, the heart will have long since collapsed.

I don’t know how her mother took it back then, she was still a pregnant woman.

“Okay, let’s go to grandma’s grave next week. I haven’t seen grandma yet.” Xiao Wang nodded obediently. Every time he looked at him, Xiao Su’er felt all the hard work disappeared instantly.

Grandma looks a lot like her mother, but she is more beautiful and beautiful than her mother.

“Then grandma must be a great beauty, and grandpa must be very good when he was young, and only then will he be liked by grandma.” Xiao Wang’s mouth was as sweet as wiping honey.

“Well, Mengbao is really smart, let’s go, let’s go to bed.” Xiao Su’er hugged him upstairs.

At the same time, the other side.

In a villa area on the east side of the city, a man in a black suit was sitting in front of the French windows, with red wine and a glass on the table next to him. He picked up the glass and took a sip.

“Master, we have caught all the test subjects in the villa. We will send them overseas overnight, or do you have other plans?”

A man with the appearance of a housekeeper stood nearby and asked him for instructions.

“Don’t delay any longer, immediately send them overseas to start the experiment, the sooner the better, this time with so many subjects, I don’t believe it was unsuccessful.” The man’s voice was a little impatient, and there was some anger. After the past few years, even the best patience has long been polished.

“This time it will be successful. There are men, women, and children. After all these years, the young master will definitely be able to see the dawn of victory.”