Chapter 917 Girl back view

Chapter 917 The Girl’s Back View

She is so easy-going, and Xiao Yuhan feels more embarrassed. He scratched his head and said, “I feel that you have changed a lot compared to five years ago. You used to…”

He was a little embarrassed. Going on, after all, it seems too unreliable to expose the shortness of people face to face, but Bai Qingyue once again understood the meaning of his words, and added, “Five years ago, I was stubborn, unreasonable and unreasonable. , Like a shrew, don’t you?”

“Why are you not angry at all, but look a little happy?”

Xiao Yuhan felt that the impression of Bai Qingyue had changed drastically during the period of time we got along today.

“Otherwise, what should I do? I did have a bad temper before. I have to face it bravely. Now that I grow up and sensible, I can’t be the same as before. People have to dare to face the self before, and you don’t even look down on you. Myself, other people look down on you even more.” Bai Qingyue shrugged, speaking in a calm tone, like a wise man who has seen through the world.

“You are biting me secretly. I did have a bit of prejudice against you before. After I apologized to you here, I will never wear colored glasses to see others again.” Xiao Yuhan felt the target in her words. , Took the initiative to apologize consciously.

“It’s fine to know, Professor Xiao, you are a professor. Fortunately, the person you are targeting is me. If it is another girl, a girl with poor family conditions and low self-esteem, if you treat her as you did to me before, I guess She doesn’t even want to go to school.”

Bai Qingyue began to teach Xiao Yuhan seriously, and Xiao Yuhan could only nod her head constantly, “Yes, I am right to you, I really didn’t do well.”

Two While speaking, he had already walked out of the alley and stood on the side of the street. Xiao Yuhan waved his hand and stopped the taxi and reported Su Meng’s address.

After getting in the car, the two of them became quiet in an instant. They stopped fighting, and discussed the matter seriously.

“Have you ever been to Su Meng? I just came back and I don’t know what place it is. You can tell me about it.” Xiao Yuhan is still a little curious. The name Su Meng sounds quite simple and elegant, but it’s true. It is not easy to classify it. It sounds like a clothing store, a milk tea bar, or even a restaurant.

“Do you think this name is elegant, maybe it’s a tea house? Actually, it’s not, it’s a club! Didn’t you expect it?”

“When it opened, my friend took me to play, I thought it was a tea house or something. The place, I learned later that it’s all-encompassing, it’s a very exciting and playful place, but I only went there a few times and didn’t go again. I didn’t know that Aunt Huang would go there to cook.”

Xiao Mengqiu turned his head to look. Looking at him, there was helplessness in her eyes. She really wanted to see what kind of weird the owner of this club was. He was obviously an entertainment venue, and she had to take the name so elegant.

“I really suspect that you are the roundworm in my stomach. Every time I haven’t finished speaking, you know what I want to ask, or what I want to say.” Xiao Yuhan looked at Bai Qingyue and felt that This girl is really amazing. From just now to now, it is not difficult at all to communicate with her. She didn’t finish her words, so she said the next thing.

“Isn’t this just right? Don’t discuss the issue of communication between the two of us, but think about how to find Aunt Huang next.”

“I have thought about this question. Your Aunt Huang is the most missing person. Don’t pay attention, because she has no relatives, and no one cares where she is. We can go directly to Su Meng, and then go to their back kitchen to check, and take a look at their reactions. If it’s true The thing is that the people in there have problems. It is estimated that they will be panicked and even yell at them. If they have nothing to do, they should not have any strange reactions.”

Xiao Yuhan calmly analyzed this matter, although this method is very They may be exposed, but there is no way. There is no other way besides this.

“Who said that no one paid attention, I was the one who reported the case. She didn’t come to our house for two days, and I immediately called the police without making a phone call to ask for leave.”

Bai Qingyue said that she was even more worried, because she knew, like This kind of person who has no relatives or friends in this city, it is estimated that the kidnappers will do whatever it takes to kill her. Maybe these criminals are too vicious now that she can’t imagine.

Xiao Yuhan could see her worry and patted her shoulder lightly, “Don’t worry, there will be nothing wrong. So many people disappearing together shouldn’t be like selling human organs as you think.”

“It’s better!” Bai Qingyue sighed, feeling a deep sense of powerlessness. What is the use of the power of the Bai family? Even the nanny who works in their home dares to kidnap.

Two people came to Sumeng in a car. The decoration here is very magnificent. It looks magnificent from the outside, and it can indeed be seen that this is an entertainment venue.

Xiao Yuhan looked at the words Sumeng, always feeling a little weird, but still couldn’t tell. Bai Qingyue had been here, but she didn’t look at the signboard carefully and just pulled him and said, “Let’s go. Let’s go in.” The

two people walked into the gate, and when they arrived in the lobby, they saw a back view on the wall. It was like a hand painted on the wall during the decoration. It melted on the wall and looked very natural.

The girl above the back had long hair that stretched to the shoulders, her figure was thin, she looked a little thin, and although she couldn’t see her face, Xiao Yuhan always felt too familiar.

Bai Qingyue had obviously gone inside, but when she saw him looking at the painting, she came back and watched with him. After looking at it for two seconds, she stared and said, “I didn’t pay attention when I came last time. This painting is so familiar now, do you feel that way?”

“Yes! The back of this painting looks like my sister. Now her hair is waist-long, but I think she has been with this painting five years ago. The backs on the back are exactly the same.” When

Xiao Yuhan spoke, his brows became more frowning and he felt very uncomfortable in his heart. Who is the owner of this club? Why draw this picture on the wall? If this painting is really Xiao Su’er, what does he represent when he painted Xiao Su’er on the wall?

There were a series of problems in his mind, and he couldn’t get an explanation. He felt a little flustered for no reason. Worried that Xiao Su’er would be hurt, Bai Qingyue tilted her head and looked at it for a while, then straightened her head.

“Okay, don’t think about it, maybe just paint it casually. Your sister is beautiful, and the back of this beauty is almost the same. Let’s go in.”